Legal Guild Budget for Season 4

Season 4 Legal Guild Funding Request

Author: @Eagle @hirokennelly @lion917
Created: 15 April 2022
Posted on the forum: 17 April 2022

MISSION: We support the DAO and the Bankless community with up-to-date summaries of legal developments in crypto and DAO governance, and assist with strategic outbound communications :satellite: with the broader crypto community and regulatory and legislative bodies.


Activity within the Legal Guild grew significantly during Season 3. Among the more important tasks and projects that have emerged from the Guild are:

  • Onboarding new members and fostering relationships with other communities or organizations which deal with crypto-legal matters.

  • Discussing all innovations in the field of crypto.

  • Preparing a bimonthly newsletter, with interviews and articles on different subjects concerning the crypto-legal world. This newsletter regularly has the most views and engagement of all the newsletters published by BanklessDAO.

  • Advising and helping other members of the DAO and elsewhere on crypto-legal matters.

  • Advising on crypto tax matters and launching a project called the Metaversal Revenue Service where many Legal Guild contributors have delivered a national report concerning tax law in their own jurisdiction. (Twitter: @TaxDroid)

  • The legal guild has also delivered a draft white paper that has been published for comments on the forum.

  • Finally, the legal guild has organized a podcast concerning crypto-legal matters.

Please note that the newsletter the Legal Guild began, Decentralized Law, brought revenue to the DAO. In Season 4, an agreement with GRO finance has been established and the funds were transferred to the external grants multisig.

While the work on the newsletter will go on as usual, the Legal Guild will start a new project concerning research on DAO legal wrappers. The final outcome of the work will be the presentation of this research along with a proposal for a legal wrapper for BanklessDAO.


  • Publication of the newsletter
  • Advocacy activity concerning US and EU law
  • Partnerships with other β€œlegal” DAOs, such as LexDAO and LexPunk
  • Launch of other podcast episodes and sponsorship of those episodes
  • Research on DAO wrappers to be presented to the public with an AMA legal guild session, including a guide to different DAO legal wrappers
  • Publishing the Global Taxation Guide (TaxPunk NFT)
  • Presentation of a proposal for a BanklessDAO legal wrapper
  • Presentation of the Digital Nomad Research Project (Research Project on crypto-friendly jurisdictions)


Due to the enhanced volume of activities, the Guild needs more person-power with respect to selected aspects. It will be necessary to organize more than one weekly sync in order to cover the entire range of activities. In addition, payment/administration of work has become more complicated, due to the numerous activities of the Guild. The Legal Guild, therefore, proposes to organize its structure according to the following roles/budgetary requests, which will enhance the workflow efficiency and foster additional growth:


For the period April-July, the requested budget is the following:

Legal Guild Coordinator – 112 k

Project Manager – 112 k

Newsletter Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief – 112 k

Treasury and Budget Manager – 48 k

Welcome Specialist – 48 k

Information Catalyst - 48 k

Notetaker and POAP Distributor – 48 k

Decentralized Law Newsletter (4 Editions) – 160 k

Total request: 688,000 BANK