DAOlationships Project Proposal

DAOlationships Project Proposal

Project Champion: jarisjames

Squad: anointingthompson1.eth, kingcrown1, Melasin, SpiritedF, Winverse, Bobo, Buzzman, Salmanneedsajob, Jaf (Push Protocol), Rachel Rose (Opolis), Darklord (ZKX), Nupur (Parcel), Oracle, McEal, Vibrantyy, Chameleon, Lovety, FINE, Apotieri Vickyone, Teekaygod, Samuel BG, gracen, freedo_minant, Wednesday, Kolaade, Warrior, Ab_Colours

Purpose: Media


Marketing Department

AV Guild

Research Guild

Design Guild

Authors & Editors:

Jaris James, Crown, anointingthompson1.eth

Date Posted: November 3, 2023

Funds Requested:1,125,000 BANK

Multisig: Eth:0xb40f4ce59dA4A0B6D10aE605E10FD4E6ca9Ed4Ae Multisig link

Multisig signers: Jaris James, Crown, anointingthompson1.eth, SpiritedF, Cryptodad, NFThinker.

Previous Grant Request: N/A, this is our first proposal as a media project, all previous proposals from DAOlationships were from the guild.

Discord Server: DAOlationships

Project teaser:

DAOlationships is a Decentralized Creator Economy, dedicated to producing content as a public good.

Project Purpose & Mission/Value Alignment

DAOlationships is a Decentralized Creator Economy, dedicated to producing content as a public good. Initially, we hosted demos with a broad range of projects. However, we’ve transitioned to spotlight open-source projects that resonate with the BanklessDAO mission. Our primary objective is to amplify awareness and foster community engagement for projects that are genuinely advancing the space.

Our Discord server is where the magic happens, functioning as the digital equivalent of a country club. Each project we collaborate with is given their own channel, becoming a hub for updates and interaction with a variety of other communities. This structure is what gives DAOlationships its distinctive atmosphere, where exclusivity meets inclusivity, and every member can stay informed and connected with the latest advancements from our partner projects.

Our endeavors directly support the BanklessDAO mission of onboarding 1 billion people into web3. By focusing on open-source projects and creating content that educates and inspires, we’re guiding our audience to take their first steps towards becoming bankless. This involves actively contributing to web3 projects, and earning a living in the web3 space to achieve self-sovereignty.

Past Activities:

We’ve hosted demos with renowned projects such as MetaMask, Nouns DAO, Tally, Rari Foundation, Aavegotchi, PoolTogether, ENS, and Silo Finance to name a few. These connections not only bolster our reputation but also provide opportunities for warm introductions to other BanklessDAO projects like BanklessCard, Bankless Academy, and Bankless Publishing.

Previous KPIs:

N/A. Once again, this is our first proposal as a project. As a guild we didn’t have specific KPIs.

Previous Commitments:

Before now we have been, and will continue to stay committed to BanklessDAO’s mission and vision of onboarding 1 billion people to the web3 ecosystem. As a Guild, we held education sessions, and hosted Demos to teach people how to build and foster meaningful relationships and partnerships, and how to use products that help make their journey easy in the web3 ecosystem.

See our backlog for more info on educational sessions - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

For projects which have previously received funding: have you performed a retrospective since the last time you received funding? What are the outputs of your retrospective?

Previous Season DAO Updates:

Before migrating to our own server, here were our last updates during community calls. During this time we were transitioning from a Guild to a Project, and notified several Grants Committee members during the Grants Committee weekly sync, as it was suggested by the Grants Committee for us to submit a proposal as a project as opposed to submitting one as a guild.

Viewership & Community Engagement:

We averaged 20 viewers per live demo in our invite-only, role-based server (for sybil-resistance). We have over 25 demos recorded, and are currently editing each demo into a minimum of 5 short-form videos each. Each project that presented a demo in our server also has their own dedicated channel for sharing updates with our growing community.

Business Development Achievements:

Our strategic introductions have yielded significant outcomes. Notably, we connected the Marketing Department with Vertex Protocol, facilitating their largest deal to date of approximately 14,500 USDC. Also, our introduction of Hedgey Finance to BanklessDAO was pivotal in forming the partnership that led to the creation of tlBANK. We’ve also introduced the Governator to Aavegotchi and Snapshot, and to several other DAO tooling solutions that presented demos in our server, and formed a partnership with IDriss to allow our community to tip in $BANK directly on twitter.

Future Plans:

With the grant we are requesting, DAOlationships is poised to significantly scale our content production and distribution efforts. In the immediate term, our plan is to establish a robust cadence of multimedia content that includes a minimum of four live demos each month, accompanied by a suite of 20 short-form videos derived from these demos. This content will be supplemented by a steady stream of weekly blog articles and daily tweets to engage our audience and amplify our reach. As we progress into months 2, 3, and 4, our ambition is to double the frequency of our demos, thereby producing at least 40 short-form videos monthly. This increase in content volume will be meticulously planned to maintain the quality and consistency that our community expects. Our blog articles will continue to provide weekly insights, and our social media strategy will sustain daily interactions with our followers.


Month 1:

Record 4 Demos/Month (Minimum)

Release 20 Short form videos/Month minimum (5 short form videos per demo)

4 blog articles per month (1 per week)

5 tweets per week (1 per day)

Months 2, 3, and 4:

Increase demo frequency to at least 8 per month

Produce 40 short-form videos per month (5 short form videos per demo)

Maintain 4 blog articles per month (1 per week)

Maintain a minimum of 5 tweets per week


All demos will be uploaded to the BanklessDAO YouTube channel. Additionally, 10% of all sponsorships from these videos will be directed back to BanklessDAO. We will record at least one demo per month with a well established project.

