Podcast Hatchery Supplemental S4 Funding for Making Bank Podcast

Authors: Elemental #7854, Woon Tan #2967, Droste #0063

Elemental - Making Bank Showrunner (Podcast Champion)
Woon Tan – Podcast Hatchery Project Coordinator (Podcast Hatchery Champion)
Droste - Making Bank Host, Audio Editor, and Producer
Salmanneedsajob - Making Bank Senior Producer
Winverse - Making Bank Writer and Audio Editor
Nehkee - Making Bank Writer

Date Created: June 27, 2022
Date Posted: June 27, 2022

Developed in S3 by the Podcast Hatchery, Making Bank is an internally focused podcast created by BanklessDAO for BanklessDAO. It offers an inside look into bDAO, showcasing the people, ideas, and projects that keep BanklessDAO at the forefront of Web3. Each week, we have interesting conversations with DAO members about DAO life, the future of work, crypto, web3, and their personal journeys to becoming more bankless.

The Podcast Hatchery requests supplemental Season 4 funding of 341,000 BANK to enable the team to compensate contributors for the production of the remaining episodes for this season, grow and develop talent on the team, and continue to improve the quality and variety of content on the show.

The Making Bank podcast was launched mid-Feb ‘22 through the Podcast Hatchery incubator program. Unfortunately, the departure of the project lead in late Season 3 left the Podcast Hatchery with insufficient knowledge to make a realistic estimate for the costs of producing a full season of episodes. As a result, S4 budget requested for a Making Bank was too low at 125,000 BANK.

With only a slight pause over the gap week, the new Making Bank team has continued to publish episodes throughout Season 4, and we have 15 published episodes as of June 22. We’re on track to publish a full 13-week season of episodes for Season 3, although we lack the budget to complete the slate.

Our supplemental funding request is 341,000 BANK

Why is the Making Bank podcast important for BanklessDAO?

Among BanklessDAO members and guilds, there’s a distinct lack of visibility into and understanding of what others in the DAO are working on and thinking about. We view the Making Bank podcast as a vehicle for making BanklessDAO stronger, better informed, more engaged, more collaborative, and higher profile in the web3 space. The podcast aims to be a BanklessDAO internal communication channel that helps the bDAO community stay informed and bridges the awareness gaps between guilds and projects.

We believe that Making Bank has a tremendous opportunity to bring more attention and create greater awareness of the projects, plans, successes, and lessons learned within guilds and projects from across the DAO. We envision Making Bank as becoming a vibrant community forum for the BanklessDAO, allowing members to share what they’re doing and thinking, giving insight into other areas of the DAO, and sparking ideas and opportunities for cross-collaboration.

In season 4, (the first full season for the podcast) we’re focusing on establishing this forum where enlightening conversations on subjects that interest BanklessDAO can take place. These discussions can go much deeper than Community Call updates, and listeners can catch up with them anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for them. Moreover, we’re providing a means for DAO members to bring attention to and talk in detail about topics that are important to them. Plus, the podcast helps new joiners learn about the activities, people, and culture of BanklessDAO and understand how they can contribute.

“I am a content creator and I have been learning about DAOs and Web3 on my YouTube channel. Ever since joining BanklessDAO and hearing about Making Bank during a community call, I have become an ardent fan of the show. I consider Making Bank instrumental in my onboarding into the DAO and one of the tools that has helped me not only become familiar with the DAO but also to be inspired to contribute through hearing stories from familiar faces in the DAO. In Season 4, I have been taking an active part in the production of the show and I am keen on helping the show reach a bigger audience and facilitate more interesting stories that inspire fellow contributors.”

~ Salmanneedsajob

Mission & Values Alignment
The Making Bank podcast is dedicated to sharing the stories, vibes, and culture of BanklessDAO, fostering intraDAO awareness and collaboration, and discussing the subjects and ideas that will make bDAO stronger.

Scope of Work
On the original Podcast Hatchery grant request for Season 4, the line-item amount for the full 13-week season of Making Bank was submitted and approved at 125,000 BANK. This estimate is well below the amount needed to fulfill the potential of where we want to take this podcast.

With our current workflow, it requires approximately 19 hours of task time to take an episode from an idea through to a fully edited and published podcast. This comes to 247,000 $BANK in production costs alone per season at the standard 1000 BANK/hour rate. We also would like the means to be able to continue to grow our team, evolve our practices, and improve the overall quality of the podcasts.

