Daolationship guild Season 7 Budget Proposal

Daolationship guild Season 7 Budget Proposal

Author: Crown

Editors: Paulito, anointingthompson1.eth, SpiritedF, Mceal, Salmanneedsajob, Vickyone


The Purpose of the DAOLationships Guild is to teach Guild members how to build reciprocal relationships with DAOPlomats and to teach DAOPlomats how to build a reciprocal relationship with DAO members and Organizational Units.

Season 6 Summary

In Season 5 we doubled down on Talent development and Revenue! We continued in a similar light, as our main purpose in season 6 was to attract, retain, and upskill Guild Members in the Act of Buidling DAOLationships. Historically we have spent most of our time teaching members how to buidl simple DAOLationships and track those DAOLationships in the CRM, create work streams for DAOLationship Events, and learn basic dao tooling just to be an active member in the guild. We tried to achieve this through educational sessions from the education pod, and several DEMOs by our Event Coordinator.

Also, in season 6 we:

  • Educated members on DAOlationships Foundation & Expectations
  • Continued Governance Coordination Mentorship Programs
  • Continued Development of the CRM
  • Formalizing and holding several Demo Sessions.

Looking to Season 7

Our main purpose in Season 7 is to improve the coordination of overall ‘in-guild’ activities, improve role holder and member accountability, better potential partnerships coordination, improve talent development pathway, and increase existing member activity while we attract, retain, and upskill Guild Members in the Act of Buidling DAOLationships. In Season 7 we look forward to further member education and participation in a more flexible, efficient, and effective manner.

We plan to achieve that through the use of Dework to set up and track bounties which are centered around AV work for our Demo sessions and detailed note-taking during discovery calls to set up partnerships and relationships.

With the aim of ensuring accountability and participation of members, a major change in Season 7 will be the adoption of a new coordinape system where only active non-role holders will qualify for the coordinape round, but will only be able to receive, while the role holders will be the ones to allocate gives to them but not receive. In this way, each role holder can reward members that actively contributed effort in a month.
We do agree to adopt the Membership Based Guild Funding specifications for a Guild within BanklessDAO. As of 19_01_23 we Currently have 43 Active members.

Screenshot (27)

Membership Based Guild Funding Specifications

We are asking for a Total budget of 703,000

Budget Overview for Season 7

273,000 budget for Main Roles

43 * 10,000 = 430,000 budget for talent development

Updated January 19th

We have a Multi-Sig on the ETH mainnet and on polygon.

  • Eth: eth:0xb40f4ce59dA4A0B6D10aE605E10FD4E6ca9Ed4Ae
  • Matic: 0x3628F8A41eE5112931fBA446610aEaD236Cd2AA3

How will we measure success?

  • Improved framework to help with role-holder accountability
  • Knowledge Sessions to teach members how to buidl and maintain daolationships
  • Improved potential partnerships coordination
  • Redeveloped and revamped Guild coordinator Role and overall guild coordination respectively
  • Produce a better talent pathway
  • Full Dework integration to administer bounties and improve member activeness.





Financial history

daolationship budgeting


Does yhis need a poll?

Hey @Crown. I’m your grants reviewer. Interesting progress! :slight_smile:

I’ve the following big concern:

  • How do you measure active membership?

→ I have attended 0 calls, partcipated in 0 coordinapes and written max. 5 messages in the DAOlationships category in S6 → A few weeks ago, I noticed I have the buidlers tag still on me and dropped it, because I’m not active. I have it on me again. Why is that? This begs the question whether tags are added manually to increase the number of active members to farm BANK more? Help me understand this better.

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The buidlers tag gets reassigned automatically when daolationship related events are RSVPd. We’ve discussed the other questions on discord, thanks for the input!