DAOLationships Guild Budget Proposal S8

Authors; Editors: Crown; Spirited, anointingthompson1.eth, Vibrantty
Date created: 05/04/2023
Date posted: 07/04/2023
Wallet surplus: nil

Funds requested: 717,920 BANK

Multisig: Eth:0xb40f4ce59dA4A0B6D10aE605E10FD4E6ca9Ed4AeMultisig link

Multisig signers: crown, ernest of gaia, think, salman, cryptodad, yonks, nfthinker

Table of Contents

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Guild Description

The Purpose of the DAOLationships Guild is to teach Guild members how to build reciprocal relationships with DAOPlomats and to teach DAOPlomats how to build a reciprocal relationship with DAO members and external bodies.

Past activities

In previous seasons, we had our focus on talent development. In Season 7, we shifted our main focus to exporting and utilizing these talents outside and within the DAO, also, we started the guild kanban board on dework to set up bounties, to be able to determine contributors in their different tiers of work before the end of the season.

We’ve also started the BDAO taskforce, created with the objective of promoting social listening, creating an avenue for members to utilize daolationship skills in projects and communities in the ecosystem, while earning reward for work done.

We’ve also been able to adopt initiatives, projects and ideas that will help further our agenda this season and in seasons to come, these are:

  • We’ve been able to get more folks involved in the guild’s governance and decision making processes by introducing attendance quizzes after governance calls.
  • In a bid to achieve the aforementioned, we’ve adopted SPECT, a product that help us administer quiz after meetings, where members that take it and answers the minimal correct answers get an NFT, with the goal to help us achieve better activity levels and ensure involvement in the what is being discussed and decisions being made during weekly syncs and Governance call, this ideas has also made members involvement in coordinape easily justifiable.
  • Creation of the BanklessDao BizDev email and Twitter account to help promote our demos and activities that relate BizDev in the ecosystem, going forward, we aim to generate revenue with our demo through sponsorships. (method WIP)
  • In a bid of making active contributor determination easier, we are working on implementing the Membership Tier structure.
  • We had the chance to onboard and export talents to the workforce at this time.
  • We onboarded 5 new members for periods 1 and 2 of season 7 and created an onboarding form for new members to help us track and understand what they expect from the guild.
  • We held several Demos, with various products, projects and DAO’s representatives, some of these includes: Illuvium, Slice, Origin Protocol, Piggi Demo, Vertex Protocol, RemitDAO, Spect demo, Supercluster labs, Lomads, Resonate Finance, Slice, Praise Bot, Gritti, CopperX
  • We were able to assist Jaris with the bDAO task force initiative.
  • Transformed Talent Coordination office hours into talent management hours where we strategize and come up with ideas for how to further the guild purpose, we also held education workshops.

The aforementioned efforts has made it possible for us to ascertain active members in the guild, these folks have met at least one of these criterias: qualified for coordinape, contributing as a role holder, contributing in governance and administrative ideas, discussions and decisions, attended at least 50% of meetings held so far, voted governance polls that has helped us make decisions in the guild. Using these metrics, we currently have 31 active members, below is a table showing the active members in the guild so far.


Recently, One of our main focus has been to further export talents intra/cross guild-wise using the Task Force created in season 7 with the objective to promote social listening methods to boost engagement and create partnerships for external organizations. We are working with several projects (Governator, Hedgey Finance, rep3, IDriss, and Thrivecoin) who are all partners with BanklessDAO in order to build a track record, before landing paid clients.

Our mission is to assist our client’s in becoming the top project for their sector in terms of social engagement and by mentioning their project in relevant conversations on Twitter that utilizes keywords relating to their project and sector. This will help bring positive PR to the Bankless brand, and create more opportunities for useful collaborations.

Hosting Demo’s allows us to grow our CRM with well-established products, which will lead to revenue generating opportunities for the DAOlationships Guild and BanklessDAO Treasury through the bDAO Task Force. These projects have a chance to become potential clients, as relationships are established with the Demo presenter, giving us an opportunity to provide a Social Listening Marketing Campaign for them.


16 * (21,000 + 770* 31)

Our total ask, based on the formula is; 717,920 BANK

Budget Breakdown

Current holdings

254,938 BANK is the current balance of our wallet, at the end of the season, we will be left with nothing, as it has all been accounted for.

And for other tokens, here’s an image showing other tokens in our wallet:

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue: Presently, there is no external revenue or fundings received.


The table above shows a list of our active contributors. Their contributions are incentivised by rewarding the completed tasks as well as monthly Coordinape epoch.

All of these members have met at least one of these criterias below, as it is what we used in gauging active contributors so far:

  1. Attending and participating in meetings
  2. Taking and passing attendance quizzes after meetings
  3. Taking ownership of tasks using your respective task board
  4. Qualifying for coordinape
  5. Successfully delivery of tasks assigned to members
  6. Voting on polls, roles, and any decisions affecting the projects’ & working groups
  7. Creating and/or editing content to be used internally or externally
  8. Participating in the development of guild initiative i.e. education programs
  9. Brainstorming and contributing to the creative process.
  10. Contributing to discussions on proposals in progress

The active membership list will be updated at the end of the season.



