Marketing Department Budget Request for Season 7

Title: Marketing Guild Season 7 Budget Proposal
Date Created: 2023-01-13
Date Posted: 2023-01-20


The Marketing Department asks for 890,000 BANK for its operations during Season 07.

Cost Item Season 6 Season 7 Delta
Roles 420,000 420,000 0
Micro-Roles 174,000 150,000 -24,000
Coordinape 150,000 150,000 0
Bounties 150,000 150,000 0
Internal Campaigns (Type A) 120,000 120,000 0
SEASON BUDGET 1,014,000 990,000 -24,000
EFFECTIVE ASK FROM FOR THE SEASON 993,000 890,000 -103,000

Season 6 Objectives - Review

  • Department Coordinator: Our first season as a Department has focused on two main areas: Content Creation and Campaign Planning/Execution. Through consistent content creation, we’ve been able to understand what content has the best reach with our audiences and we’ve learned which platforms are worth pursuing and which aren’t. For campaigns, we’ve specialized in how we are able to receive the most diverse types of requests from a variety of clients. We are now able to quickly spin up teams to attend to the campaign needs of BanklessDAO, such as Gitcoin Grants, partnerships, and more, and at the same time be able to attend, and create tailored campaigns for external clients that are looking to get their message through the BanklessDAO community. To get to this point, several workflows have been created through iteration and hard work, and now looking toward Season 7 we see the need for two major aspects, the documentation of all of these processes so we can escalate, and the quality and proper brand representation of the content we create. During the next Season Governance will also play a major role, we look forward to continually refining our Marketing Department Constitution in order to have opportunities and a roadmap for members who join, while at the same time taking the proper and possible measures to mitigate sybil attacks within the community.

  • Social Media Growth: The goal of S06 was to effectively build up the content pipeline with educational topics and content from the bDAO newsletters, which was achieved. We also managed to grow the Instagram channel by 65% , the twitter by 5% and linkedIN by roughly 5%.We also managed to connect Instagram and the new Facebook account. We also removed fake followers from our telegram channel. Also trying to push social media accounts like LinkedIn and Instagram for external clients to monetise them

  • Treasury Coordinator: The goal for S06 was to use the existing seasonal funds to maximum efficiency (timely payments, Campaign Contributor Payments, etc.) and also to increase our Non-Bank Holdings (→ Revenue from Campaigns). We managed to fulfil both goals and returned 10% of the realised revenue back to the treasury to use it for smart investment strategies

  • Governance Coordinator: In S06, the goal of governance was to initiate discussions in the Department to achieve consistency, comparability and quality of the social media content produced. Significant progress has been made with continuous emphasis on having a standardised process of content creation. Documentation of key workflows has started, with social media content creation workflow documented (with few others in progress). A governance charter for identifying, selecting, running and implementing co-branding marketing initiatives with external clients was designed and voted in. This now becomes the charter through which any co-branding marketing initiatives will be run by the MD. S06 also saw the start of discussions on the creation of a quality framework for content, and this will continue into S07, with the aim of implementation in S07.

  • Campaign Coordinator: We expanded our service portfolio this season by integrating Events with campaigns and successfully sold an interview to one of the new clients. We did a total revenue of $15,600 through campaigns this season. We hit a ceiling at the start of this season, this is that time of the year that’s full of festivals/Christmas & new year but the team consistently worked and closed the deals. We got quite a lot of new leads/clients through bDAO members, the team is working on these leads and we hope to close some of these in the coming season. Additionally, we tried to revive a few old clients in this season but it didn’t work/help.

  • Talent Coordinator: Wanted to add at least 10 new active members to our talent roster but was able to add only 4. Created the talent database that is being managed actively. Members will be removed from the database after at least one season of inactivity. Increased my communication duration with newer members with the hopes of improving the conversion rate but was able to improve it only marginally compared to last season.


