Fight Club - Education Grant Request

Title: Fight Club Education Program Seasonal Funding Proposal

Authors: @fi_bo, @tesa_daa @liza_ch

Project sponsor: Fight Club / FTW.DAO

Date: 10.8.21


This proposal introduces the Education Program of Fight Club to Bankless DAO. The short-term goal is to excite, educate and create a pool of certified DAO capitalists who conduct due diligence and analyst services for Fight Club and any external venture DAO and funds. In the long term, the Fight Club Education Program aims to remove barriers to crypto venture investing while also increasing diversity across the bDAO financial space by upskilling a global talent pool.

The Fight Club Education Program can also be considered a bDAO member benefit. Open to all members of bDAO, qualifications gained in the Education Program could open doors for members considering a career in Venture Capital. The training and analysis framework provided in the Education Program could be used by members who wish to invest in projects alone, helping them to identify worthwhile projects and avoid scams. Crypto venture investing is an emerging field and has different challenges to traditional VC; the Fight Club Education Program will address these differences and be the premier education program for crypto and web3 investors.

The Fight Club is requesting a grant to fund the first season of the Education Program. Funds will be used to create and develop a series of webinars for crypto venture analysts. A detailed description of the program and the use of grant funds can be found in the Specification and Financial Implications sections. Grant funds are intended to pay for additional Bankless DAO member services required to create the program and not to remunerate Fight Club members or FTW collaborators for past work / IP.


A primary mandate of Fight Club is to create an Education Program that includes a crypto venture analyst curriculum for Bankless DAO members. Upon completion of the program, Bankless DAO members will earn the title of ‘certified DAO capitalists’ and receive a POAP to recognize their achievement. ‘Certified DAO capitalists’ are potentially able to earn fees for diligence conducted on behalf of Fight Club and external venture DAOs and funds.

FTW.DAO has spent countless hours understanding the VC and venture DAO space in developing their own mission and white paper and can contribute significantly to the curriculum development with existing IP. The founders / summoners of FTW.DAO are also original members of Bankless / Fight Club and have been contributing to the Fight Club mission from the beginning and the missions of increasing the inclusivity of the venture DAO space are well aligned.

In exchange for FTW contributing their existing IP to the education program, we propose to develop the content as a collaboration between FTW.DAO and Bankless DAO. Bankless and FTW.DAO would share the commercial rights to use the content in whichever way serves their purpose and key documents such as slide decks, pdfs, recordings and video and media interviews would acknowledge the FTW.DAO contribution to the program and include both logos.

Because the Fight Club is a project, the Fight Club lacks the budget to start the Education Program. While the long term goal is to fund the Education Program and other Fight Club programs internally, there will be a delay prior to the Fight Club generating revenue.

A grant would enable the Fight Club Education Program to:

  • Collaborate with the Education guild to develop a curriculum
  • Develop content with the AV, Writers, and Research guilds
  • Engage the AV guild to create webinars
  • Host and record webinars
  • Create a transcript and resources for each webinar
  • Engage the Writers guild to develop mini self-tests and quizzes
  • Engage the Design guild to create award POAPs
  • Compensate Bankless DAO members for organizational and project management work

The current FC Education Program Team includes:

  • Ben aka @Kahuna - FC Member and Co-founder / Summoner FTW DAO
    • 10+ years in finance / banking
    • Led investor education projects for a global bank
    • Currently running a Wine & Web3 series to onboard new Web3 users
  • Isla aka @Liza_ch - FC Member and Co-founder / Summoner FTW DAO
    • 8+ years in finance / venture capital
    • Worked on investor education topics with Ben
    • Past year spent focused on dismantling the VC system and rebuilding it better
  • @fi_bo - FC Member & Operations Advisor
    • Product Manager for a Crypto/DeFi Education Platform that focuses on the MENA region
    • Experience setting up Solidity Workshops for women in Blockchain (DAppLadies)
    • 5 years in engineering consulting and analytics


The Fight Club Education Program aligns itself with the Bankless DAO mission of providing quality educational content that promotes a money system accessible by all people, not just elites. Creating a crypto venture analyst program will build an army of informed investors and analysts fluent in the Web3 space. Our webinars will strengthen the Bankless media brand and help solidify its commitment to educating people about crypto and Web3.

