Legal Guild Season 7 Budget Proposal

Legal Guild Season 7 Budget Proposal

LEGAL GUILD MULTISIG: 0x984eC14dc726B75cA3eb6A94C64D165D37EA823e


The Legal Guild requests 683,000 BANK as funding for Season 7.


The Legal Guild advanced significantly during Season 6, where one of our main focuses was to re-structure the guild, we are working on updating our governance documentation, on attracting new members to the Guild from different jurisdictions, the Legal Guild has continuous growth in Social Media as a reference within the Legal Sector outside BanklessDAO.

Please find below part of the areas that the Legal Guild focused on:

  1. 2 monthly Twitter Spaces were held in Season 6. TW Spaces in other languages have been implemented, the first one was in Spanish. Our followers have increased by 40% since the beginning of the Season. You can reach our Twitter account using the following link:
  2. We are currently undergoing an Internal restructuring of the Guild with the goal to increase productivity, and have a higher engagement of the members.
    Role restructuring proposal
    Governance documentation
  3. Continuously served as a Talent Pool for Decentralized Law Newsletter.
  4. A research group DAO Mergers and Acquisitions has been initiated.
  5. Onboarded new members to the Guild, thanks to our active presence on Social Media. Also, please find the ones onboarded by our Onboarding team in the following document.
  6. Advancements in Crypto Nomads Project Contributor Guidelines & Format (nomad)
  7. Advancements in the Legal Wrappers Project bDAO Legal Entity Project Process & Goals
  8. Partnership with Blockchain Lawyers Group, and continuing our Partnership with Polygon Village Vouchers.
  9. New episodes from our Podcast


  1. We have seen LinkedIn could be a great space to interact with lawyers who are currently involved in the Web3 space, our plan for Season 7 is to grow our Social Media Platforms to Linkedin.
  2. Partnership with Legal Womxn in Blockchain which aims to educate female legal professionals on crypto, blockchain, and Web3. The project is targeting underrepresented communities of women who might not have had equal opportunities to get this type of education.
    The initiative aims to address the gender gap in the industry, and the lack of legal professionals. The partnership between the Guild and the Project would work together on creating the necessary educational material, which the Guild could use to create its own education for Web2 lawyers joining the Guild. The course would be open to anyone.
  3. We will start collaborating with BanklessDAO Spanish in writing articles and being speakers at their events, on the legal aspects of Web3, this will also be implemented in other languages.
  4. Finalize the internal restructuring of the Guild.
  5. We also plan to embark on a role-holder restructuring. Responsibilities will be better defined with monthly KPIs. This is in order to ensure more output and productivity from our role-holders. We plan to test new roles and tasks for these roles in Season 7.
  6. We will continue to hold a minimum of 2 Twitter Spaces per month. Twitter spaces in other languages will also be held at regular intervals as we want to expand our reach.
  7. Continue with the ongoing projects from the Legal Guild. Plus as we currently have new members with fresh ideas, for Season 7 we expect to have new initiatives emerge from the Guild, and plan to fund them internally.


In order for the Legal Guild to continue its growth, new bounties will be required for Season 7, that’s why we are adding a budget for it.

The amount the Legal Guild is requiring is 683,000 BANK.

We define our Active Member Criteria as described in our Governance Framework, based on it we currently have 41 Active Members, the ones you can find in the following document: Members List Legal guild

Based on it, the maximum budget for the Legal Guild is the following:

260,000 BANK base role-holder salaries
13,000 BANK Notion Admin
41 members x 10,000 BANK = 410,000 BANK
Total: 683,000 BANK

The budget intends to be used as follows:

Legal Guild Coordinator: 84,000
Project Manager: 84,000
Growth manager: 84,000
Treasury and Budget Manager: 36,000
Welcome Specialist: 36,000
Information Catalyst: 36,000
Notetaker and POAP Distributor: 36,000

Total: 369,000

Notion Admin: 13,000
Bounties, projects, and rewards: 301,000

Thank you and see you in Season 7!