Cost Item Type Per Week Per Month Per Season
Department Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Campaign Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Social Media Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Governance Coordinator Role 3500 14000 42000
Treasury Coordinator Role 3500 14000 42000
Talent Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Meta Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Twitter Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
LinkedIn Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Telegram & Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
TikTok Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Content Manager Micro-Role 2500 10000 30000
Guild Remuneration Coordinape 12500 50000 150000
Bounties Campaigns & Bounties 12500 50000 150000
Internal Campaigns (Type A) Campaigns & Bounties 10000 40000 120000
TOTAL 82,500 330,000 990,000


  • Department Coordination: Documentation of at least 50% of processes in the Department.
    • Department Coordination
    • Content Creation
    • Campaign Workflow: A, B, and C
    • Create a Membership framework and a definition of Active Membership
  • Social Media
    • Twitter - Currently 61000 followers, plan to reach 65,000 by end of S07
    • Telegram - Currently 600 followers, aim to reach 1000 by end of S07
    • Instagram - Currently 5250 followers, aim to reach 7000 by end of S07
    • Facebook - Currently 20 followers, aim to reach 100 by end of S07
    • LinkedIn - Currently 2000 followers, aim to reach 3000 by end of S07
    • TikTok - Currently 1000 followers, aim to reach 1600 by end of S07
  • Governance
    • Design and implement quality frameworks for social media content creation
    • Talent identification and development plan to be put in place
    • Internal and external marketing campaigns will be supported by individuals who will have unique badges to identify their experience and eligibility ****
  • Talent Coordination:
    • Build a better Talent Coordination and Management Framework
    • Improve the conversion rate of onboarded contributors to becoming active ones
    • Improve the retention rate of contributors by making them repeat and engaged contributors
  • Treasury Coordination
    • Merge Micro Role Holders: Facebook & Instagram → Meta (24k BANK per Season)
    • Merge Micro Role Holders: Telegram & GM (24k BANK per Season)
    • Timely delivery of payment to department contributors
    • Automation of Treasury (DeWork Patch Payment via Parcel)
    • LP to gain yield with multi-sig assets
  • Campaign Coordination:
    • Close S07 with $10,000 in revenues from external client campaigns
    • Create a list of impactful campaign case studies to strengthen client pitches
    • Implement a regular cadence of sharing and discussions on improving campaign pitching, development, delivery and impact measurement
  • Content Coordination:
    • Improve the content creation and coordination workflow to drive efficiency, while maintaining focus on quality
    • Put in place detailed and comprehensive documentation of content creation workflows to drive consistency and also make it easier for new contributors to participate
    • Design, iterate and implement a content strategy plan for the MD, working closely with the MD coordinator, social media coordinator and governance coordinator

Are you in favor of the marketing department seasonal funding request for Season 7?

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  • No

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Gm :slight_smile:

What is the plan with the revenue that the dept generated? Have you thought about using parts of the stablecoins to finance the dept through a BANK buy back?

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I also wonder about the plans for the revenue. Since this is a department, it feels like a big chunk of revenue should go back to the DAO in some way.

In the past, Newsletter Team acted a bit like a department and used to send 90% of their sponsorship revenue back to the DAO. They are a project now and the ratio has reversed.

It makes me wonder: what is the mandate of this department? You are stewarding some of the most valuable DAO property (brand, audience, etc). Will you use it as best you can to make revenue, or is there also some obligation to help DAO projects/guilds spread their messages?

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Hey @paulDE and @links.

Besides promoting our own bDAO projects or initiatives and educating our followers about web3, we generate revenue with external campaigns. This revenue sits idle in the treasury and we plan to return 20% to the bDAO treasury (around 2k USDC). However, if there is a need from the treasury for more of that revenue (for mission-aligned purposes), we are happy to send back more to enable the best use of it.

Does this help?

Since departments are fully funded by the DAO and as the name indicates, are a department of the DAO, I would expect the majority of revenue (if not all) to go back to the DAO treasury actually.


