Project Management Guild Season 9 Funding Proposal

Project Management Guild S9 Grant Proposal

Author: UXMcEal

Editors: Oakfloors, Great

Date created: Jul 12, 2023
Date posted:
Wallet surplus: 170,839 BANK
Funds requested: 459,200 BANK
Multisig: eth:0xc7C712e02b3d99564ae830ceC33E5c3Ef45d0C8e
Multisig signers: 0xJustice.eth#6213, oakfloors, links🏴#7868, uxmceal, Jayfanny69#0946

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Guild Description

The Project Management Guild aims to be the mecca of web3 project management by providing project management education, talent, and thought leadership.

Past Activities

In Season 8, the PM Guild has rallied around the mantra of “practicing our practice”; that is, spreading good PM practice by focusing on strong fundamentals within our own processes, and building education into day-to-day activities.

Administration Workstream runs tactical guild operations: tactical meets, BANK disbursements, seasonal forum posts, etc

  • Kept active members steady at 10 members.
  • Ran async and seasonal retrospectives internally, Government Department Retrospective (Ops Department Seasonal Retrospective Coming Soon)
  • Our LinkedIn property is now functional with the aim of helping us to attract crypto-curious web2 PMs to our organization, with regular postings once a week.
  • Solidified our guild roles using the Rights and Responsibilities framework

Education Workstream creates educational resources to help contributors learn foundational PM practice.

  • Ensures the PM Guild members get access to the PM course.
  • Ensures the educational materials are shared.
  • The PM learning session where members are trained and exposed to PM skills.
  • Ensures the PM Mirror page is updated with quality contents.
  • Advancement from posting once on the mirror page to posting twice in a month.
  • Research on quality and advanced project management courses that would upskill members of the PM Guild is being carried out.
  • Harvesting skills in the Guild for inclusiveness.
  • Creating bounties on various PM tools.

Talent Workstream is tasked with the onboarding and introduction of new and existing members to project management practices in web3 and how it is done in BanklessDAO.

  • An “apprentice” program is being tested for increasing robustness of the Talent role when the roll holder is not able to follow up, and to build skills among active members.
  • We have actively followed up on the “get-involved” thread to support new talent to bDAO and the PM Guild.
  • A proposal for a PM Guild project where talent can get involved is under development. The project will build on the already started project management course built in Bankless Academy.
  • A cheat sheet for the Talent Coordinator role is built to ensure organizational memory from one roleholder to the next.


Our belief is that the foundation of a well-running DAO are project management techniques. Given the right processes and tools, DAO teams (and sub-teams) can pursue their purposes autonomously while still benefiting from coordination with the DAO-at-large.

The Project Management Guild seeks to promote PM practice in BanklessDAO and the web3 ecosystem as a whole in two ways:

  1. By becoming the gathering point for web3 project managers
  2. By teaching PM techniques to anyone who wants to learn

The PM Guild is both a user-friendly onramp (for skilled, non-web3 PM talent) and a support system to help individuals find the path to their bankless life.


Guild Funding Formula

Using the formula:

Season 9 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770 * #active member)

The Project Management Guild Requests 459,200 BANK for our S9 operations. You can see our breakdown of 10 active members in the GUILD MEMBERS Section below.

Budget Breakdown

You can see a detailed budget breakdown here: PM Guild S9 Budget

Current holdings

After our June disbursement, the PM Guild holds 454.502 BANK in our multisig. With our average spend set at 100,331 BANK per month, we should be left with approximately 170,839 BANK (coordinape spend of 50,000 BANK is included).

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue

We don’t have any external funding at the moment. With more focus on our educational tools and internal retrospectives with the aim of improving and increasing our PM talents, we are looking to monetize our retrospective in the future which will serve as an external revenue generating model for the guild.


The Project Management Guild currently has 10 active members.

A full list of active members, including their criteria for active membership, can be found here: S8 Active Membership. As per our new Active Member Criteria, members are those who have completed an average of 1 kanban task or bounty every 4 weeks, as well as guild role holders. This flexible approach allows us to calculate active membership for any time period, and is particularly useful for variable season lengths.


(Provide where applicable)


Given the season is only half complete, we plan to continue working on our Season 8 priorities.

  • I can work with this proposal
  • This proposal needs fundamental rework and I will explain below why
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Small request:

This poll does not follow typical template format.

