Education Department Season 6 Funding Proposal

Education Department Season 6 Funding Proposal

Authors: 0xZFi.eth :black_flag:#4882, Quietfox#2574, Ernest_Of_Gaia :minibus: :black_flag:ccNFTs :ringer_planet: #4762, thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181
Date created: October 6, 2022
Date posted: October 14, 2022
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The Education Guild is splitting for Season 6 into both a Guild and a Department. This proposal is for the Education Department – the Guild will submit separately. The Education Department is requesting 472,650 BANK for Season 6 funding. Please see the details below.


During Season 4 and 5, the Education Workgroup structured an education initiative of live sessions to teach new members the tools of the DAO. That initiative grew to include Knowledge Sessions in web3 protocols and how to make use of idle BANK by providing liquidity in Uniswap and Balancer. It is under this structure of regular programming that we are proposing to become a Department going forward.

The Education Department’s focus for Season 6 is on presenting and promoting the library of educational content that has already been developed. We’ve designed a monthly rotating schedule of sessions that has been in successful practice throughout the end of Season 4 and all of Season 5. Trained educators will be sourced from the Guild talent pool to present these sessions. Additional programming may be added during Season 6, but our focus will be primarily on running the educational sessions we have already designed.


The Education Department will play a key role in the empowerment of DAO members through:
  • onboarding new members,
  • teaching DAO tooling that members will need to familiarize themselves with in order to succeed in the DAO space, and
  • hosting informational sessions for those looking to further their crypto exploration beyond the introductory level.

New members are first welcomed with New Joiner Sessions and provided an opportunity to become more familiar with the people, projects, and processes of BanklessDAO. Then, for those who may never have worked within a DAO before, we offer the necessary information to get started. With a rotating schedule of repeating workshops, the How To series aims to cultivate effective DAO members, while the Knowledge Session series caters more to those members looking to push their web3 and DeFi understanding to the next level.

New Joiner Sessions

Since Season 4, the Education Guild has organized the bi-weekly onboarding sessions for new members and made the New Joiner Session a one-stop introduction platform to understand the high-level overview of the DAO. These sessions are designed for new members, but all DAO members are welcome to join.

How To Sessions

  • How To Sesh
  • How To Coordinape
  • How To Collab.Land
  • How To Sobol
  • How To Gitcoin
  • How To Discord
  • How To Etherscan
  • How To Wallet/Security
  • How To Gnosis
  • How To Governance
  • How To BANK (The DAO Handbook)
  • How To Notion

Knowledge Sessions

  • Liquidity and Liquidity Pool 101
  • Lending and Borrowing in DeFi
  • Hodl and Staking
  • Stablecoins
  • BANK Utility: Uniswap and Bank
  • BANK Utility: BANK and Balancer


Design Outcomes: Continuity, Depth, Breadth

Department Coordinator


  • Scheduling of live sessions and NJS
  • Develop higher levels of the courses being offered
  • Expand the sessions to include two time zones
  • Upkeep the library of sessions on offer
  • Track feedback and follow through

Admin Coordinator


  • Payment for tasks/NJS
  • Treasury accounting
  • Safe/Multi-sig management
  • Distribution and design of POAPs/NFTs
  • Upkeep of Education Department Notion pages

Understudy for the Department


  • Assist the Department coordinator
  • Learn how to become an effective Department Coordinator
  • Aid in continuity of knowledge and processes between seasons

Understudy for Admin


  • Assist the Admin coordinator
  • Learn how to become an effective Admin Coordinator
  • Aid in continuity of knowledge and processes between seasons


Historical Expenses for Seasons 4 and 5

Admin WG Champion Salary + Task Report bounties 120,000 120,000
Edu WG Champion Salary + Task Report bounties 150,000 255,000
CG/Promo Champion Salary + Task Report bounties 120,000 90,000
Totals 390,000 465,000

Projected Expenses for Season 6

39 Sessions (3 per week x 13 weeks) @ 5,000 BANK per session 195,000
Department Coordinator 72,000
Department Understudy 36,000
Administration, Treasury Management & Promotion 72,000
Administrative Understudy 36,000
Bounty Fund (~15% of session + role budget) 61,650
Totals 472,650


Season 4 Season 5
Number of people joining New Joiners Sessions 153 102*
Number of people joining How To and Knowledge Sessions 54 162*
Number of How To and Knowledge Sessions presented 4 34
Number of workshops in the library 5 18

*Season 5 is not complete at the time of this count, so these numbers are subject to increase.

  • I support this proposal
  • I do not support this proposal
  • I abstain

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Hi @0xZFi.eth , great post! I’m your Grants Committee reviewer, and the only issue I have with this post is that I’d like to see a bit more detail in your historical expenses. The intent behind the “Detailed accounting” for departments is to create some easily-consumable transparency for DAO funds. The table below is insufficient for this purpose:

Can you submit a spreadsheet/table for each tx from your multisig with the following?

  • amount (in or out)
  • receipients/senders (not raw ETH addresses, but human-dentifiable i.e. discord handle)
  • reason for transaction

You can export your transactions with descriptions by clicking Transactions > History > Export (top-right corner)

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Here’s the education guild monthly task report from the beginning of 2022. It contains all details of roles/workgroups tasks and payments.

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Thanks this is perfect!

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