Education Department Season 8 Funding Request

Author: Ernest_Of_Gaia​:minibus: :black_flag:ccNFTs​:ringer_planet:#4762, 0xZFi#4882
Date created: March 23, 2023
Date posted: April 7, 2023
Affiliation: New members/on-boarding, Operations, Treasury, and Governance Departments
Funds requested: 674,500 BANK
Department wallet: 0x4f285257849B840ADc1e293F735cb1F31e5cF026


Department Description

One of the DAO’s core values is Education. The Education Department plays a key role in DAO Member Onboarding and maintaining live educational infrastructure for members, guilds, departments, and projects. With our new Ed3 DAO collaboration in Season 8, our Live Sessions will be available to non-Discord members as well.

The Services we provide to DAO Members and Units that align with the DAO’s Mission, Vision, & Values are as follows:

  • Live onboarding for new joiners to the DAO
  • Hands-on training on DAO tools for all DAO members
  • Knowledge Sessions for DAO financial and governance infrastructure
  • Educator talent development

New members are first welcomed with New Joiner Sessions and provided an opportunity to become more familiar with the people, projects, and processes of BanklessDAO. Then, for those who may never have worked within a DAO before, we offer the necessary information to get started.

With a rotating schedule of workshops, the How-To series aims to cultivate effective DAO members, while the Knowledge Session series caters more to those members looking to push their web3 and DeFi understanding to the next level – a level which is essential for effective work within web3.

Past Activities

In Season 6 we reduced cost, clarified active membership, and began the transition to a Department. We also refined our course material and created a pathway for talent development. “Practice the Practice,” as they say in the PM Guild.

In Season 7, with the lack of new folks in the Discord, more attention has been paid to getting new teachers up-skilled in their ability to teach. We have had 4 teachers get a whole season of teaching and improving their courses and we have 2 new teachers this season stepping up to teach courses. We also have the following operational highlights:

  • Our Live Sessions Calendar is also an async educational library. Click on an event in the Calendar and get access to the async material
  • We have a more defined process for quickly creating content based on needs from projects and organizational units. We spun up educational courses for ThriveCoin, Governantor, & Sobol’s update very quickly.
  • We tested and opened our courses to folks outside of the BanklessDAO Discord via a partnership with Ed3DAO.
  • Currently testing ways to monetize content, accept donations, and tokenizing for reputation rewards via our test net Juicebox.
  • Increased activities for courses via adoption of ETH testnets. Soon to get testnet BANK on Goerli and Sepolia. Created EDBANK on Goerli testnet.
  • We now accept donations via our Spect.Network feedback forms.


The Education Department plays a key role in the empowerment of DAO members through

  • onboarding new joiners,
  • teaching DAO tooling that members need to familiarize themselves with in order to succeed in the DAO, and
  • hands on workshops for those looking to further their crypto exploration beyond the introductory level.


Budget Breakdown

Role salaries: 384,000 BANK

Operations Coordinator 148,000
Operations Understudy 72,000
Administrative Coordinator 96,000
Administrative Understudy 68,000
Total: 384,000

Bounty expenses: 290,500 BANK

Bounties BANK
New Joiner Sessions (7 per season at 10,500 BANK each) 70,500
How-To and Knowledge Sessions (45 per season at 4,000 BANK each) 180,000
Branding and Marketing Dept 40,000
Total: 290,500

Projected revenue: ~0 BANK
Projected end-of-season balance: ~0 BANK
There is no plan to use Coordinape for compensation at the Department level.

Total seasonal funding request: 674,500 BANK

Compensation Breakdown


Operations Coordinator (9.25 hr/wk x 16 weeks)

  • Meeting prep and facilitation for the Weekly Sync and Stand-Up meetings
  • Strategic course planning and course development
  • Accounting, reporting, and member activity tracking
  • Scheduling of events on Live Sessions Calendar including NJS
  • Update templates with teacher reviews
  • Manage Notion Kanban
  • Mentor the presenters in notetaking and updating of course (1.25 hr per Tu-Th)
  • Register events and coordinate marketing with Ed3 DAO (1hr/wk)
  • Host feedback reviews

Coordinator Understudy (4.5 hr/wk x 16 weeks)

  • Assist the Department Coordinator in tracking member activity
  • Steward Weekly Sync occasionally and when Coordinator is unavailable
  • New teacher onboarding
  • Get breakout room training if they don’t have
  • Provide mentorship to breakout room facilitators and presenters in the NJS
  • Familiarize with Praise thread and Kanban onboarding process
  • Learn the how to manage Notion pages for events
  • Attend and participate in weekly sync and work meeting (work priority)
  • Creation of feedback forms and Kudos; reporting of feedback data (weekly report)

Administrative Coordinator (6 hr/wk x 16 weeks)

  • Payment tracking and processing for tasks/NJS
  • Assist with treasury accounting
  • Safe/Multi-sig management
  • Upkeep of Education Department Notion pages
  • Write, respond, and follow up on Discourse polls and posts
  • Attend and participate in Weekly Sync and Stand-Up meetings
  • Back-up facilitator for Weekly Sync and Stand-Up meetings

