GM BusCampaign - BDAO Media Coverage

Authors: jengajojo.eth, feems


GM Bus has requested sponsorship from BDAO for the DAO to become an official partner with perks listed below, here is there proposal reference: GM Bus and Green Pill Trailer - Season 1

This proposal is requesting additional funds to manage the media coverage outlined within our partnership agreement but also other activities that will assist in BDAO supporting their education initiative.

The total ask is 92000 BANK.

This also aligns with the BDAO global events goal - which is to be present in global events which are aligned to the Bankless values, we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase the fantastic work which is being done by talented contributors at crypto conferences.


The GM bus will cultivate awareness of the regenerative nature of decentralization and the POWER of open source ecosystems, while boosting visibility of our individual sponsors.

By appearing IRL, the gm bus creates the opportunity to connect directly with communities outside of the crypto echo chamber.

Things We Do

  • Live Podcasts

  • Popups events

  • Speaking engagements

  • Decentralized Dance parties

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Educating communities to shift the “crypto” narrative towards a friendly and welcoming environment for mainstream future adoptoooooors.

The GM Bus which is funded by MetaCartel, Gitcoin and supported by other aligned communities in the regen crypto space.

Web3 is hard for newbies to understand. Scams and shitcoins are everywhere. Anons talk about the mystical metaversa on twitter but it’s hard to grasp these things IRL. So folks at GM Bus have decided to travel the road, meet people in different cities and raise awareness on ground about

  • the regenerative nature of decentralisation
  • the POWER of open source ecosystems, while
  • Opportunity to connect directly with communities outside of the crypto echo chamber.

Current Schedule

Dweb - Camp Navaro, San Francisco California. 24th Sept

  • Visions of a Web3 enabled Future, guided 3 day workshop with 800 attendees of Dweb Camp.

Hack Summit SF San Francisco California.

  • A 2-Day Blockchain Summit For Developers.

MCON 2 - Evans School Denver, Colorado

  • Live recording with Kevin Owocki, producing episodes of the inside the GREEN PILL mobile podcast studio :studio_microphone:

SMARTCON - Manhattan , New York.

  • After Hours event with a physical activation opportunity, including interviews with leaders in the Blockchain ecosystem attending Mesari Mainnet.

According to the agreement (3 interviews and a trailer) we will be able to ask the GM bus to stop at any location. To ensure we have the proper coverage and AV talent for the interviews we will conduct our media coverage at events where BDAO will be heavily present including;

  • ETH Denver 2023
  • Permissionless 2023
  • MCON 2023


Sinjun Wesson

Creative director and artist at DAOpunks and Bankless DAO Founder of Buy Back Our Attention - media spaces for public good

Yalor Mewn

Global event curator & Chief Operations at MetaCartel, Community organizer of MCON. Focused on regenerative local economies.

Stacey Fronek

Advertising Producer at Creative Cantina. Passionate about transforming the ad industry into a positive sum game.

Crypto Bushi

Creator of DAOpunks and Twitter MemeLord


The GM bus initiative aligns with Bankless DAO in mission and values through;

  • Creating awareness of crypto to the general public through education
  • Onboarding new people into the space - through meeting people IRL outside of the crypto echochamber
  • Helping the Bankless nation reach new communties that don’t know about the Unparalleled digital content avaliable.
  • Increasd exposure to other likeminded projects, as well as activation opportunities to solicit bDAO products.

This partnership brings multiple mutually beneficial elements:

  1. Develop stronger relationship with MetaCartel and their community
  2. Boost the visibility of Bankless DAO
  3. Make the Bankless movement reach new markets where people don’t know about our digital content products

Perks for Partners

  • Joint Recognition in the awareness campaign, being a permanent founder of GM Bus, launching Season #1 with branded swag, sponsor logos minted on the bus and homepage. Including links to resources or sign-ups for your community.

  • GM Bus appears at an event of your choice anytime during the next Seasons (Season #1 Choices Supersede NFT holders power)

  • NFTs for Sponsors = NFTs holders have the governance power over where the bus goes in Season #2 ( Season 1 holders have equal shares in Season 2 location choices)

  • Pre-minted NFTs go to Season #1 supporters, as well as Season #2, & #3, at no cost, Season #1 sale goes live, funds power Season #2.

  • Affiliation with conversations, impacting an intentional future of crypto.

  • All logos and partner affiliation highlighted in press release, local and national

articles distributed through our PR partners YAP Global.