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Thank you for the check homie, I’d take this into consideration the next time as I can’t edit the poll again as it’s past five minutes from the post time.

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Hello @McEal,

Thank you for posting this.

Could you please share more on:

  • Have you already created edu material for project management upskilling? Did you work on any sort of promos, collab to make the people aware they could acquire these skills with the Guild?
  • What do you see as your KPIs for S9?
  • Can you be more specific in terms of what have you accomplished so far?
  • Is all the edu material that bDAO project management does on bDAO notion - are you thinking to kick off an independent webpage where people can get access to the learning material, maybe at some point start charging?

Thank you!


Thank you @DAOlexa for the thoughtful questions

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, we have an edu material for project management (we’re currently in the process of refining it more). and yes, we had a twitter space on our main twitter account about Web3 PM, this was our first twitter space for S8. We also host free retrospectives within bDAO to help upskill guild members and eventually do paid retros for projects outside bDAO.

  2. Our KPIs for S9 is to finish refining the PM Course, hosting more free retros within the DAO, get a paid retrospective outside the DAO.

  3. During S8 so far, we have completed two retros within the DAO, two more coming with the OPS Department and AV Guild; we hosted a twitter space on Web3 PM.

  4. Our edu material is on Bankless Academy, the course itself might transition to a project hopefully in S10, the course is still in its refining stage at the moment so I would say we have more coming as regards the course.

Thank you.

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gm @McEal and thank you for your request to Grants Committee. @Paulito and I have reviewed the request, and have some questions and observations:

  1. The LinkedIn link is broken, so unfortunately we weren’t able to see the material.
  2. Can you provide a link to the Mirror page mentioned?
  3. Can you please list who are the 10 active members? In the S8 Active Member document, 14 members are mentioned, and it is not clear who is active and who is not.
  4. We observe that most of the bounties are only taken up by 3-4 members of the guild and 7 of them have only one task per month. Can you expand on this? What can be done to improve participation during Season 9? Could redefining what is Active Membership also be an option?
  5. We suggest to add the link to the PM course hosted on Bankless Academy for reference.
  6. The current leftover is 325,035. Would it be possible to review the ask since only 3-4 members take up all available tasks?
  7. Can you add value to the KPIs? For example, how many demos, how many approved courses are you aiming for during Season 9?

Thank you!

Thank you @Ornella and @Paulito for your review and questions

Here are the answers:

  1. We had an issue with the LinkedIn page which has been sorted, here’s the correct link

  2. Here’s the Mirror Page Link

  3. The list of active members were attached above, we have 4 role holders, they are included as well that makes it 14 members, here’s a screenshot of everything and how many tasks were done

  4. Last season generally the activities of members in the DAO was reduced, mainly because of the sentiment of the market conditions and all, the PM Guild was also affected by that so we had to make do with the members available. We’re already in a new season and one step towards improving the members activeness is ti make our weekly tactical meeting as open as it could be; rotating who hosts the call so everyone can participate actively. We already refined our active membership criteria and that has helped us to improve the quality of the tasks and engagement of the guild as a whole.

  5. These are the links for the course Intro and Web3 PM

These courses are undergoing a rigorous remake at the moment.

  1. The current leftover as at the time of posting was 325,025 BANK, this was without the payment for the last month, if that is taken out which will be going out soon for the payment of the last month for S8 we will have 172,202 BANK left, find the total breakdown here Also the ask is based on the funding formula provided by the GC : Season 9 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770 * #active member) From the active members list attached above, you’ll find that we have more than 3-4 members taking on tasks as well.

  2. For S9 we’re already booked for two retrospective already, one for the OPS Department and one for DAOLationships, we aim to host a maximum of 4 - 5 retrospective before the season ends. The academy course itself is undergoing a big change with collaboration between the Talent team and education team, we are aiming to make it a standalone project that springs from the PM Guild.

I hope these has answered your questions, looking forward to your reply.


Thank you for your reply and for adding the links, and sharing more on PM Guild @McEal I have no further inquiries.

@Paulito would you have any other questions?

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Thank you for bringing clarity @McEal. I have a suggestion: moving forward, the retrospectives done by the PM guild should be recorded and put together on a page in notion, so that it serves as evidence of work done.

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No more questions from me.

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Thank you for the suggestion, we have everything recorded and it’s housed in our YouTube channel and also it contains all our tactical meeting so members that couldn’t attend are not left behind.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your inputs.

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