Looking Forward to Season 8

One of our main focus in Season 8 will be to further export talents intra/cross guild-wise using the task force created in season 7 with the objective to promote social listening, and working with a lot of projects and communities in the ecosystem to make them heard, while members earn reward for their work.

We’ll also look to have fully Implemented the membership tier system, which will help improve membership accountability and involvement in doing beneficial daolationship stuff. Also, we’ll look into attracting more DEMO’s, partnership and collaboration that will be valuable and useful for the guild and the DAO with the help of the social media publicity that we aim to achieve with the newly created BIZDEV email and twitter accounts.

We plan to continue the use of Dework to set up and track bounties which are centered around AV work for our Demo sessions, weekly recaps and detailed note-taking during weekly meetings and discovery calls to set up partnerships and relationships. Also, Dework will be used to track membership activities and we aim to use it to determine the level of activeness of non-role holders per period, which will be considered for coordinape, and at the end of the season, help determine active members.

Please, state your reason for disagreement if you do not support the proposal

  • Yes, I agree to this proposal
  • No, I do not agree to this proposal
  • I abstain, but I am aware my vote is needed to meet quorum

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Thank you for helping us understand the active membership criteria. Based on what you have described as active membership criteria can you please tell us how many members qualify for each of the eligibility criteria?

Another point which I find rather odd is that you all have been in touch with orgs around web3 since it’s inception, however they are only offered free Demos and there is no conversion to revenue. When the marketing dept and NL project both charge for promotion, why are we offering this service free of charge?

Can you also please tell us, from all the conversions we have had from leads to paying clients in Banklessdao, how many originated from Daolationships?


Thank you Jenga, for the questions.

  1. Like it was mentioned, some of them have met at least one of these criterias, but most of them have met almost all of the criteras, having it in mind that, so far, we haven’t been able to generate enough dework tasks to go round everyone, but other initiatives like attendance quiz, imvolvemts in discussions and initiatives, and most significantly getting involved in the external daolationship work I.e the Bdaotaskforce, I’d say almost everyone on that list have done one of them, especially the bdao taskforce, where we currently have over 20 folks in the taskforce, (details about the taskforce in the proposal)

  2. We don’t charge for demos, because by providing free demos, we establish relationships with core contributors of well established projects, that doesn’t need to pay for exposure.

Establiahing relationships through free demos allows us to grow our CRM with quality projects, and the presenter has now became a warm lead for other projects within bDAO and we can also approach them with our social listening marketing service, which will be handled by the bDAO Task Force, and our social listening marketing service will generate revenue for both the bDAO and DAOlationships treasuries.

  1. The most recent paid deal with
    Vertex Protocol initially came out of DAOlationships. Jaris James met with Vertex Protocol first, introduced them to Ornealla and then she closed the deal. Out of that marketing deal, it came with an AMA. We charge projects for AMAs, our normal rate is 5,000 USDC for an AMA but Veryex was charged 2,500 since we’re in a bear market.
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This is a good strategy as long as it helps us convert leads into clients. Thank you for providing context from the recent Vertex close.

Can you please share:

a. How many demos have been conducted so far since you all started doing Demos?
b. How many warm leads converted to paying clients for the DAO since demos were started?
c. How much is the total revenue raised by the DAO from these clients since demos were started?

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Okay, I’ll to compile these data and reply to this

gm @Jengajojo. We treat demos as a learning opportunity vs. revenue generating activity. We have been actively conducting weekly demos for 4 seasons now, but it became a paid workstream since 2 seasons. Like @Crown mentioned apart from becoming a warm lead, the demos act as an access point for potential paid clients to get introduced to the BanklessDAO community. These are DAO and web3 tools, which oftentimes schedule demos hoping for being implemented in BanklessDAO, which in some cases has happened. For example: IDriss, Hedgy Finance, Spect Network.

It is also an open platform for any bDAO member to request demo of a product that either they themselves use and advocate, or want the community to know about, and DAOlationships helps organize the demo.

We have conducted about 60 demos since we started last year. Tbh we don’t have a strong history of converting them to paying clients. As a recent development, we are discussing ways to make the demos program a sponsored event so we can monetize this activity.


Thank you for the explanation. Out of the total guild budget, how much is directly and indirectly spent on Demos? Have you all thought about spinning up DEMOs as a project of it’s own?

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The demos workstream falls under Event Coordination in this proposal, which encompasses a coordinator and an assistant role, under a budget of 152,000 BANK. We hadn’t yet considered turning the workstream into a project, but its a good suggestion. Also to note that our demos since recently are a collaboration with Fight Club Project, where NF Thinker helps co-organize and host one of the 2 demos a week.