What the Supplemental Funding Will Enable Making Bank to Do

Complete the Season
The budget shortfall leaves us without the funds to compensate the team for their work on producing the remaining episodes. The primary use of the funds will be to ensure contributors are paid for their work at the standard 1,000 BANK/hr. rate.

Solidify the Team and Improve Production Quality
Planning and preproduction of podcast episodes is key to ensuring high quality content. The team has been able to keep up a high content quality podcast and good postproduction while becoming better organized. Additional funds enable us to onboard and upskill additional contributors while we implement more efficient tooling and processes. We can also create more bounties for production and promotion tasks that provide opportunities for new contributors to get involved.

Grow the Audience
We are building out our social media channels and putting team members in place who will manage a regular communication cadence and improving the pathways for the audience to discover the podcast. We are also planning to create a dedicated Making Bank podcast website, a crucial step in growing the Making Bank audience.

Evolve the Show
We are planning several new segments for Making Bank, many of which will require more research, writing, editing, and post-production than our current segment formats. Additional funds will enable us to compensate additional contributors to work on those segments. We are planning and workshopping new segments to try out in upcoming episodes (working titles):

  • Making the Case: Proponents of grant and governance proposals answer questions about their proposals and offer more context and details
  • Double-Click: In-depth roundtable discussions on interesting topics in DAOs and Web3
  • Shiny Objects: Exploration and reviews of new protocols, tools, and toys in crypto and Web3
  • ELI5: Big-brain subject-matter experts explain complex topics to the hosts
  • Rektless: Techniques and knowledge to help you avoid scams and poor decisions.
  • Tools & Tips: bDAO members share best practices and new software tools they’ve discovered to make DAO work and coordination easier

Improve bDAO Outreach and Engagement
BanklessDAO is our main audience and our source of guests and contributors. We are investigating and pursuing many opportunities to raise awareness of Making Bank as the channel for guilds, projects, and individuals to showcase the things they are working on or thinking about and to discover ways to

Investigate Web3 Funding Sources
A Web3 podcast shouldn’t need to depend on the Web2 ad model. We are investigating new methods and approaches for ensuring long-term financial sustainability such as NFTs for patronage, memberships, and sponsorships.

Achievements as of June 27

  • Number of episodes published = 17
  • Total number of downloads = 1,131
  • Making Bank podcast ranks in the Top 200 Apple Podcast ranking in the US under the Technology News category.

Making Bank Hosts: Lion917, Soundman, Droste, Benip, MissPurple, Salmanneedsajob

Guests and Projects, Guilds and DAOs featured on previous episodes:
EP 17 - DAO Governance and the bDIP proposal with 0xJustice
EP16 - The Road to Level 2 with Senad
EP15 - Migrants NFT project with Lanz
EP14 - KnightRider
Ep13 - Jake and Stake of Writers Guild
Ep12 - Ornella nad Mr V of Marketing Guild
Ep11 - HiroKennelly and Publisher of Good Morning News
Ep10 - ComebackKid of Legal Guild
Ep9 - Jenetics of Ultrasound Merch and Poapathon
Ep8 - Tetranome and Didierkrux of Bankless Academy
Ep7 - Above Average Joe
Ep6 - Perchy
Ep5 - Jengajojo of IMN Project
Ep4 - Michael Kisselgof of PopcornDAO
Ep3 - Think Decade of Bankless Africa, James Montgomery of Governator Project
Ep2 - Ultrasound Merch, Tesa_daa of Fightclub, Puncar and 0xJustice of How to DAO Book
Ep1 - IcedCool, plus EurekaJohn and TohlHouseCookie of Podcast Hatchery

All episodes available here.

Financial Implications
Supplemental Season 4 Request for Making Bank = 341,000 BANK

Cost Breakdown for Season 4: April 9 - July 8 (13 weeks):

  • Episode Production: 247,000
  • Operations: 117,000
  • Marketing and Promotion: 52,000
  • Tooling and hosting (Riverside, Podbean, webhost, Descript): 50,000
  • Less Previously Approved S4 Show Budget: -125,0000

Brand Usage
Making Bank is the podcast by BanklessDAO for BanklessDAO. The podcast leverages the BanklessDAO name, colors, and a stylized version of the capital B logo in our branding.

Success Metrics

  1. Completion and publishing of 13 original podcast episodes during Season 4.
  2. 50% season over season audience growth (measured download and audience engagement numbers)

Next Steps

  • Compensate contributors for tasks related to producing remaining S4 episodes
  • Fund menu of bounty tasks on Making Bank Dework page
  • Invest in tools and website production

Squad Background
Elemental #7854 – Experienced content creator, technology and marketing writer, and entrepreneur. Joined BanklessDAO in Season 2. Currently Showrunner for Making Bank and active contributor to Writers Guild and AV Guild.

