Founding a project management guild

The Project Management Working Group proposes to found a project management guild (PM guild) within BanklessDAO. The PM guild will be the landing pad for new project managers in the DAO and the home base to all those project managers already working in the DAO. The guild will provide talent to projects and serve as an upskilling base for project management in Web3.

What is the value proposition of a PM guild?

Allocation mechanism for project managers and projects

New project managers that join the DAO looking for a landing pad will most likely use the projects intake list in Notion or the guidance of other members to identify projects where they can add value. On the other hand, projects in need of a project manager will need to use their network within the DAO or hope that requests in general channels surface talent. There is no allocation mechanism that will help both parties find each other.

In addition, the signal-to-noise ratio at this stage is quite low. How would a project know the hard and soft skill level of a project manager if that project manager doesn’t have a wide reputation in the DAO through previous projects or DAO-wide engagement?

The PM guild could help to solve this problem. Project managers would have a home base in the DAO that would be stable and independent of project assignments. Projects could liaise with the PM guild to find the skills and capacity that they need. The guild will also curate talent and hence help improve the signal to noise ratio. Moreover, finding ways to retain talent will be at the heart of the guild.

Retaining talent for the DAO

With a PM guild being the home base, project managers will have a stable environment that stays independent from the success of individual projects. Project managers may be more willing to join smaller or shorter, more experimental projects even if their success might seem more risky. In addition, having a team of like -minded DAO members may add to cohesion to the DAO as a whole.

Developing a common skill base

A PM guild will improve the skill base of project managers:

  • Easier skill sharing between project managers within a stable team set. Skills are known and every project manager knows where to go to get help.

  • Web3 natives with an interest in improving their knowledge about traditional project management tools meet experienced traditional project managers with interest in learning how Web3 changes the needs for project management. This will build an amalgamated skill set.

  • The PM guild creates a common knowledge base for new guild members to create a common skill level

  • A mentorship program will help new joiners to quilt learn their ropes.

Do you think that a PM guild would be valuable for the DAO?
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Assuming there is appetite in the community to found a PM guild the following next steps would happen:

  • Second forum proposal to outline how to operationalize the value proposition of the PM guild
  • Setup in Discord
  • Marketing in CC call, Newsletter
  • Funding request

I’ve been a member of the PLM effort for many weeks and Rene has emerged as a highly competent and fearsome leader. I’m confident he’ll take this effort far. Oh and we have a squad of badasses to back him up. :heart:


If governance is the voice of the DAO, PLM is its hands. Its imperative that the DAO has the tools and knowledge to execute on its intentions and decisions. Being a master of project management and coordination is one and the same and it would behoove the DAO to create a place in its community to collect and foster that knowledge and skillset. Greater project transparency and easier project onboarding and growth into autonomous subDAOs is the way. The subject matter of DAO PLM is untapped and unsolved. We need to put a cohort of brains on it via formalized guild. I love this direction.

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