Legal Guild Funding Request

Created: 8 December 2021
Posted on the forum: 18 December 2021


The Activity of the Legal Guild has significantly grown during Season 2. Among the more important tasks that have emerged, the Guild has worked on:

  • Onboarding new members and fostering relationships with other communities or organizations which deal with legal matters.
  • Discussing all innovations in the field of crypto.
  • Preparing a newsletter, with interviews and articles on different subjects concerning the world of crypto.
  • Advising and helping other members of the DAO on legal matters.
  • Advising on tax matters.
  • Figuring out a proper legal structure for DAOs.

Please note that with the newsletter the Legal Guild began to get revenue for the DAO. In Season 3 the newsletter will have a sponsorship by UMA for 8k usd. Moreover, a Global Taxation program will bring revenue to the central treasury.


Due to the enhanced volume of activities, the Guild needs more men power on selected aspects. It will be necessary to organize more than 1 weekly sync in order to cover the entire range of activities. In addition, payment/administration of work has become more complicated, due to the varied activities. The Legal Guild therefore proposes to organize its structure according to the following roles/budgetary requests, which will enhance the workflow efficiency and foster additional growth:

Legal Guild Coordinator – 84 k

Project Manager, Note taker, POAP Creator – 84 k

Newsletter Editor – 84 k

Treasury and Budget Manager – 36 k

Welcome Specialist – 36 k

News and Updates Observatory – 36 k

Coordinape Round - 75 k

Total request: 435 k BANKS


The legal Guild is the center of ongoing or starting projects, in particular newsletter, consultancy, podcast and legal nomad.

In Season 2 we have granted to the DAO treasury 5k usd in UMA. Moreover, we have advised other Guilds on legal matters (DEGEN terms sheet, fight club). For some of the latter activities, guild members receive payments (35 k BANKS).

In Season 3, the newsletter will grant to the treasury 8k. In addition, we plan to create additional revenue streams with tax consultancy and podcast sponsorship. Our goal is to bring to the DAO 15-20 k usd.


Would we require an additional budget for business model generation? Believe Legal is an underserved and large opportunity we could seriously explore.

Hey thanks for the reply. We are starting with a specific project on taxation wich should grant a certain revenue stream for the DAO. But of course, we could explore other avenues!