DAOLationships Guild Budget Proposal S9

Authors; Editors: Crown; Spirited, anointingthompson1.eth
Date created: 18/07/2023
Date posted: 22/07/2023
Wallet surplus: 420 BANK

Funds requested: 804,160 BANK

Net funds requested: 803,740 BANK

Multisig: Eth:0xb40f4ce59dA4A0B6D10aE605E10FD4E6ca9Ed4Ae Multisig link


Multisig signers: Crown, anointingthompson1.eth, jarisjames, salmanneedsajob, cryptodad, SpiritedF, NFthinker.

Table of Contents

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Guild Description

The Purpose of the DAOLationships Guild is to teach Guild members how to build reciprocal relationships with DAOPlomats and to teach DAOPlomats how to build a reciprocal relationship with DAO members and external bodies.

Past activities

In Season 7, we made efforts to export and utilize talents outside and within the DAO, also, we started the guild kanban board on dework to set up and manage bounties, to be able to determine contributors in their different tiers of work before the end of the season.

We also started the bDAO taskforce, created with the objective of promoting social listening, and BizDev, creating an avenue for members to utilize DAOlationship skills in projects and communities in the ecosystem, while earning reward for work done.

In Season 8, we achieved significant milestones by establishing/setting up our Twitter page with over 100 organic Followers in our first 3 months of operation, our Medium page for projects Blog Article, and an independent server on Discord where we successfully onboarded members using Daoplomat and taskforce badges. The Guild’s multi-faceted approach, consisting of the efforts of various role holders, the ever present jarisjames and other members of the guild played a pivotal role in achieving this.

We also focused on enforcing the Guild Membership Tier structure to streamline operations effectively. After drafting a comprehensive proposal and conducting a successful voting process, Guild members were duly issued with tags, to enhance their roles and performance in the community. The pod’s effort led to the successful migration to our own server with the support of jaris, facilitating the export of trained talents from the DAOlationships guild. Through Demos and AMAs on the guild server, we built valuable relationships with different organizations, ultimately leading to the landing of our first two clients, ‘Eesee’, a gamified NFT marketplace, and ‘Zeal’, a web3 wallet designed specifically for DAO contributors/web3 earners. We’re set to earn anywhere from 7k USDC - 10k USDC per month based on KPIs.

As part of our growth strategy, the taskforce introduced task ownership positions to ensure efficient execution of tasks like social media management, visual content creation - short form contents, memes etc, and BizDev apprenticeship positions with a monthly based salary to be gotten from revenue generated from paid clients.

We have also prepared a comprehensive Governance document for the guild and facilitated timely administration of bounties and funds to members. Season 8 witnessed the Event Coordinator Pod ensuring a seamless and efficient Demo booking process. The pod’s effort included setting up Demos, creating RSVPs, announcing Demos during the community calls, and utilizing the announcement channel effectively.

The Talent Coordinaton Pod had a successful Season 8, onboarded talented individuals, and ensured their active participation and contribution to the Guild and bDAO. Through learning sessions on lead generation, sponsorship sourcing, CRM databases, and social media strategies, the pod equipped members with essential skills.

As we conclude a productive Season 8, the Guild has laid a strong foundation for future growth and success. With our independent Discord server, Demo/AMA, thriving member base, and successful partnerships, we have set a precedent for excellence in the blockchain and web3 space. As we move into Season 9, the Guild aims to continue building strong relationships and partnerships, landing reputable clients, and fostering talent development to solidify our position as a community dedicated to BizDev in the ever-evolving DAO ecosystem.


The above achievements and steps directly support the BanklessDAO mission of becoming the number one media DAO and promoting Bankless chains worldwide. From establishing a strong Discord community to landing clients, improving governance, hosting engaging events, and fostering talent development, each step adds value to Bankless by enhancing its media presence, expanding its audience, and elevating its position in the blockchain ecosystem. [DAOlationships Guild] serves as a vital component of the Bankless mission, playing an instrumental role in the DAO’s growth and success.


16 * (21,000 + 770* 38)

Our total ask, based on the formula and deduction of existing funds is; 803,740 BANK

Budget Breakdown

Current holdings

411,358.83 BANK is the current balance of our wallet. At the end of the season, we will be left with 420 BANK estimated, as we will have extra expenses over the remainder of the season.

And for other tokens, here’s an image showing other tokens in our wallet:

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue: We received a partnership fee for the Vertex Protocol AMA. Vertex paid the Marketing Department for a suite of services, and 2,500 USDC was sent to DAOlationships to compensate the working group for the Vertex AMA.

