Project Management Guild Season 10 Funding Request

Author: UXMcEal
Editors: Oakfloors, Great, Jayfanny
Date created: Nov 08, 2023
Date posted: Nov 11,2023
Wallet surplus: 177,355 BANK
Funds requested: 240,000 BANK
Multisig: eth:0xc7C712e02b3d99564ae830ceC33E5c3Ef45d0C8e
Multisig signers: 0xJustice.eth#6213, oakfloors, links🏴#7868, uxmceal, Jayfanny69#0946

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Guild Description

The Project Management Guild aims to be the mecca of web3 project management by providing project management education, talent, and thought leadership.

Past Activities

In Season 9, the PM Guild has rallied around the mantra of “practicing our practice”; that is, spreading good PM practice by focusing on strong fundamentals within our own processes, and building education into day-to-day activities.

Administration Workstream runs tactical guild operations: tactical meets, BANK disbursements, seasonal forum posts, etc

  • Kept active members steady at 11 members.
  • Ran async and seasonal retrospectives internally
  • Our LinkedIn property has been doing some brilliant metrics as well with increased viewers rate and page visitors.

Education Workstream creates educational resources to help contributors learn foundational PM practice.

  • The Education workstream aims to teach web3 project management skills in a very simple, relatable, comprehensive and interactive way.
  • The education workstreams has been a vital sub-department under the project management which is committed to training potential project managers and as well maximizing potentials in the web3 space.

More insights on the activities of the EDUCATION WORKSTREAM can be found here.

Talent Workstream is tasked with the onboarding and introduction of new and existing members to project management practices in web3 and how it is done in BanklessDAO.

  • Weekly talent workstream meetings every Monday 5pm UTC, and additional 1-on-1 meetings with talents who are not able to meet at the weekly talent workstream
  • Six new talents has been onboarded
  • Adjustment of role
    • The Talent lead role was weekly funded with 5k BANK for administrative task and weekly workstreams.
    • The role has been adjusted to 2k BANK for administrative tasks and additional 1k BANK for running the weekly workstream
    • The adjustment reduces fixed costs with 40% and invites active members to run weekly workstreams
  • Focus for the remainder of S9 is to collect experiences in the Talent lead cheat sheet (can be found here). This is aimed to ease the transition over to a new person for the role. I will also re-connect with new members from S8 and S9 to follow up on their experiences and how they’re doing in the PM Guild and bDAO in general.


Our belief is that the foundation of a well-running DAO are project management techniques. Given the right processes and tools, DAO teams (and sub-teams) can pursue their purposes autonomously while still benefiting from coordination with the DAO-at-large.

The Project Management Guild seeks to promote PM practice in BanklessDAO and the web3 ecosystem as a whole in two ways:

  1. By becoming the gathering point for web3 project managers
  2. By teaching PM techniques to anyone who wants to learn

The PM Guild is both a user-friendly onramp (for skilled, non-web3 PM talent) and a support system to help individuals find the path to their bankless life.


Previous Season Activities

During the start of season 9 the Project Management Guild has made some impressive progress over the course of 8 weeks and counting, The most prominent updates of all is the kickstart of the WEB3 PM Course Project, this project aims to utilize the already laid down PM Course framework to provide the Guild and DAO at large with better, streamlined web3 PM products. More information can be found here.


The Project Management Guild did not report to the DAO during community calls till now, plans have been made to start including the Guild updates in the community call slides as from now.


The Project Management Guild aims to continue to push for more ways to enlighten members on Agile Project management throughout season 9, it also aims to upskill new and active PMs by educating them on Agile Project management and how it is applied in web3, this includes credentialing new PMs employing the “Practice what we are preaching” method. This is being achieved by hosting practice retrospectives within the DAO and Learning sessions with the education coordinator.


Guild Funding Formula

Using the formula:

Season 10 Guild Funding = 15,000 BANK * #Weeks in a season (Excluding gap week)

The Project Management Guild Requests 240,000 BANK for our S10 operations. You can see our breakdown of 10 active members in the GUILD MEMBERS Section below.

Budget Breakdown

You can see a detailed budget breakdown here: PM Guild S9 Budget

Current holdings

After our June disbursement, the PM Guild holds 431.372 BANK in our multisig. With our average spend set at 102,009 BANK per month, we should be left with approximately 177,355 BANK (coordinape spend of 50,000 BANK is included).

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue

We don’t have any external funding at the moment. With more focus on our educational tools and internal retrospectives with the aim of improving and increasing our PM talents, we are looking to monetize our retrospective in the future which will serve as an external revenue generating model for the guild.


The Project Management Guild currently has 11 active members.

A full list of active members, including their criteria for active membership, can be found here: S9 Active Membership. As per our new Active Member Criteria, members are those who have completed an average of 1 kanban task or bounty every 4 weeks, as well as guild role holders. This flexible approach allows us to calculate active membership for any time period, and is particularly useful for variable season lengths.


(Provide where applicable)


Given the season is only half complete, we plan to continue working on our Season 9 priorities.

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Could you potentially work together with edu department have some spending efficiency?

How many people, in or out of bdao, would you say had a benefit from your services?

Is the left over occuring at the end of the season?


Thank you homie for the questions

  1. I don’t really understand what you meant by your question here, if you’re referring to PM Guild working in collaboration with the edu department to help them figure out a better spending strategy, then yes we can. We could do that by hosting a retrospective with them and also assigning (on request or if the case demands it) a PM to work with them for the said season.

  2. A few guilds, departments and projects have all been beneficial users of our retrospectives, I would say a very good amount.

  3. Yes, the leftover of 177k plus is at the end of the season.

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Could you list them for me?

Also, is it just retrospectives? or were there other aspects (project planning, agile development process)

you stated you were working education for project managment. It is possible that there could be a cross guild effort to bring those skills to the DAO at large.

why such a large leftover?

  1. Ops, DAOlationships, Governator, Podcast Hatchery

For Governator project and podcast Hatchery they were assigned a PM as that was what would work best for them, Retrospective is like the first step to determine if we would be assigning a PM or not.

Project planning and development processes are all part of what the assigned PM will bring to the team.

  1. Oh yes, for the education project, it’s going to actually transition to a stand-alone project so maybe along the way there could be a potential cross collaboration between the project and the education department (this will really make it bigger and get extra reach)

  2. The rollover is also from last season, and we apply for funding based on our active members( calculations and list can be found above) we try to spend less by making necessary changes as possible to see that we don’t waste any resources available to us( we preach this as a guild and I am glad we could lead by example)

I understand. Fascinating.

I believe the amount for active membership is ultimately in the realm of 15 hours per week however I’m curious across the board as to how people are banking bank, however, I can see the idea behind building the treasury. It’s possible it would make more sense to try and reach outside of the DAO for funding if there is the heightened focus around treasury depletion.


Thank you for your insights.

Gm @McEal I discovered you didn’t make sure of the new guild funding template. Please check here and make the necessary adjustments:

Also, you need to make sure that your poll is made public so we can ensure that those voting are members of the DAO.

Hey there @Paulito i used the new template, kindly check it again.

The poll is public, anyone can vote on it.

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By public i mean you can see those who voted.
Check the education department poll or the treasury guild poll for clarity