What is majority? 85%, 90%, 95%, 98%? Please remember that clients pay in $ and the folks who work on the campaign are compensated in BANK. Most of the time, all the pitch / proposal creation and the work done to land a client is done for free (no compensation)

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Aren’t we doing this already? There are constant tweets and retweets of all major Guild announcements, and also of projects, which include the podcasts (Crypto Sapiens, Quorum etc.). We retweet all major announcements from Twitter handles of other Guilds. If I do a quant analysis and categorise the content that we share from the bDAO socials, more than 90% would be bDAO generated content from other Guilds, Departments, Projects (primarily the EPA).

Does the marketing department also work hand in hand with the various guilds of bDAO?

Are you doing this? I have no idea. As the project champion of Bankless Card, can i write a tweet thread once a week and have you post it? Or is there some sort of content calendar I need to hook into?

What about Twitter spaces? Can I book a Twitter space on @banklessdao whenever I want? What about as an individual?

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Have responded in the Marketing Department with a dedicated thread for Bankless Card

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Yes it does, and our collaboration can work in many different ways. In addition to playing out the role of a Department, we serve as the external voice for the whole BanklessDAO community, which includes Guilds, Projects and other Departments. Our role is not to go one by one to each of them and instigate marketing needs, but help get their voice / content out or amplify it. We regularly tweet and retweet about important updates. Each and every episode of Crypto Sapiens and Quorum get a tweet and a LinkedIn post. We retweet updates from the Writers Guild, Legal Guild, Bankless Academy etc. We run the campaign for BanklessDAO’s Gitcoin Grants participation in every round. These are just one of the many examples.

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Contributors should of course be compensated for the work they are doing.

The marketing dept hewever currently holds more than $20,000 in stablecoins - which is great of course - but as a fully funded department by the DAO I’m wondering why there aren’t excess funds being transferred back to the treasury.

Thank you for your response @sandeepdas9179.

I was on the fence as to what my vote was going to be for Marketing departments season 7 $BANK request.

The original post by @Mr_V has a lot of words with many ideas and things that sound like “we hope to do…”

But I decided to vote “no” because your post imitates that the Marketing Department really just tweets or re-tweets things.

Surely there is much more than that for the Marketing Department to do.

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The 20% was planned to send back at the end of this season (@nikhilbaranwal from treasury can confirm). I did held back with this ongoing discussion but I am happy to send whatever is best for the bDAO. The reason why it just sits there is because there was never instructions or recommendations by the treasury on what to do with it

Whatever is best for bDAO (mission-aligned) is what we should do with it. I just want to make sure that we have some coins left for non-bank contributor payment. @paulDE is there a common rule/ratio that other departments use?

@DoubleB I don’t believe your statement about “just tweets” is fair. We run bDAO internal campaigns to promote projects and also plan and run external campaigns on on social media channels, organize twitter spaces, write copy for other projects, etc. (clients with bDAO mission alignment) that result in bDAO revenue. That money does not come from “just tweeting”. The reason why we are also focusing a lot on growing our social media accounts is because the additional reach does increase the value of our social handles and makes them more interesting for projects/clients


Thank you @Mr_V
I don’t know why people make sweeping generalised statements without even following any of the BanklessDAO Socials that we run and manage.

Thank you for your reply @Mr_V.

I’m pleased to see that the marketing department is focused on growth, my concern is that we cannot do it in a continued unsustained way. Similar to the path that we seem to be on.

May I ask why the marketing department is writing copy for other projects? This seems like something that those projects should be doing, or moved over to the Writers Guild to look after.

Having numerous projects/guilds doing the same things is very inefficient, besides the headache of trying to keep track of.

Writing copy has to be platform specific and we sometimes crunch Bankless Podcast episodes, long-form text in a format that works for our purpose. Additionally, some clients are interested to have marketeers at their service that help out from writing to strategic inputs.

Going back to the “sending back to treasury”: I would like to know if there is a general rule for the %. It would be good if we can send back revenue before the end of the season.

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The Grants Committee will be discussing and voting on this in the weekly call on 2023-01-30 at 7 pm UTC.

As the reviewer I approved your budget. It’s just the topic of excess funds that needs to be clarified. But that applies to various guilds/depts and does not effect your funding request for S7 of 990k BANK.

Good enough @Mr_V, thank you for the reply :+1:t2: