GM Bus and Green Pill Trailer - Season 1

Authors: Crypto Bushi#7859, Stacey#8949 and Sinjun#0283
Squad: @Yalor#8008, Crypto Bushi#7859, Stacey#8949 and Sinjun#0283

Date Created: August 11, 2022
Date Posted: August 11, 2022

GM Bus and Green Pill Trailer - Season 1 - Sponsored by :red_circle: BDAO

GM Bus and Green Pill Trailer - Season 1


The GM Bus is focused on collaboration, cross ecosystem coordination and engaging with IRL communities to spread adoption of DAO’s.

With interests in spreading the gm vibes and improving the crypto narrative, Bankless DAO is invited to join in a Media Partnership with the gm bus, as joint recognition in the awareness campaign. We are also requesting $BANK to compensate our squad.


The GM bus will cultivate awareness of the regenerative nature of decentralization and the power of open source ecosystems, while boosting visibility of our individual sponsors.

By appearing IRL, the gm bus creates the opportunity to connect directly with communities outside of the crypto echo chamber.

The gm bus allows sponsors to create a unique activation campaign either through the GM Bus webpage, social media, or a physical activation on the bus.


To educate, inform and evolve the crypto narrative by visiting people IRL around the world.


Stop Schedule :stop_sign:

We propose a variety of event from across the country and across the ecosystem, and not just eth events.

Dweb - Camp Navaro, San Francisco California. 24th Sept

  • Visions of a Web3 enabled Future, guided 3 day workshop with 800 attendees of Dweb Camp.

Hack Summit SF San Francisco California.

  • A 2-Day Blockchain Summit For Developers with 700 registered attendees.

MCON 2 - Evans School Denver, Colorado

  • DAO Purist gathering run by the MetaCartel, with over 800 attendees.
  • INCLUDING live recording of “The Green Pill” with Kevin Owocki, producing inside the GREEN PILL mobile podcast studio :studio_microphone:

SMARTCON - Manhattan , New York.

  • After hours event with a physical activation opportunity, including interviews with leaders in the Blockchain ecosystem attending Mesari Mainnet.


Things We Do :mega:

  • Live Podcasts
  • Popups events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Decentralized Dance parties
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Educating communities to shift the “crypto” narrative towards a friendly and welcoming environment for mainstream future adoptoooooors.


  • Operational costs for running the bus for one year exceed $60,000, we have raised most of that already thanks to MetaCartel, Gitcoin, and other Regen community grant programs.

We are asking for a $5k $BANK grant to compensate our team of creatives for the amazing work ahead of them.

BRAND USAGE :handshake:t4:

Bankless logo will go anywhere sponsors and partners are featured, taking BDAO on the road.

Media Partnership

  • Live media coverage of Season 1 GM Bus roadshow.
  • Record 3 episodes with the GM Bus team over a period of 24 months, #1 MCON 2022 , #2 MCON 2023 , #3 TBD
  • Create a video teaser of the GM Bus and engage with our content on twitter, IRL events.

Join the crew of sponsors, comprised of some of the highest value projects from across the DAO ecosystem.


  • Helping the Bankless nation reach new communties that don’t know about the Unparalleled digital content avaliable.
  • Increasd exposure to other likeminded projects, as well as activation opportunities to solicit bDAO products.

We will focus on the following metrics during this campaign:

  • Social media enagagement.
  • Communities reached.
  • DAO’s created.


The GM Bus Season 1 begins in the Northern California Redwoods, on August 24, 2022, at dWeb, a gathering of builders and dreamers to tackle the real world challenges facing the web and to co-create the decentralized technologies of the future.

On September 6th Green Pill trailer will be hitched behind the gm bus and outfitted with a podcast studio, which will be used for live media coverage at MCON.

Meticulously crafted, fun and engaging, educational posters, flyers and postcards are being printed and street teams deployed to spread the good news.


Sinjun Wesson : Creative director and artist at DAOpunks and Bankless DAO. Founder of Buy Back Our Attention - media spaces for public good.

Yalor Mewn : Global event curator & Chief Operations at MetaCartel, Community organizer of MCON. Focused on regenerative local economies.

Stacey Fronek : Advertising Producer at Creative Cantina. Passionate about transforming the ad industry into a positive sum game.

Crypto Bushi : Lead artist and creator of DAOpunks. Meme lord at Bankless DAO

Thank you for checking out our project, we hope that it resonates and we hope you get a chance to visit the bus in person.

With warmth,

~The GM Bus Team

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Thank you for the proposal. I personally am in support of this and would like to suggest that this proposal be merged with a media partnership request that @feems and I are working on.


Proof that the our futures are looking exceptionally bright!


IRL FTW! GM frenz! :slight_smile:


wow! looks pretty cool :sunglasses:

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I love this project! super stoked for you guys!

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Really excited to partner with Bankless on this, let’s expand the Bankless Nation :muscle:t3: Together.

Also I agree that we should merge these proposals, I think working in closely with one of the BDAO satellite teams will ensure a successful engagement campaign :artificial_satellite:

Also we should think about something fantastic for “Permissionless” in Miami during Season #2 :metal:t4:


In total support! Loving our approach towards IRL events. A lot is getting done, amazing!

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Looks good. Can’t wait to see how this goes. kinda similar to this👇🏾 with wider scope though.

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Voted in favor. We are sponsoring the GM Bus via Opolis. I think this is a great opportunity to join some outstanding logos for an awesome initiative.

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Great intitive, def support. Yes I agree; it will contain the logistics on how we can execute on our end. Def an aligned partnership

This is an interesting movement. I love this. Let’s go gerrit🚀

Cool initiative…are you asking for 5000 BANK? Or $5000 USD worth of BANK?

The latter, $5000 USD worth of Bank

Yeah we are submitting a proposal to execute from a media and education perspective, lead by the Global Events working group (I’m PM, as I am also the BDAO partnership coordinator.)

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YEE HAW :cowboy_hat_face:

go get em!!

This is the proposal for funding for the BDAO internal work to support the campaign and our partnership if accepted: GM BusCampaign - BDAO Implementation

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Voted yes in support of the proposal! Let’s do this. This is a great initiative.