Financial Implications

Our total ask is 1,125,000 BANK

Funding Breakdown:

Content Creators: 30%

  • Demo Host: 225,000 BANK
  • Blog Writer: 112,500 BANK

Operation Pod Lead: 20% - 225,000 BANK

  • Video Editing (Bounties): 13.3% - 150,000 BANK
  • Event Coordination (Bounties): 2.2% - 25,000 BANK

Research Pod Lead (Educator): 10% - 112,500 BANK

  • Research Bounties (Fractionalized OSINT Reporting): 10% - 112,500 BANK

Social Media Manager: 10% - 112,500 BANK

Design Pod (Bounties): 4.4% - 50,000 BANK

Our budget request will compensate the following roles/working groups:

Content Creator: Responsible for generating high-quality content that aligns with our mission and resonates with our audience. We host demos with the top open source projects in the space on a weekly cadence, build warm relationships here, so we can bring warm leads to BanklessDAO projects. Also, our blogs are crafted to show people how to get involved in communities and contribute at a high level, and highlighting the latest partnerships and opportunities within the DAO space.

Operations: Ensures the smooth running of the project, from planning to execution.

Event Coordination: Manages the logistics and coordination of our events, ensuring they run seamlessly and achieve their objectives.

Social Media Manager: Manages our online presence, ensuring consistent engagement and growth across platforms.

Video Editor: Handles the post-production of our video content, ensuring clarity, engagement, and professionalism.

Research (OSINT): Plays a pivotal role in curating content, identifying sponsorship opportunities, and to discover openings to engage with potential partners via social listening as well.

Design: Creates visually appealing graphics and designs that complement our content and enhance user engagement.

Funds Requested:

1,125,000 BANK

Locked Token Distribution:

We propose to utilize the grant framework of Hedgey Finance, a free open-source time-locked token distribution tool for the allocation of our grant. The grant will allocate locked BANK, which can be revoked by the DAO, and a condition can be written in the code to unlock portions of the grant once certain milestones are hit.

Previous Period Accounting & Current Holdings
Did not receive previous funding as a project.

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue
We intend to land several sponsors by Q1 2024 for our recorded demos, 10% of all sponsorship revenue will be distributed back to BanklessDAO.

Next Period Budget Breakdown
Our next period budget breakdown still needs to be decided upon, but look at our current budget breakdown as a reference within the Financial Implications section.

All demos will be recorded, the full video and multiple shorts of each demo will be uploaded to the BanklessDAO YouTube channel.

Additional Information:

Next Steps:

As we venture into the next season, our focus will be on:

Strengthening our content creation process.

Landing 4 mission-aligned sponsors.

Expanding our reach through strategic partnerships.

Leveraging our connections for the benefit of the broader BanklessDAO community.

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Could you add the Previous Season DAO Updates Section?

Just added the Previous Season DAO Updates

During this time we were transitioning from a Guild to a Project, and notified several Grants Committee members during the Grants Committee weekly sync, as it was suggested by the Grants Committee for us to submit a proposal as a project as opposed to submitting one as a guild.


@jarisjames here is the updated project proposal template: Project Grant Template (as of S9)

gm @links, we edited the proposal to mirror the template. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the update folks! Can you please tell us

  • What has been the historical conversion rate from Demos to paying sponsors?

  • What is the cost per Demo in Bank?

  • How much BANK has DAOlationships consumed so far and what has been the RoI in USD ?

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Can you make the poll public @jarisjames ? We have had Sybil issues in the past and want to avoid them by making polls public until we can add Sybil-resistance to the forum.

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The cost per demo in $BANK:

(Pre-Production) 1k BANK/Hour

1 hour for research per project
1 hour for discovery call/booking with each project
1 hour for event coordination, writing the description, and setting up RSVP via Sesh
1 hour for sending out invites before the event to ensure a decent turnout, and making sure that guests receive access to the server since it’s role-gated
1 hour for the demo itself/recording

Pre Production Total = 5k BANK per demo

(Post Production)
10 hours of editing per demo - 5 short form videos + long form (2 hours per 1 short-form video)
Editing includes cutting, transcription, sound design (removing echo & pauses/filler words), colors/elements - background, branding/logos, and social media logos.

Post Production Total = 10k BANK per demo

Total = 15k BANK per demo

gm @Jengajojo

We haven’t uploaded our recorded demos to any platform yet, we were intending to upload the content to the BanklessDAO YouTube channel, and then start seeking sponsors, in which, 10% will be distributed back to the DAO.

Also, This is our first proposal as a project, so we have not consumed any $BANK for this initiative. But, we did send 10% back to the DAO in USDT (400 USDT), from revenue generated from Business Development Services that we offer. DAOlationships is a project that creates content for open source projects as a public good.

We decided to keep the same name, since communities we collaborated with in the past knows us as “DAOlationships” but we are not a Guild, and were encouraged by the Grants Committee to submit a proposal as a project as opposed to being a Guild. The value we’re creating for BanklessDAO is consistent content for the BanklessDAO YouTube channel, and to boost engagement and collaboration with other communities within the space.

Thank you for the explaination @jarisjames @_iamthompson Glad to see a 400 USDT kickback from the work you have done so far :slight_smile:

a. based on 15k/DEMO, will this project be shipping 75 DEMOs?
b. What is the deadline for this?

c. As I understand the DAOlationships Guild has opted to make a project and includes the same members as the guild. How much BANK did the Guild spend on DEMOs so far?

d. How many demos have been recorded so far as a guild?

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