@teresacarballo I have a few questions about the budget. I see how members are defined and also the list of members. I am wondering if this list is updated to reflect active members of this season, as indicated

Hi! The one linked is from the Developers Guild, but ours is updated, we had a different number of active members last Season, as you can see in the proposal from Season 6: Legal Guild Season 6 Budget Proposal

@teresacarballo Link changed to reflect member based funding. I guess I am not understanding how your active members are tracked. For this season of the active members, 3 of them only post social media links (nothing else) 6 of them I don’t see as being active in the server. 3 are rarely in the server. And I can’t find any output that the members have provided.

Hi! Just saw the new link, was there a consensus on how the active member criteria should be determined per Guild? I wasn´t able to find it in the link.

We approved within the Guild last Season to have this as Active Member Criteria:

To be an active member, the person needs to do 2/5 of the following things:

a. Members who attend at least 1 meeting a month or a total of 4 meetings in the entire season.

b. Members who have contributed to at least one summary/article to Decentralised Law in the past three months.

c. Members that have been contributors to an ongoing or past project within the last three to six months.

d. Active Speaker in a Twitter space held by the Legal Guild.

e. Be a guest pass holder and legal guild badge holder for three months with active participation in async discussions.

Based on the above we got 41 active members.
Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

@teresacarballo The correct link was added as noted in my previous comment. Thank you. Based on this bDIP, the window of time for activity of an active member is 1 season based on simple majority based on the quorum removal vote.

Heloo, need some clarification around these👇🏾

  1. why is 2/5 criteria being used, that’s not even half of the criteria.

  2. There are members in the list that have been less active or with no discord activity. what criteria are being used to include them? e.g Svetlink, Merlo, Kumareth, Karen84.crypto, Cheetah

  3. Is there a place you keep records of twitter space participants per your criteria?

  4. Can you provide more details on the internal projects - milestones, revenue generation, team, etc?

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Hi, of course, let me get back to you with this.

  1. why is 2/5 criteria being used, that’s not even half of the criteria: This was determined by the Guild last season, but we are open to modifications once there is a General Criteria approved by the General DAO.
  2. There are members in the list that have been less active or with no discord activity. what criteria are being used to include them? e.g Svetlink, Merlo, Kumareth, Karen84.crypto, Cheetah: In this case, for example, Karen was a speaker in our Spanish TW Space and had been attending all the meetings since she joined the guild, Svetlink was active at the beginning of the Season, Merlo has attended meetings, and will be an apprentice for the Accountant role.
  3. Is there a place you keep records of Twitter space participants per your criteria? We don´t but we will certainly start doing so.
  4. Can you provide more details on the internal projects - milestones, revenue generation, team, etc? You can view more info in our Notion, and in the channels, we have in Discord.

Certainly, all that you are mentioning will become clearer in Season 7, since the restructuring in Season 6 will bring more structure to the Guild.

Helloo fren, seems there is lack of transparency here👇🏾

if you are requesting for funding for a project within your guild, there should be atleast some sort of info in your proposal that outlines some important element of these projects like I indicated in the first post. we can’t evaluate if you don’t have kpis, milestones for these projects for which you are asking BANK for.

You also indicate that there might be some upcoming initiatives which you are requesting BANK for, you have not given any details whatsoever on this upcoming initiative.

Do you want to perhaps re-work on this as a guild and provide more clarity?

Hi, just to be clear, the projects we are referring to about Season 6 weren’t funded by the Guild, those were proposals approved separately. Withing the wallet of the Legal Guild we have 99,999 BANK for the Crypto Nomads Project, which will be returned to the GDAO, and 200,000 BANK for the BDAO Legal Wrappers Project.

For Season 7, the requested amount is for upcoming bounties and projects. As we know we have extra BANK, for the new upcoming projects, and bounties, we won´t be requesting any additional funding, the BANK we already have will be used for this.

Being the principal development of the Guild for Season 7, to get the necessary structure to provide Legal Advice within BDAO.