Project Funding Proposal - Two New Episodes Ab Intio Legal Guild Podcast

Project Champion: ComeBackKid #3480. Squad: EurekaJohn #2094, teresacd #7426
Purpose: Public Good
Authors; Editors: ComeBackKid #3480; #teresacd #7426
Date created: Febru 1, 2023
Date posted: :
Funds requested: 118,400 BANK
Project wallet(s): (ideally multisig, disclose all designated project wallets)

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A Bankless DAO Legal Guild podcast series with each episode focusing on succinctly addressing a specific DAO/Crypto related legal issue via an interview with a subject matter expert.


In the first two podcasts proposed for 2023 we intend to delve into two areas that merit further exploration – the application of NFTs in the real world practice of law and crypto related accounting and tax issues.


During 2022 the Ab Initio Bankless DAO Legal Podcat produced and published the following podcasts:

  • Ben Melnicki – Former Chief Compliance Officer at Robin Hood
  • Evan Thomas, Head of Legal for Wealthsimple Crypto, Canada
  • Lori Stein of McCarthy Tétrault, Co-Head of the Fintech Group
  • Maria Santamaria also known as Fortunata. A leading corporate lawyer specializing in new technologies in Portugal and Argentina
  • Crystal, a founding member of JournoDAO, a community advisor for ImpactDAOs
  • Samantha Marin, a member of the Growth and Communications team at Aragon. A cofounder and writer at Quorum, a metalabel for creators who ship work about DAOs

Approximately 300 downloads to date

Excellent feedback from podcast guests


Over the last couple of months we have explored a number of different areas that where Web 3 can have a significant legal impact. In doing so we have done research and sought our various potential podcast guests. We’ve locked in the following two guests:

Kirk Phillips CPA, CMA, CFE, CPB
Managing Director, Global Crypto Advisors, Inc.

"A boutique crypto accounting firm”

Accounting and tax are two of the least understood area in crypto. Kirk’s experience can provide a wealth of practical information for any Web3 participant that has bought, sold or staked a coin.

Enrico Rubboli

Mintlayer Hacker ~ CEO of RBB LAB ~ Former Bitfinex/Tether

RBB Lab, a technology development firm based in the Republic of San Marino, has used NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to issue court summonses for the case against Alberto De Luigi, Andreas Kohl, both former collaborators of the firm, and their company Sequentia AG incorporated in Liechtenstein -

The interaction of NFTs and their role and utility in the legal profession and other IRL scenarios is an emerging area and well worth exploring.


Project Breakdown

  1. Identify interviewees and have preliminary conversations.

  2. Set up podcast time.

  3. Draft podcast/interview questions.

  4. Share questions with interviewee.

  5. Conduct podcast.

  6. Preform required edits.

  7. Combine podcast audio with existing voice intro and soundtrack.

  8. Upload to podcast distribution platforms (Anchor).

  9. Individual episode marketing.

Cost – 118,400 BANK for the two podcasts

Compensation Breakdown

Draft Proposal – 10,000 BANK

Edit Proposal - 5,000 BANK

Research, drafting questions and setting up interviews – 40,000 BANK

Host podcast – 25,000 BANK

Podcast A/V edits and upload to Podbean (hosting platform) – 20,000 BANK

Cost of hosting platform for 6 months – 8,400 BANK

Draft tweet/post and upload to socials (marketing) – 10,000 BANK

Total Budget – 118,400 BANK


  • Increase the number of downloads by 50%.
  • Attract a paying/barter advertising sponsor with a value of 1250 USD or more (cover expenses of producing and publishing the podcast).
  • Tracking and increasing mentions in socials, specifically tweets and re-tweets.


  • Expand the Bankless brand in the legal profession ecosystem
  • Bring new members to the legal guild
  • Create new consulting opportunities for guild members


The bankless brand will be used to promote the podcasts. All of the guests and content features featured are focused on supporting Bankless’ mission of onboarding 1 billion people to crypto by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover, use, learn and enjoy the benefits of Web3. Here the focuse is on the legal community and the clients they serve.


  • Bankless DAO Legal Guild.
  • Legal Guild Twitter Account.
  • Bankless DAO Twitter Account.
  • Individual Legal Guild Members Twitter Accounts
  • I support the Podcast Episode Project
  • I DO NOT Support the Podcast Episode Project

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Thank you for the proposal legal guild.