Administrative Understudy (4.25 hr/wk x 16 weeks)

  • Create “Journal” and post Learning Opportunities update
  • Community Call prep and slide presenter
  • Assist the Admin coordinator where needed
  • Manage NJS events in Notion calendar, fill in properties
  • Steward NJS Level 2 Outline biweekly planning meetings
  • Add events to Sesh Bot Calendar
  • Attend and participate in Weekly Sync and Stand-Up meetings (w/Stand-Up priority)


KPI Type KPI Description & Success Environmental Factors
Breadth of Knowledge Increase in Knowledge Base and Sessions Increases in quantity and quality seasonally
bDAO Onboarding Increase the number of New Joiners to the DAO & the number of talent development opportunities. Correlates with general DAO population cycles
Educational Reach The number of unique participants in the educational sessions. Correlates with general DAO population cycles
Workshop Demand If this threshold is met, demand for the course is assessed. ≥3
KPI Data Tracked by Type S6 S7 Comments
Breadth of Knowledge
# of How to Sessions [S6], [S7] 20 14+ S7 data based on 4/07/23 on or before
# of Knowledge Sessions [S6], [S7] 7 6+ S7 data based on 4/07/23 on or before
# of Added Sessions - 4+ Governator, Thrivecoin, JuiceBox, Gitcoin
# of Courses In Development [S7] - 10 Where data is not available there was no tracking at that time
bDAO Onboarding
Total # of attendees for New Joiner Sessions (NJS Data table) 25 38 Filter by Season
# of Events with New Joiners (NJS Data Table) 19 17 Filter by Season
# Events with Talent Development [S6], ]S7] 5 19 “”, did not keep track of learner data in Season 6 much
Educational Reach
# of Unique Attendees in How Tos
S6, S7 14 15+ S7 data based on 4/07/23 on or before
# of Unique Attendees in Knowledge Sessions
S6, S7 10 7+ S7 data based on 4/07/23 on or before
Workshop Demand Benchmark
Minimum # of attendees for each live How-To or Knowledge Session 3 3 If fewer than 3 attendees or low survey scores courses may be dropped or the time used for talent development


Member Guild or Department Affiliations
Ernest_Of_Gaia​:minibus: :black_flag:ccNFTs​:ringer_planet:#4762 Education Department, Ops Dept, Treasury Dept, Governance Dept, DAOLationships
0xZFi#4882 Education Department, Ops Dept, AV Guild
Quietfox#2574 Education Department
Paulito#8869 Education Department, Ops Dept, Writers Guild, DAOlationship Guild
KingIBK#0108 Education Department, Ops Dept
Latsan🏴#6466 Education Department
Warrior#6808 Education Department
Aloy🏴#6049 Education Department
Marvel :black_flag:#0536 Education Department
thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181 Education Department, Bankless Africa, Grants Committee
Hypolithe#7391 Education Department
ximpli_ana#3357 Education Department
Oluwasijibomi#6263 Education Department, Ops Dept, Marketing Dept


  • Apply to Grant Committee after 7 days of posting
  • Remove some courses from rotation, recruit for teachers for new courses
  • Continue to open up events to folks outside the BanklessDAO Discord
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Thank you education dept for keeping us educated with regular live sessions. In another thread i had asked why can’t some of these courses be automated via academy/videos etc. The answer i received was that we are unable to verify if someone has learned something with those methods. So I’d like to ask you here, how can we guarantee that folks are actually learning something with live sessions?

We are using the test nets for activities. You can use the test net to Swap, use or create tokens & NFTs, you can play with a multi sig, you can create token weighted polls, you can get your questions about discord and notion, we have a sobol space where that folks can modify, Hedgey Finance and the BANK token is on the test net. Folks learn mostly on the job, test nets allow this to be possible without the risk and cost of learning on a Mainnet or L2.

Additionally the Metaverse Space that we now use for courses is a particularly well designed space that incorporates the natural environment with the learning space intentionally. This is because research shows, that learning is improved the more that learning is connected to nature and the learners sense of place.

Our New Spect Forms also store the Async content and will have quizes and folks will earn a kudos as well. So all of our content is available for async study. Remember also that Async learning is only a very small part of folks learning. Most talent development happens live and in particularly when you actually use a blockchain or on chain application, which test nets allow you to do without the cost of gas fees.

We are also teaching folks how to write OKRs and Success Metrics, these are what we use to identify and design activities for the courses

I will also note that we do recommend academy courses all the time and often they are a prerequisite and the first place we recommend folks starting. But we help folks build up the understanding and practice of incorporating web 3 technology into their daily and work life in the dao.

here is some recent research that I think you may like and hopefully stirs up some more interesting questions for us. MA{VR}X Lab - The State of Online Learning in Web3: How Educators Understand and Implement Ed3, Blockchain, and Metaversal Technologies

Thank you for the explanation. I agree with you on this

I wonder if we can establish clear metrics based on the onchain artefacts folks can collect in their education journey and use it as a scale to quantify folks have learnt which will enable access to different opportunities within and outside the DAO?