Our focus on crypto and Web3 projects, and the creation of ‘certified DAO capitalists’ supports the broader crypto ecosystem and will cement Bankless DAO as a leader in the Venture DAO space because our talent pool of analysts will collaborate and provide value to other DAO’s. The certification program of DAO capitalists can be leveraged by Bankless DAO to establish itself as the primary source of talent in a burgeoning field.


The Fight Club Education Program anticipates engaging the Bankless DAO Education, Design, AV, and Writers guilds to create the webinars. Below are the specifications for each guild and their expected contributions.

Education Guild:

  • Review the current proposed subjects in the crypto venture curriculum
  • Collaborate on the development of curriculum content

AV Guild:

  • Produce and record the webinar series
  • Create transcripts from the webinars

Design Guild:

  • Enhance the presentation decks that are used for each webinar module
  • Design POAPs as reward for module and program completion

Writers’ Guild:

  • Promote the crypto venture analyst program in newsletters and blogs
  • Develop self-tests and quizzes for each webinar


The Fight Club Education Program budget consists of expenditures made to other guilds for services rendered. Fight Club members that are participating in the Education Program may opt to be compensated retroactively from the Fight Club or future season grants with their time committed recorded and approved by the Fight Club. An additional 50,000 BANK has been allocated to Operational Expense that will cover fight club member project management, operational support, and third-party software and services.

The Fight Club has used an estimate of 1,000 BANK per hour to compensate guilds for their efforts. Next season’s expenditures are budgeted as follows:

Estimated Number of Hours Estimated weekly commitment (Hr) Hourly Rate ($BANK) Total ($BANK)
Education Guild 30 ~3 1000 30,000
Design Guild 20 ~2 1000 20,000
AV Guild 20 ~2 1000 20,000
Writers’ Guild 20 ~2 1000 20,000
FC Content Generation / Operational Support 50 3-5 1000 50,000
Total 140,000


The long-term success metric of the Education Program is the number of participants becoming ‘certified DAO capitalists’ per season.

The metrics and KPIs for the immediate season are:

  • Produce a complete education curriculum that includes the following targets:
    • Basic understanding of venture capital
    • Understanding the venture process
    • How to understand and evaluate the current market outlook
    • Understanding the venture DAO process
    • Deal analysis deep-dive
    • Portfolio support deep-dive outlined
  • Create 8-10 webinars that focus on crypto venture, DAOs, and Web3 analysis
    • Branded as Bankless with ‘powered by FTW’ logos at start and finish and a background slide on the collaboration
    • Content created to be generic and reusable outside Bankless purpose
  • Graduate a cohort of ‘certified DAO capitalists’

If the pilot phase is successful, we could look at extending the program into an ongoing series and scaling it over time. We could also explore requesting grants from other DAOs that have an aligned interest in crypto, defi and education but at this time that is not planned.


When Bankless uses the content for Bankless purposes it would look something like this:

When FTW.DAO uses the content for their own purposes (educating up & coming DAO capitalists) it would look something like this.


The content will be produced in an agile and collaborative way with several rounds of feedback collection and a first pilot before building out the entire content.

