Project Management Guild S8 Grant Proposal

Project Management Guild S8 Grant Proposal

Authors: links🏴#7868

Editors:PM Guild Squad

Date created: Mar 29, 2023
Date posted: Apr 7, 2023
Wallet surplus:We expect to have between 40K and 90K BANK in the multi sig at the end of S7.
Funds requested: 594,720 BANK
Multisig: eth:0xc7C712e02b3d99564ae830ceC33E5c3Ef45d0C8e
Multisig signers: 0xJustice.eth#6213, 0xRene#6523, links🏴#7868, GCal#8784, Jayfanny69#0946

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Guild Description

The Project Management Guild aims to be the mecca of web3 project management by providing project management education, talent, and thought leadership.

Past Activities

In Season 7, the PM Guild has rallied around the mantra of “practicing our practice”; that is, spreading good PM practice by focusing on strong fundamentals within our own processes, and building education into day-to-day activities.

Administration Workstream runs tactical guild operations: tactical meets, BANK disbursements, seasonal forum posts, etc

  • Kept active members steady at 21
  • Revamped the weekly tactical meet to allow anyone to learn how to run a tactical meeting simply by attending. We had 4 different people run our weekly tactical this season.
  • Ran retrospectives internally, and for the Grants Committee (Ops Department coming soon)
  • Created a LinkedIn property to help attract crypto-curious web2 PMs to our organization
  • Refined our accounting and active member processes using Bounty Board
  • Started to solidify our guild roles using the Rights and Responsibilities framework

Education Workstream creates educational resources to help contributors learn foundational PM practice.

  • In season 7, the Education Workstream launched the Introduction to Project Management course, which is now live on the Bankless Academy site.
  • We have compiled information and resources to produce an additional ten lessons. These lessons are now complete and should be available on the Bankless Academy site by the end of season 7.
  • We published this article on mirror.yxz and have additional content for blog posts that coincides with the lessons that will be released…

Talent Workstream is tasked with the onboarding and introduction of new and existing members to project management practices in web3 and how it is done in BanklessDAO.

  • Over the period of season 7, we took onboarding to a notch up by making sure we stick to our mantra PRACTICING OUR PRACTICE with calls involving the use of discord youtube activities, after which notion and how to we use it in the guild is demonstrated.
  • Kept track of the active members, taking monthly calculations and seasonal metrics.
  • Ran the PM Guild hoodie design and production.
  • Help set up inter-guild related operations to provide a vantage point for guild members to acquire skill sets necessary for the growth of the guild and its contributors.


Our belief is that the foundation of a well-running DAO are project management techniques. Given the right processes and tools, DAO teams (and sub-teams) can pursue their purposes autonomously while still benefiting from coordination with the DAO-at-large.

The Project Management Guild seeks to promote PM practice in BanklessDAO and the web3 ecosystem as a whole in two ways:

  1. By becoming the gathering point for web3 project managers
  2. By teaching PM techniques to anyone who wants to learn

The PM Guild is both a user-friendly onramp (for skilled, non-web3 PM talent) and a support system to help individuals find the path to their bankless life.


Guild Funding Formula

Using the formula:

Season 8 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770 * #active member)

The Project Management Guild Requests 594,720 BANK for our S8 operations. You can see our breakdown of 21 active members in the GUILD MEMBERS Section below.

Budget Breakdown

You can see a detailed budget breakdown here: PM Guild S8 Budget (draft) - Google Sheets

Current holdings

After our upcoming March disbursement, the PM Guild will hold 278,365 BANK in our multisig.

It’s difficult to say how much BANK the guild will hold at the end of S7, as our bottom-up project funding is consumed variably by members posting proposals in our internal governance process. That being said, assuming no new proposals, at the end of the S7 we expect to be holding between 40-90K BANK.

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue

We don’t have any external funding at the moment. There are some workstreams which may produce revenue in the future, but we are concentrating on building educational tools and thought leadership to help spread good PM Practice and attract talent.


The Project Management Guild currently has 21 active members.

A full list of active members, including their criteria for active membership, can be found here: S7 Active Membership. As per our new Active Member Criteria, members are those who have completed an average of 1 kanban task or bounty every 4 weeks, as well as guild role holders. This flexible approach allows us to calculate active membership for any time period, and is particularly useful for variable season lengths.


(Provide where applicable)


Given the season is only half complete, we plan to continue working on our Season 7 priorities.

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Hi PM Guild team!
I am not going to vote on this because I am a member of the Pam Guild and I am biased.
@McEal I am sorry that I told you the incorrect information here - it should say abstain, but I would like my vote to count towards quorum

I have left any other outstanding comments on the page itself.

No problem, the post is still valid right ?

Which page is that? I’m happy to answer any questions but was unsure where to find them.