Making Bank Podcast Season 6 Funding Proposal

Authors: Elemental #7854, Droste #0063


Elemental - Making Bank Showrunner (Project Champion)

Droste - Making Bank Host, Audio Editor, and Producer

Salmanneedsajob - Making Bank Producer

Winverse - Making Bank Writer and Audio Editor

Date Created: October 13, 2022
Date Posted: October 14, 2022


Making Bank is a podcast made by BanklessDAO for BanklessDAO members and like-minded Web3 pioneers. It offers an inside look into bDAO and showcases the people, ideas, and projects that keep it at the forefront of Web3 and DAOs.

Currently supported as a project within the Podcast Hatchery. The Making Bank team will be producing the podcast as an independent project starting in Season 6.

As of today, we’ve published 15 episodes in Season 5 and 32 episodes total over 2 ½ seasons. Season 5 highlights include:

  • DAOlationships with Senad and NFThinker
  • TalentDAO with founder Saulthorin
  • Orange Protocol with co-founder Humpty Calderon
  • Bankless Card project with NFThinker and Links
  • Bankless Advisor project with Steve Larsen and Jacob Benson
  • Bankless Africa with Miss Purple
  • DAO Governance with 0xJustice
  • Crytponexus and Mass Effect with Manuel Maccou
  • DAO cartography with RayBankless

The Making Bank team had an ambitious set of improvements and show expansions planned and budgeted for in Season 5 that were paused as we focused on episode production. As a result, there are unspent funds allocated to Making Bank that will carry over into Season 6.

We believe that the remaining Season 5 budget allotment should be adequate to fund the show in Season 6 until we sign on show sponsors. As such, we are not requesting Season 6 funding at this time.

(We would like to leave open the possibility of requesting funds later in the season if our current potential sponsor negotiations don’t come to fruition—but we don’t anticipate needing to.)


The Making Bank podcast was launched mid-Feb ‘22 through the Podcast Hatchery incubator program. We view the Making Bank podcast as a vehicle for making BanklessDAO stronger, better informed, more engaged, more collaborative, and higher profile in the web3 space. The podcast aims to be a BanklessDAO internal communication channel that helps the bDAO community stay informed and bridges the awareness gaps between guilds and projects.

The podcast has become essential listening for bDAO members—helping them stay on top of the fast-moving projects and DAO alpha. We’ve been told many times by newer members how listening to past episodes was instrumental in helping them self-onboard and familiarize themselves with what BanklessDAO is about and how it operates.

Making Bank is also a kind of oral history of the development of the DAO, capturing snapshots of the ideas, proposals, projects, and people that shape BanklessDAO. For audiences outside of BanklessDAO, the podcast provides a window into the ideas and activity happening inside one of the largest and most active DAOs around.

Season 6 Priorities

  • Continue to showcase relevant bDAO content
  • Expand the audience
  • Evolve and add variety to the show programming
  • Attract show sponsors and supporters
  • Achieve living-wage compensation levels for contributors

Mission & Values Alignment

The Making Bank podcast is dedicated to sharing the stories, vibes, and culture of BanklessDAO, fostering intraDAO awareness and collaboration, and discussing the subjects and ideas that will make bDAO stronger.

Brand Usage

Making Bank is the podcast by BanklessDAO for BanklessDAO. The podcast leverages the BanklessDAO name, colors, and a stylized version of the capital B logo in our branding.

Season 6 Success Metrics

  1. Production and publishing of a minimum of 13 original podcast episodes
  2. 50% season over season audience growth (measured by download and audience engagement numbers)
  3. Successful implementation of one or more independent sources of revenue

Financial Implications

We are not requesting additional grant funding from the DAO at this time.

Squad Background

Elemental #7854 – Experienced content creator, technology and marketing writer, and entrepreneur. Joined BanklessDAO in Season 2. Currently Showrunner for Making Bank and active contributor to Writers Guild and AV Guild.

Salmanneedsajob #6938 - Salman is a YouTuber exploring the world of work on his project #SalmanNeedsAJob. He is involved with DAOlationships at BanklessDAO as a Talent Scout apprentice and supports the demos program at the guild. He also contributes to Crypto Sapiens in AV and marketing workstreams.

Droste#0063 - Active AV Guild contributor and former guild coordinator. Have interviewed several bDAO members and delivered edited content in S3 for Making Bank. Experienced hosting live, in-person training and product launch events for a major tech company.

WinVerse#2755 - Writers Guild Marketing Coordinator. Contribute by taking notes for weekly cc meetings, and putting together BanklessDAO newsletters. Experience in coordinating visual and audio setups for live events as well.

To support this awesome podcast, I will:

  • Listen to the Making Bank podcast
  • Subscribe to the Making Bank podcast
  • Rate and review the Making Bank podcast in my favorite podcast player
  • Encourage all my frens to listen to Making Bank
  • All of the above

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If your not asking for funding, this is not a funding proposal. It is a great general discussion post though