  1. Define necessary content areas for DAO capitalists

  2. Brainstorm content areas

  3. Define high-level content structure

  4. Collect feedback from FC members on content structure

  5. Refine content structure and build out high-level content

  6. Refine content structure based on feedback

  7. Start drafting high-level content (word document with bullets)

  8. Collect feedback from FC members on high-level content

  9. Build out first content area for pilot session

  10. Refine content structure based on feedback and agree on one content area for “pilot”

  11. Align with other guilds on content and required support

  12. Build out detailed content for pilot session, e.g. slide content, self-tests, quizzes, etc.

  13. Create deliverables for pilot session

  14. Produce deliverables for pilot session, e.g. presentation, videos, illustrations, POAP, etc.

  15. Schedule pilot session

  16. Collect feedback from FC members on deliverables

  17. Host pilot session

  18. Refine deliverables based on feedback

  19. Prepare and host pilot session, incl. recording of session, hand out of POAP

  20. Collect feedback from participants

  21. Refine overall concept and build out next content area for 2nd session

  22. Refine concept based on webinars and agree on content area for 2nd session

  23. Align with other guilds on content and required support for 2nd session

  24. Build out detailed content for pilot session, e.g. 60min webinar

  25. Create deliverables for 2nd session


In the event that this proposal is accepted, the Fight Club suggests the next steps as follows:

  1. BanklessDAO Grants Committee to transfer 140,000 BANK to the Fight Club multi-sig wallet.
  2. Fight Club’s multi-sig wallet is owned and managed by Fight Club members. The owners of the Gnosis wallet are fi_bo, dionne, elno, LifeTheLifeTV, Liza_ch, pilkster and Sponge. We have it set up as 5/7 must sign each transaction.
  3. Fight Club will report spending to the Treasury here.

Fight Club Education Program next steps:

  1. Formalize program workflow
  2. Begin the process of identifying and engaging members from key guilds
  3. Begin the process of developing the curriculum further with support from Bankless DAO collaborators
  4. Find guests for 8-10 webinars in collaboration with Bankless DAO members


@liza_ch: I am experienced in Venture Capital and a DAOplomat from FTW.DAO. I am the founder of FTW.DAO (a diversity focused venture DAO). Ex VC and ex-banker based in Switzerland. I have been a crypto and de-fi hobby investor for 5+ years.

@tesa_daa | Metasaurs: I am a crypto investor, portfolio manager, the Fight Club coordinator. I am interested in supporting new technologies, crypto projects, and initiatives that address social-economic inequality.

@fi_bo: I am an early-ish Blockchain enthusiast, crypto investor, interested in furthering the Bankless mission, spreading knowledge about, and supporting budding DeFi and web3 projects.

  • Approve
  • I need more information - please discuss below
  • Reject

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  1. Begin the process of identifying and engaging members from key guilds


Education Guild:

Review the current proposed subjects in the crypto venture curriculum
Collaborate on the development of curriculum content
AV Guild:

Produce and record the webinar series
Create transcripts from the webinars
Design Guild:

Enhance the presentation decks that are used for each webinar module
Design POAPs as reward for module and program completion
Writers’ Guild:

Promote the crypto venture analyst program in newsletters and blogs
Develop self-tests and quizzes for each webinar

These items should be confirmed ahead of time. Otherwise, you are committing resources that you don’t have. Or at least have guild reps that are committing to sourcing from their respective guilds for these items.

it’s so interesting that folks think DAO activities are capitalist in nature, actually quite the contrary, since we avoid accumulating capital by dispossessing others from it, we work cooperatively and not for our own self interest, and our goal is not to Accumulate more Bank, but to distribute it and work towards a mission. some might like myself may even consider this Marxian in nature, definitely not capitalist.

Important things to understand as an educator myself

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personally i feel the FC should raise the funds needed from outside the DAO and should raise the funds needed in Non BANK tokens. otherwise I i am generally in favour of educational endevours. There also doesn’t seem to be many folks already on board with supporting this very ambitious educational project. it would be helpful to identify who in the DAO is already committed or interested in developing the educational program and research needed for this proposal. I would posit that the resources needed for this project just aren’t there, i could always be wrong, there are obviously commitments that i may not know about. Depending on other guilds to do your own work without knowing if they are able to do so, is a sure way to encounter obstacles.

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I don’t see where it’s been claimed that DAOs, broadly speaking, are capitalist - simply that there are capitalists within DAOs, and there are capitalist DAOs. On the other hand you seem to be speaking for DAOs generally in claiming they are specifically not capitalist, which is not true. There are obviously capitalists here, and there are plenty of DAOs using their resources to build the next gen of web3 tools using their resources, and get paid for it.