Check the link for more info.


All individuals (38) included in this list have participated in either bounty acquisition, hosted Demo/AMA, taskforce contributions/BizDev, or fulfilled responsibilities as role holders.

Our Active members are divided into three tiers, we have the Learner, Buidler and Ambassador.

See more information on our Guild Membership structure here.



Looking Forward to Season 9

Season 9 will see the introduction of retrospective sessions, promoting productivity, more task ownership, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) reporting/research, BizDev apprenticeship, more Demo/AMA setup to foster Cross-community partnership/deals and continuous improvement in projects, particularly the social listening project, Daolationships BizDev, and Client management while onboarding more talents and improving existing talents.

We aim to further refine the electoral process to create a more robust administration system, hence, strengthening the Guild’s governance and operations chain.

As part of our key performance indicators, we aim to attract a larger audience to our Demos, AMAs, and work sessions through our social listening strategy on Twitter, and our Blog Articles about projects published on Medium to get more communities in line to present their products in our server, with invites from other communities in attendance to continue in fostering knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Also in season 9, we would focus on landing more clients for our BDs, and training more taskforce members to become BDs and Client managers.

please give your vote on the proposal, kindly state your reason if in disagreement with this proposal
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Thank you @Crown

Can you please help us understand:

a. What is the plan to increase the revenue generated by the groups activities in S9?
b. What is the average attendance for DEMO/AMAs conducted by the guild?
c. Is there a link to the governance document highlighted in this proposal?

What % of this revenue flows back to the DAO?

What % of this revenue was sent back to the DAO?


“Season 9 will see the introduction of retrospective sessions, promoting productivity, more task ownership, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) reporting/research, BizDev apprenticeship, more Demo/AMA setup to foster Cross-community partnership/deals and continuous improvement in projects, particularly the social listening project, Daolationships BizDev, and Client management while onboarding more talents and improving existing talents.“

We have average of 6-10 attendees but the demo is uploaded to YouTube for those that couldn’t make it to the demo

But we are looking forward to announcing the demo more with different medium to have more attendees

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Yh, it’s in the links section of the proposal, with title goverance doc

I’ll confirm this and revert, please

10% was sent to the DAO treasury, tranx link here​:point_down::point_down:

Full breakdown of funds disbursements in the proposal

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To increase revenue, we’re leveraging the network that we’re building through hosting free demos/AMAs, by providing BD services for startups. We landed two clients thus far, Zeal Wallet, and Eesee, a raffle-based NFT Marketplace introduced to us by the Rarible team.

We average about 12 attendees for demos, which are recorded, and short form content of the demo will be released on Twitter and YouTube. AMAs receive roughly 100 attendees per event.

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@Jengajojo 10% will be sent to the DAO treasury

@Crown @_iamthompson @SpiritedF glad to see DAOlationships pushing forward! I also love how consistent you have been with the product demos on the bDAO server.

Can you point me to where you track tasks for your active members? I need to review how each member is being tracked as active. Basically I need a list of users with the tasks they have completed to be counted as active.



Thank you @links
Sorry for the delay, we created this in response to your question DL S8 Active Members - Google Sheets
please check it out

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@Crown thanks for the update!

I took a look at the spreadsheet, and it’s still not possible for me to verify that users were active…I think there is just a small bit of missing info. I see the contributor and I see a link to some output beside them, but there’s no indication of what the contributor did to the output.

I left some comments for you but here are some examples:

  • @Crown you have a governance doc linked beside your name but this doc doesn’t show up on the DAOlationships Notion page. What is this governance doc and what is your role around it?
  • Many people have some docs associated with them which seem to be documenting bounties…but it’s not documented what the contributor did to get the bounty. For instance, the OSINT page lists 10 popular twitter accounts with contributor names next to them…but it doesn’t say what the contributors are doing to these twitter accounts.

Do you have a task-tracking system? I noticed some links to dework…how do you figure out what you are doing on a week-to-week basis?

Could you kindly inform me of a time that would be convenient for you? This would enable us to schedule a call where we can collectively address these matters, and I’ll ensure that other relevant role holders are also in attendance.

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I DM’d @_iamthompson

I spoke with @_iamthompson and @Crown on Aug 30, and expressed to them the importance of documenting active member tasks in a way that holds up to scrutiny. The action coming out of this meeting was for DAOlationships to improve their documentation for seasonal funding. With improved documentation we can hopefully get the funding out quickly.

The conversation continues here: Discord