Legal Guild [ UPDATE ]

Hello Bankless DAO Community,

With the closure of Season 7, and the season 8 kick off, we hereby share a report on the recent updates in the Legal Guild.

We ended season 6 with the goal to test out the new governance framework, understand what is working and what not, and based on that - improve.

The goal of all the members was to make the Guild more functional, interesting for new members to join, and grow our overall presence. Many changes were made: some of them worked out pretty great, some of them didn’t - but were a lesson learned.

Changes we made:

We voted the Legal guild governance, and did the following:

  • Adopted the Code of Conduct that is pertinent for all members.
  • Set clear elections process.
  • Established the proposals and voting processes.
  • Redefined roles and responsibilities of each role holder.

Treasury management.

  • We cleaned up all the issues with the Guild Treasury and came up with a neat system to track all the payments and funds.
  • We had some $BANK leftovers since not all payments have been made, and we had other initiatives funds in our multisig - all that is sorted out now.
  • Shout out to @LiviuC for the amazing work he did for the Guild.

Onboarding new members.

  • We automated to a certain extent our onboarding: we built a guild deck to share with new interested members with an invite to join our weekly guild call, after which further onboarding is done. We wanted to cut on endless calls and meetings with newcomers.


  • The role descriptions were generally very vague and not really describing what the role holders were doing, and what they were supposed to.
  • We realized that some roles are simply not needed within the guild, while potentially introducing new ones could we wise.

During season 7 we tracked how roles and role holders performed. Also, due to budget constraints, we needed to make adjustments.

At the end of season 7, we voted to make some changes to the role structure (added season 8 voted role holders for your info):

  • Coordinator (merged governance and legal coordinator) @DAOlexa
  • Twitter manager @Puretayo
  • LinkedIn manager @Aloy
  • Treasurer @LiviuC
  • Notion manager (notion manager + note taker and attendance tracker merged) @Sher
  • Project owner on the need basis

We removed the following roles:

  • Guild developer
  • Onboarding specialist

Guild focus:

  • Growth, growth, growth.
  1. New lawyers members.
  2. Partnerships.
  3. New contributors.

Initially, the Guild developer role was tasked to help the growth of the guild and work alongside the Twitter/LinkedIn manager, but it didn’t work out, so we decided to change our strategy.

At the end of season 6, we voted to start a LinkedIn page which has shown traction and we decided to continue working on it.

Awesome updates.

LinkedIn Page.

At the end of season 6 we voted to open a Legal guild LinkedIn page which is showing more traction. I invite you to give us a follow and show your support:

BanklessDAO Legal Clinic.

We will provide support to bDAO members, individuals, and projects with legal and tax questions (as far as our contributors are able to do considering their jurisdiction and legal ability).

We will have a flat fee for an hour consultation paid in $BANK. There will be one fee for bDAO members, and another for non-members. We want to support the incentive to buy $BANK.

The scheduling will happen on Discord, and a “client” would schedule a call with our lawyer contributor.

In order to promote this, we partnered up with the Marketing guild to lead our promo and marketing effort of this initiative within the DAO, and using our social media platforms. With this, we also hope to incentivize guild cross collaboration. Cool stuff coming soon!

The Legal Clinic is for the public good of the DAO, its members, amazing contributors, and other projects in the space!

Legal guild in Spanish.

Easy to assume: all legal DAO, crypto and blockchain related content available online is mainly in English, and usually the “legal talk” happens in English - so we are looking to do a Legal guild spin off in Spanish and grow a community of Spanish speaking legal, compliance, and tax professionals. This initiative will be led by @karen84 and she will share more updates soon!

Cross-Guild Collab.

We are super excited about our partnership with the marketing guild and want to continue in the same manner. We hope to establish partnerships with other DAO Guilds to promote a collaborative environment and work together towards the DAO growth. If you think you could help us - we would love to hear from you!

bDAO Strong!


I’m super forward for this intiative. Count with us with everything that you need :smiley:

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We are too! Looking forward to this!

Love the update! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:


Thank you @Icedcool !