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Please let us know if the Marketing Guild can be of any assistance, but for now, we know the first rule of Fight Club!


that is mercantilism, not capitalism

We are not asking for funds for FC specifically. We are asking for the grant to fund the creation of educational content for Bankless DAO that is 100% aligned with our mission as a culture and media DAO that wants to onboard 1 billion people to DeFi. The content could be leveraged or expanded upon for commercial purposes at some point and generate revenues for Bankless and FTW.

It is pretty well described in the proposal as to who there is behind this project. I am in the venture capital / venture DAO space and feel very confident that we have the people and network to create the right content.

Kahuna and I have been running Web3 educational webinars for a number of weeks with sophisticated audiences and have had great feedback. The work required from other guilds has been estimated and budgeted for based on our existing experience of creating webinars like these, which we created ourselves.

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We’ll be in touch - @Fibo is coordinating guild reach out

To my knowledge, that step is already in progress. We are capable of executing without the support of other guilds but leveraging the support and expertise of other guilds would be our heavily preferred option so that fight club members can focus on the areas where we add the most value.

Gotcha. As long as there isn’t an expectation that these resources will be available without confirmation, then that’s fine. I’ve voted in favor in that case. Excited to see this big step forward :slight_smile:


Possibly worth also mentioning that the term ‘certified DAO capitalists’ is not going to be an official or legal certification but will form as a) a core curriculum for upcoming FC analyst team supporters to inform themselves and b) signalling outside Bankless / FTW that the person has sufficient understanding to get involved with other venture DAOs. Training up talent within Bankless on this topic represents:

  • A perk for Bankless members that want to get involved in VC/Venture DAOs
  • Opportunities for future partnerships and revenues for Bankless
  • Potential opportunities for work in FC, FTW or other venture DAOs for our members
  • Another big step towards our mission of onboarding 1 billion+ people to DeFi

We have contacted most of the guilds (only one left). We confirmed that for the most part, guilds have been exposed to the idea and we established contact points. We understand resources available may vary with time but as a preliminary step, we reached out and discussed the program with everyone we can at this point. We are still waiting on a couple of people and we will update. We also discussed the pilot that we are proposing which will be a great step to refine the process of collaboration. Like our champion said, we do expect to do the bulk of the work ourselves, but we do outline in the workflow some areas where will need support from the guilds. I hope this helps voters make their decision.


I’m from the education guild. I am in general supportive of this proposal.

This sounds like a huge educational product and I think you are under funding it 10x.

To draw parallels in the real world.

Usually, this type of content is gated behind a community, typically have to pay thousands to access these content.

And we are trying to make this a member perk, which is totally fine too. Or perhaps give people a choice, so that they at least know how much this should be worth irl. $3000 for full access or join level 1 Bankless membership.

Otherwise, education guild will definitely support with the required resources.

Lastly, these types of education must have a psychology component, because ultimately, investing is about mastering yourself. So all great investment courses i’ve attended have those psychological aspects, explicit or implicit.

When its more firmed up, we can discuss the scope of the curriculum in detail.


I like the idea of putting a value on the course. We could consider having a public facing website for the course and instead of a buy now button, have a join Bankless button.

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Let’s discuss Angyts. Like your ideas. We will set up the pilot and then go from there. I have a very clear idea of effort based on other stuff I have done but we can also make this bigger than the pilot. Agree with putting it behind a paygate for non-members and non level 1s e.g. not open to guest passes…

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I love it. I’m all about it. I want to help. I can’t speak to the current bandwidth of the org, but i love what the idea of this proposal/project embodies.

Educating more people on ‘how markets and crypto investing work’ is a net positive step towards wealth equality.

If we don’t define and educate people on how venture capital works in DAO’s, then current venture capitalists may take that liberty, which only perpetuates traditional finance system we are working to change.

I also think its great content for the learn to earn Web3 model.

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