According to Legal Guild Podcast Series - Pilot Project Funding Request the 4 episodes in the pilot cost 100k BANK, but you actually ended up making 6 episodes at 100K/6 = 16,667BANK/episode.

So why does two more episode cost 59K/episode (3.5X the initial cost)?

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Hi Jengajojo, the initial budget covered 4 episodes and was intentionally low so we can get the pilot going. Episode 5 and 6 were done on spec without a budget knowing we may not get paid for it, but felt it was important to get more content out. Fortunately, we ended up getting paid out of the LG treasury.

Even with the new proposed budget, the cost is a fraction of what it would cost IRL. Since we can agree, given the value of the coin, that the work we do here is not a money making venture, I have no issue doing this at a lower budget if that what is required to get more relevant content out there.


First, to the above comment bout budget. I think the overall amount is fine but I have an observation on on the marketing allocation of just 10,000 BANK. I just looked up the podcast on Podbean and see that viewership seems to be declining over time instead of increasing and think that there could be things done to help extend your reach. Has the podcast been shared through the Decentralized Law newsletter before? Or similar type of cross promotion?

The caliber of guests seems really good so I voted yes and will be keen to fit into my podcast feed. So I voted yes cause I’d actually like to hear from these guests.


Hi @ComeBackKid I absolutely love the idea of exploring NFTs and their role in utility and I personally would be very interested in the legal aspects pertaining to them.

I do have quite a few questions about this proposal though.

  1. Your retrospective doesn’t address the previous KPI’s that were listed when you applied for funding. They were:
    1. “Growth in audience size from podcast to podcast.”
    • I do see you provided the total number of podcasts downloaded, I am wondering if you have the number of downloads for each podcast - chronologically in order to compare them and also to compare them to the industry standards.
    1. “Quality of experts willing to be interviewed.”
    • Do you have this, I am curious how you measure the quality of guests. (Personally, I don’t know how you could get higher quality than Samantha Marin or Crystal from JournoDAO - but I realize quality to me and quality to someone else may not be the same.)
    1. “Interest in sponsorship opportunities.”
    • Do you have these numbers that could be used as a baseline going forward?

You do say that over 300 podcasts have been downloaded. I am curious how that number compares with the industry standards.

I also see that you received excellent feedback. Can you share what about the feedback was excellent?

  1. In the budget, you have the host receiving 25K BANK and 40K BANK for Research. Can you provide more about the responsibilities of the host and also research?

  2. While the host and research amounts seem high, the AV budget seems slightly low to me. It also includes aspects such as uploading to Podbean, that is generally under social media publishing.

  3. Cost of hosting Podbean is 8,400K BANK - Have you looked into alternative platforms?

  4. Including the proposal, research and the platform costs, it seems like the majority of your budget is on overhead. Does it make sense to utilize the resources and knowledge that an already established podcast has?

For instance using their platforms would cut out that cost. I have also seen podcasts with a more automated approach to their research that helps repurpose their content.

I think this could be a wonderful informative Podcast but needs production Education, structure and refinement. I think this podcast would highly benefit from a web3 media accelerator program from an existing Podcast that has the capability to produce high quality content.

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Thanks for your feedback. I believe that the podcast was promoted through DL. At the time of the initial podcasts I believe that the Legal Guild had yet to launch its own Twitter feed. Also, promotion through individual DAO members feeds and social media, this time, will hopefully increase the number of listeners.

Thanks for your questions Sprinklesforwinners. They are well thought out and relevant. Please find attached the download information which was readily accessible. Properly answering the rest of your questions will require finding more time to do so. I completely understand if you feel that without the additional information, you cannot support the project at this time.

(Attachment Ab Initio Legal Guild Podcast downloads_stats.csv is missing)

It appears the attachment to my response, containing download stats did not go through. Will try to resend.

Thank you - I appreciate you taking the time before getting back to me on the other questions. I apologize if this information was readily accessible. Could you point me to where I can find this information please.

Hi, I should have been clearer. The information I referred is something I will need to gather and put together.

Hi @ComeBackKid it has been 2 weeks. Should I assume that this project will not be looking for funding and that you will close the poll?

Thanks for reaching out Janeen, the poll has been closed.