BanklessDAO will support this project in the following ways;

  1. Record 3 interviews with the GM Bus folks
  2. Publish interviews on BDAO Youtube
  3. Publish a Twitter thread on BanklessDAO Twitter page about GM Bus
  4. Retweet 10 tweets from the GM bus twitter channel and generally interact with posts made by the GM bus twitter page
  5. Create a final video trailer (30-45 seconds) of the GM Bus of all the 3 coverage events
  6. Provide design files for education material and BDAO promotional material

In order to ensure smooth coordination of these deliverables within bDAO and ensure the right communication channels with bDAO, we suggest having a project manager assigned to this project.

The project manager for the entire project will be Feems, who is the partnership manager for MCON 2022. The deliverables for the project manager include:

  • Coordinating with all parties to ensure all milestones and deliverables are met
  • Be the BDAO contact for the GM Bus team
  • Coordinate with all relevant guilds and talent for execution
  • Coordinating with the Global events team to see which BDAO members would be at the GM stops ( to conduct interviews)
  • Submitting the final report


We will be recognized as an official media partner on their website and announced on social media


The cost for the BDAO global events team to fulfill the media and promo ask;

  • Project management: 30,000 BANK
  • Interview/ Recording (would be responsible for acquiring the recording material): 12,000 BANK
  • AV Team (Post Production): 25,000 BANK
  • Marketing Guild: ‘10,000 BANK
  • Education collateral/branding: 15,000

The total ask is 92000 BANK.

The amount is for all the work for season 1 of GM Bus, which can be distributed upon delivery of each event.

All relevant teams/guild representatives were consulted in order to plan effective execution and get accurate funding amounts.


GM Bus Team

  • Social media enagagement.
  • Communities reached.
  • DAO’s created.


  • Number of views from interviews on our Youtube channel
  • Number of engagements from our social posts on the coverage
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • GM Bus S1 NFTs for the DAO treasury

Let’s Make it to Grants Committee!

  • Let’s Go - Yes
  • No (please add comments as to why)

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Love it!! let’s do it

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I’m keen on the idea. Voted in favor of the other proposal.

What I’d like to know more about is what the difference is specifically between this one and the proposal from last week?

Is this an updated proposal meant to replace the previous one? Or is this extra funding on top of the other 5k $USD worth of $BANK?

The budget for this one seems much more detailed as to how the funds will be used! +1

The one from the first one is for funding as a Sponsor in general to the GM Bus team (outside of BDAO), this one is for funding to fulfill media support ask from them and maximize our potential sponsorship. As a sponsor, we were asked to fulfil some media work (interviews, social shares), but also added compensation so that we can provide BDAO collateral and support other initiatives like Bankless Academy (by printing material). This funding is to pay BDAO contributors for that work

A well thought out, clear proposal that has very high bang per BANK in terms of both visibility and carrying out the Bankless mission! Thanks for working on this.


@feems i guess, it helps to have further details:

Are you planning any public shows, other than those listed as per schedule?
If not, it’s really difficult to understand how a ‘BUS’ helps. As at the designated events, BUS has to be just kept in parking lots, where it serves very limited or no purpose.

Again, request for clarification/elaboration. While a BUS idea is sounds cool, as it reminds most of us about some thrilling trips, it’s really not clear, how a bus will be used for campaigns sake - outside of the crypto echo chamber !!!

It’s better to keep a single consolidated proposal, instead of two.

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So I have specified three locations in the proposal where we would already have the BDAO presence covering events, we can select where we will meet them. I selected the three that will already have AV precense for other media work to make it easier. This proposal is specifically for the internal compensation of BDAO members, we already do this work when we go into events but its not built in.

The events I selected were:ETH Denver, Permissionless and MCON 2023 - these are suggested events that will make it easier to find the AV talent to shoot it. Outside of the echo chamber is that the bus will go in other locations, but our priority is how we fulfill our media coverage expectation so I selected those crypto events bc of the above

I was told to create a separate proposal since this is about compensating BDAO members for media coverage on this

Eth San Francisco is coming up

Do you have confirmation from AV Guild that they can do the work and the cost in the proposal?

Yes I have consulted all relevant guilds reps to ensure the amount is correct and also scoped out the project on how it can be executed. Also developed point of contact and execution plan to ensure implementation

I wanted enough time to better plan so the first stop I am suggesting is ETH Denver, to ensure the support and also where the bankless representative is strong

Always high on web3 irl projects especially with the goal of education for non-native people so kudos on this partnership!

Is there any way to add some way to ensure the parking of the vehicle between events is somewhat public or the stops in between the currently scheduled events have some sort of work/rest schedule for as much use as possible?

The GM team(externally) is managing their bus. We would be media sponsors and with that the compensation is for those media and communication activities.

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I support this. let’s start spreading the Bankless message !

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This is a clear and well thought of proposal. Let’s go for it.

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That’s good. let’s do it