Do we have data on how many of these artefacts have been collected by unique individuals so far?

essentially been trying to figure out more about the otter space badges but having a hard time connecting with those folks. Feel free to stop by and commit to doing things if you want

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most work in daos still isn’t done by credentialling. You get to know people, you prove you can deliver on the work you say you deliver on, and folks ask you to work on more things.

Hi @0xZFi.eth Thanks, this proposal is excellent!! Just a couple of questions:

  1. What does this partnership look like? Is the Bankless name utilized by this or other partners that the education dept has?

  2. What are your thoughts on the amount of participants for the NJS and how to sessions? Any thoughts on how to increase participation?

  3. Last season there was an orchestrated effort around 50 employees from consensys, with a dedicated onboarding session and strategy. What came of this? The goal was for them to join the DAO, do we know if any of them have?

I’ll have to let Ernest address the Ed3DAO partnership details. I only know that they let us use the Zep space they manage.

I’m thrilled to see the current numbers are greater than zero, frankly. The drop in attendance has followed the general drop in overall DAO activity/participation so these currently low numbers are to be expected. I have no doubt that as the space re-energizes on the next bull run, overall activity (and NJS attendance) will tick back up.

I have been a regular breakout room facilitator for several seasons and have definitely felt the decline in numbers. We used to cap these sessions at 50 participants on the RSVP and sometimes that list would fill up in one day. Not so, as of late, but the value of the sessions for those who do attend is still there. There are new joiners who are active L2s today who I remember coming through an NJS breakout room I hosted, so I know we’re effectively onboarding at least some of those curious new folks.

I remember the Consensys onboarding session. I remember answering a lot of questions about compensation and understanding the DAO’s structure. When people ask about the pay, I don’t typically see them again. I’m not really sure what happened to the group after that. I don’t have a pulse on whether or not they disbursed within the DAO or decided this wasn’t a good fit for them, but I know we retained at least one member within the Edu Dept who also creates YouTube content around the issues with traditional international remittance options and helping folks onboard to crypto from that perspective.

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Hi @ernest_of_gaia @0xZFi.eth At the beginning of Season 7, funding for the education Dept. went to the Education Guild. Is this the transaction that transferred it from the education guild to the education dept.? Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

  1. ED3 DAO provides the space for our Live Sessions and handles Registration for the events as well as some marketing. I have suggested they receive 5% of any donations that come through our course. All marketing wording and material that ed3 dao does is created by the Edu Dept and published on our behalf

You can see what their events page looks like as well as test out the registration process.

  1. Currently we are opening up our sessions and making them available to anyone in web 3, it is no longer necessary to be a bdao discord member to attend classes. We still have some ducks to get in a row, our teachers need to learn how to write OKRs and Success Metrics as well as learn how to design activities for their courses.

Once our ducks are all in a row, we will spend more time marketing the courses to folks outside the dao and hope to be able to show an increase in participation at that time. As we know the bdao discord has been losing contributors each month and this is reflected in the attendance of our events as well, which is why we are no longer gating our education sessions.

  1. Only one person from consensus seemed to actually participate in the dao from those 50 folks. Craig S. who has been an awesome addition to bankless dao.
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we are having to go back to using the Guild Multi sig so that we don’t lose our access to our SAFE tokens.

Yes, this is the transaction

Do you happen to know who signed the multisigners are that signed this transaction?

Thanks! My last question is regarding the breakdown of the rolls and bounties.
What do the duties of 2 coordinators and 2 understudies include?

Same with the knowledge sessions,
How-To and Knowledge Sessions Is the content created each session for all 45?

The breakdowns of each role and its responsibilities are included in the Compensation Breakdown section above.

Content is reviewed and updated if necessary for each session, but not re-created.

Yes, thanks!! I reviewed it, I am just not seeing 25 hours of coordination time and bounties, as it seems like the bounties are well out of the 1K BANK/hr range.

funds have now been transferred back to education guild, why is this?
@ernest_of_gaia I see on this spreadsheet Education Dept Task Report, Season 7 - Google Sheets you received BANK for the how to governor research, PPT and presentation. Why is this if the content was created me and presented by JamesMontgomery?

For Season 6, our intention was to split into both both a Guild and a Department. Two separate entities then existed, each with their own multisig wallet. The Guild failed to re-organize, however, and now only the Department remains.

After discussion during our March 21, 2023 Weekly Sync, a vote was proposed to consolidate back to the Guild Safe going forward. The vote was unanimous, and the Guild Safe signers were included in the tag and the poll gating.

Moving back to the Guild Safe will ensure it doesn’t become abandoned, the non-transferrable $SAFE tokens can be secured, and the wallet should be among the allow-listed addresses for Parcel’s gas reimbursement (whereas the newly created Department address is not).

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Thanks. @0xZFi.eth Any answer to my other question
@ernest_of_gaia? I see on this spreadsheet Education Dept Task Report, Season 7 - Google Sheets you received BANK for the how to governor research, PPT and presentation. Why is this if the content was created me and presented by JamesMontgomery?