Dev Guild Season 3 Budget proposal

Title: Dev Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal

Authors: Icedcool, Jamesmontgomery.eth

Date Created: 12/15/21

Date Posted: 12/20/21


The Dev Guild is requesting funding of 1,085,985.

This will compensate the Dev Guild Organizer Office, Talent Coordinator Office, Scribes, Newsy, and Poap Manager.

Additionally this will fund the departments of Dev Guild First Quest, Devops, and the guild benefits of Knowledge Share, and Solidity training.


  • Instantiated Talent Coordinator Office
    • Created processes to improve project and talent intake
  • Instantiated Dev Guild Organizer into an office to share responsibilities
  • Instantiated Dev Guild First Quests
  • Created Dev Guild Newsletter
  • Kicked off Dev Guild Coordinape
  • Collaborated with Treasury guild to support Dev Guild Accounting
  • Benefit and Department successes
    • Knowledge shares
      • 13 sessions
    • Solidity training
    • DEVOPS
      • Implemented Infrastructure as code components
      • Maintained uptime for all projects and provided support as needed.


  • Dev Guild Constitution Instantiation
  • Further develop Dev Guild Membership
    • In service of collaborating with BanklessDAO Consultancy the development of quality assured and vetted members of the Guild is required.
    • This will also enable more nuance in terms of Dev Guild benefit distributions.
  • Further develop Dev Guild Benefits and Departments
    • Knowledge shares
      • Increase collaboration with Education Guild.
    • Solidity
      • Increase collaboration with Education Guild.
      • Certifications?
  • Dev Guild First Quest
    • Further develop and refine onboarding of new members and talent into projects.
  • Instantiate Newsy
    • Person or team responsible for newsletter.
  • Feedback Forms
    • Increase feedback loop of dev guild to coordinators to increase quality of services provided to talent and the DAO.
  • Increase integration between Consultancy and Dev guild
    • To enable devs that are available to better integrate into work, and increase revenue opportunities for the DAO.



The major metrics for success for the dev guild are:

  • Increasing involvement of dev guild members into governance to enable fresh coordination, ideas and development of the guild.
  • At the end of the season assessing our movement toward the goals we have outlined.
  • Creating success metrics for dev engagement in the guild and how efforts like DGFQ and the talent coordinator are impacting those.
  • Ensuring all projects that need devs are continually staffed, unless development is put on hold.

Great Docs btw, i like how ya’ll created offices and have identified some of the smaller micro roles and taken them into account, where do i go to get the breakdown of the Dev Guild Services, looks like we may have a model here for building talent within a guild.

it does seem like the 1,000 bank an hour / ~ $100 USD/ hr is the formula here? with bank at .10?

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Thank you!
For more details on the breakdowns head to:
Dev Guild notion

Still have refinement to go, and working toward a constitution, etc…

And yea we are acting 100% under the 1k Bank an hour, based more on the consensus of the dao, and less respective of it’s USD valuation because it will fluctuate (potentially strongly, like now).