I will bring up the discussion for spinning Demos workstream as a project. I understand this will allow the workstream to operate independent of DAOlationships Guild, which means separate multi-sig and not conforming to roles format of Guilds. Would you recommend we take this route, and could you enlighten why?

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hey @salmanneedasjob

Congractacts DAOLationships on the S7 achievements; super cool on this!

there are a couple of question like what Jenga has asked on the demos in my mind,

i remember a price attached to these demos in S3/S4 is that still the case?

The membership criteria are very basic, there are some members on the list who are known to hangout just in the discord voice chat without contributing and collecting coordinape rewards! so maybe revisiting this is excellent!

Are there any specific requirements to join these calls? Can someone who has shown up for 5 min in the call count as a member? What if someone doesn’t answer the attendance quiz? (is an attendance quiz used to prove someone is on a call?

what are the requirements, are these sybil resistant?

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gm @0xbaer. On the demos question, demos themselves never had a price attached. You are probably referring to AMAs, which is a twitter space charged for participating clients. If you have a demo that you’d like to propose, you are most welcome to do so by contacting us on the #dl-demo-workstream channel.

Yah! It should be the AMAs!
Do you think clients are preferring demos over AMAs now?

Any thoughts second part of the comments?

Hey @Crown - I’m your grants reviewer :slight_smile:

First and foremost, congratulations on the progress in S7! I can see some steps being made towards the right direction at DAOlationships Guild, and I generally like to see improvement. However, I’m unable to support his funding request and have therefore voted no :confused: - the reason for it is very simple:

  • I have the feeling that most of your “active contributors” are in reality active $BANK farmers, as pointed out by @0xbaer. I think their value creation for the DAO remains negligible but the cost to retain them high. After reading your proposal and the comments under this post, I feel like these people aren’t working for DAOlationships Guild rather DAOlationships Guild is working for them. These are the first signs of a corrupt system, where the structures and the authorities inherent to it are being abused by bad actors. I’m not saying this is you - I’m saying this is how I feel about DAOlationships Guild.

I support @0xbaer’s & @Jengajojo’s sentiment. Further questions I have:

  1. What’s your “active contributor” count IF you exclude a) meeting attendance and b) filling out of that short quiz after the call?
  2. How much of the budget is dedicated to implementing the membership tier structure next season? This should be your focus IMHO, as attracting, retaining and upskilling talent is your sole purpose.

I don’t want to be harsh, I want to see you and the DAO succeed. It’s our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable to high standards and I’m sure you can resonate with me. Thanks upfront for the commitment to get back to me here on forum - I’m looking forward to your response!


Hi @Crown
Looks like you are all doing excellent with the Demo’s!
Quick question on the active membership. It says that active members have fulfilled at least one criteria from the list.
Have any of the members that are included in the active members only attended calls?

First thing, I think the issue with the members being active just because of attendance needs to be addressed for more clarity:

  1. No name on that list is there just because they attended calls or took a quiz ONLY.
  2. To be more specific, here are the combinations of criterias:
  • role holder contributions + attendance.
  • task force member + attendance
  • bounty and tasks completion + attendance.
  • task force member + attendance + bounty and tasks completion
    Part of the reason why we insist on making attendance part of what makes you an active member is because, we see it as the bear minimum you need to do as someone who has interests in the guild.
    So, e.g. you can’t just be termed active because you’rea member of the taskforce, but don’t attend meetings (we have some examples that were not put on the list)
    Another example is folks that were fortunate to take up tasks, but didn’t attend enough calls to be seen as active.

So, to reiterate, no name is on that list because they attended calls alone.

And to answer the first question, I believe the list will be longer, if we remove meeting attendance as a parameter, but it doesn’t seem fair to folks that take time and come around for meetings, when does that don’t, but one way or the other join initiatives and take up tasks and bounties in the guild only are deemed ‘active’. I hope this settles the concerns surrounding this.

As for the membership tier structure, like stated, in the proposal, it’s a new initiative that is still in the early stages, so we’re yet to implement it, but it’ll be one of our main priorities in the coming season.

Hi, sprinkles, I hope the attached image answers the question, please let me know if I need to give more clarity.

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The attendance quiz is in a way used to gauge interest level in discussions held. And I want to believe no one that attends the meeting for 5 minutes will be able to pas the quiz.
Like stated in the SC, no one is on the list Because of meeting attendance.
Some of the polls are limited to the election eligible tag, while some are limited to just the daolationship general tag.

Thanks @Crown I also happened to find this transaction between daolationship Guild and marketing. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan Can you help me understand it please and thank you

Hi, sprinkles, Yes. It’s for the Vertex Protocol AMA. Vertex paid Marketing Department for a suite of services, and the 2,500 was sent to DAOlationships to compensate the working group for the Vertex AMA.