Salmanneedsajob #6938 - Salman is a YouTuber exploring the world of work on his project #SalmanNeedsAJob. He is involved with DAOlationships at BanklessDAO as a Talent Scout apprentice and supports the demos program at the guild. He also contributes to Crypto Sapiens in AV and marketing workstreams.

Droste#0063 - Active AV Guild contributor and former guild coordinator. Have interviewed several bDAO members and delivered edited content in S3 for Making Bank. Experienced hosting live, in-person training and product launch events for a major tech company.

WoonTan#2967 - Podcast Hatchery Coordinator. Runs a podcast agency since 2019, supported over 70 podcast launches and 1000+ episodes published. First podcast was hosted in 2013.

Nehkee#3899 – Project Contributor for the Podcast Hatchery. Two years of experience in managing podcasts and creating content, blog articles and related posts, social media threads, and captions. Scriptwriting and editing are also fortes. bDAO contributor.

WinVerse#2755 - Active Writers Guild contributor. Contribute by taking notes for weekly cc meetings, and putting together BanklessDAO newsletters. Experience in coordinating visual and audio setups for live events as well.

Thank you for supporting Making Bank and the Podcast Hatchery.

  • Support supplemental Season 4 funding for Making Bank
  • Do not support supplemental funding for Making Bank (reason below)

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I am in support of this request. Good work, you guys!


In total agreement with this request :rocket:

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These folks are working hard to make a good product. Full funding is deserved in my book.


100% in agreement with this proposal, good job :clap:

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The creative and talented team behind the Making Bank Podcast deliver a product that is every community manager’s dream. I support this proposal!


I’m in total support of the proposal,it’s has also helped the media channel grow in engagements

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Proud to see the Making Bank team coming together to take things to the next level. Honoured to be working at the Hatchery with so many amazing people. I’m excited to listen to the new stories that are being shared by bDAO members in this podcast. Can’t wait to see how others in our community will find the new show formats as they get produced in the coming months.

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Good job. l voted for your request.


Awesome. Thanks for your vote. Do join us at the Podcast Hatchery or Making Bank meetings to share your thoughts.

Awesome. Thanks for your vote @_iamthompson and thanks for joining our meetings in the past.

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Support this excellent BanklessDAO media product and its team.

Very professional work, the dedication to this is very valuable to the community and the DAO.

On to new frontiers!

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I am in support of this request. Awesome work, you guys!

I’m full support of the request as it has helped the growth of out media also

Definitely @WoonTan2967 will continue to join…

As someone who has contributed to reviewing and distributing project budget since season 2 for a similar project (Crypto Sapiens), this all sounds perfectly justified. In fact, your progress is super rad and you’re crushing it with a stellar team!!!

The value of Making Bank is clear to me, however, the path to monetization is less so. At CS, we still haven’t quite found a product-market fit yielding positive financial ROI. This is partially out of caution and consideration/testing of a variety of options, including: sponsorships, premium content, selling collectible NFTs and/or community membership NFTs, live events, and consulting through our established workgroups (analogous to BDAO guilds).

From a biz-dev/product perspective, I support additional funding for your work while encouraging the team to proactively consider a path to financial sustainability that aligns with the long term mission/vision of the show. Maybe that is perpetual grants & donations (e.g. the public radio model), but, the plan for future financing of this show isn’t clear to me at this point.

Lastly, I’m inspired to compare a more detailed cost breakdown & product/project management workflows - to find where one group may be more efficient than another. Mapping various options in tech stack & production-related decisions could end up being a broadly applicable resource. It would also help with projecting future budget needs as shows grow. I’ll post in the Making Bank & Hatchery Discord channels to assess potential signal/interest level for an effort like this.


Hey FlowScience, thanks for the support. The models you mentioned are of interest to MakingBank, but the key focus is to grow the show. Hatchery as a project is evolving but we have a small team growing 3 separate podcasts and will look to incubate and scale more podcasts. I personally think that unlike CryptoSapiens, Hatchery has a different path to financial sustainability. We will be planning the long term as well as the S5 activity in the next few weeks. Please do join us at our weekly meetings on Monday (10pm UTC) and Hatchery strategy meetings on Thursdays (3pm UTC). Your experience in CS will be valuable.

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Fully in support LFG!:rocket:

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