Marketing Department Budget Request for Season 6

Date Created: 2022-10-05
Date Posted: 2022-10-14


The Marketing Guild voted to be a Department and request 993k BANK for Season 6: This ask is an increase of 38% because of the higher workload and responsibility for our Micro-Role Holders and because there is a bigger need to support internal bDAO projects with funds from the Marketing Guild (instead of the project funds).

Cost Item Season 5 Season 6 Delta
Roles 420,000 420,000 0
Micro-Roles 174,000 174,000 0
Coordinape 150,000 150,000 0
Bounties 150,000 150,000 0
Internal Campaigns (Type A) 120,000 +120,000
SEASON BUDGET 894,000 1,014,000 +120,000
EFFECTIVE ASK FROM FOR THE SEASON 720,000 993,000 +273,000

Bankless DAO Marketing Guild Safe: 0xE5a64FC0d3396D11EB63d728791577E254Ac18Ca

Season 5 Objectives - Review

In the season 5 budget proposal we set clear goals for the marketing guild that should help us to drive the mission forward and support the bDAO overall. Let’s review:

  • Social Media Growth: Every Channel should reach a certain amount of growth in order to increase the value of the bDAO Social Reach Overall. We had ambitious goals which we did not achieve across the board. The marketing guild achieved big gains in LinkedIn, Telegram, and Twitter but we failed to reach the goals in the META ecosystem. Our Facebook site got blocked and we had to start from scratch because of the non-response of META… :warning:

    • Twitter: From 56.5k to 59.6k Followers → +5.5% (Goal: +16%) :warning:
    • Telegram: From 248 to 478 Followers → +92% (Goal: +100%) :white_check_mark:
    • Instagram: From 1770 to 2107 Followers → +19% (Goal: +47%) :x:
    • Facebook: From 103 Follower to 9 Follower → -91% (Goal: +150%) :x:
    • LinkedIn: From 831 to 1500 Follower → +80% (Goal: +80%) :white_check_mark:
    • TikTok: From 580 to 727 Followers → +25% (Goal: +70%) :x:
  • Governance & Treasury Coordinator: The marketing guild constitution is in place and works as planned: It gives the necessary framework to all governance-related topics. We introduced a bi-weekly governance call to improve the framework continuously and to identify pain points. The implementation of the first quest or the limited access to Coordinape (to get rid of the vampires) are some of the topics we tackled this season. A treasury automation process started (Coordinape Payouts, WeWork Payments, Parcel Routines, etc.) in order to ensure a timely and accurate payout for all contributors. One goal that we set out to complete (reputation-based members system) is not yet completed :warning:

  • Campaign Coordinator: For long-term sustainability, we wanted to earn 15k USDC in Season 5 from external campaigns. We completed multiple campaigns (HumanDAO, Infinite Hackathon Bogota, and PolygonDAO/JokeDAO). The PolygonDAO/JokeDAO campaign resulted in 20 submissions with a 2,000+ votes for the competition. However, we did not reach 15k USDC due to bear market vibes. The total revenue generated was 8000 USDC :warning:

  • Talent- & Guild Coordinator: Our goal was to improve the onboarding journey (first quest) and increase the pool of talent for the marketing guild. In the current season, 13 new members joined the guild and 5 of them became active contributors on a regular basis. :warning:

All role holders of the marketing guild could not fully achieve the ambitious tasks that we set out to complete. However, we see progress on the KPI achievement and we identified pain points that need to be tackled for Season 6. We need to stay strong and grow our reach, Guild Operation, and talent acquisition to be perfectly set up for the next bull market.


With a clear distinction between bDAO campaigns that need support (Type A), projects that were born within bDAO and grew beyond (Type B), external clients (Type C), and recommended Marketeers (Type D) we were able to deploy the needed talent smoothly. All campaign types were used at least once this Season. Because of our work on building up a content factory line and having a dedicated Content Manager, we managed to produce content for those campaigns in an efficient and professional way. We also got better at pitching our services to clients which resulted in more Type C campaigns but due to the bear market, we could not convert all of those requests. Some of them postponed their interest towards the end of the year or just want to wait until the markets recover.

Our most valuable asset is our reach on social media and as mentioned above we achieved big gains on some of the platforms (Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter) but the reset of our Facebook page was one of the big low-lights of this season.


The current financial structure of the marketing guild is solid and there will be only one change moving forward: We need a dedicated BANK budget for Type A campaigns (supporting internal bDAO projects) because we realized most project initiatives do not add marketing budget to their proposals. We also intend to increase the visibility of the marketing guild itself with the goal of spreading our product offering. In order to avoid a Marketing Gap, we propose to add 120k to our Multi-Sig to quickly support the guild and our BanklessDAO colleagues.

After analyzing the performance of our social media posts we realized that we need to pivot towards more video content (Stories, Reels, TikTok, YouTube?) because of the much higher engagement rates. That is why our future social media team will focus on video creation and allocate more bounties toward this type of content and intensify the cross-guild collaboration with AV Guild. Another important workstream will be the recovery of the Facebook Page and to increase the amount of original content on Twitter.

With limiting the access to Coordinape starting from next season, there will be more incentive to complete bounties for the Marketing Guild. That is why our content factory needs to further grow and produce even more content and tasks that drive the mission forward.

The work on the reputation-based system is still ongoing but we want to move this on-chain to avoid subjective decisions (”who fits best for this campaign”). This will require lots of conceptual work to make sure we have a good system in place.

Lastly, our treasury coordinator will review the assets within the multi-sig and come up with ideas on how to use those funds to create more revenue. Staking, Pooling, etc. are all ideas on the table.

Season 6 Cost Structure in Detail

Cost Item Type Per Week Per Month Per Season
Guild Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Campaign Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Social Media Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Gov & Treasury Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Talent Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Instagram Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Meta Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Twitter Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
LinkedIn Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Telegram Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
TikTok Role Holder Micro-Role 2000 8000 24000
Content Manager Micro-Role 2500 10000 30000
Guild Remuneration Coordinape 12500 50000 150000
Bounties Campaigns & Bounties 12500 50000 150000
Internal Campaigns (Type A) Campaigns & Bounties 10000 40000 120000
TOTAL 85,500 338,000 1,014,000


  • Social Media Growth: Every Channel should reach a certain amount of growth in order to increase the value of the bDAO Social Reach Overall. This will be mainly achieved by sharing educational content that follows the overall Bankless DAO Mission to onramp users to web3. This season we will focus more on video content. Here are the KPI for each social media channel:

    • Twitter: Reach 65k Followers (+9%)
    • Telegram: Reach 750 Follower (+57%)
    • Instagram: Reach 2500 Follower (+19%)
    • Facebook: Recover to 200 Followers
    • LinkedIn: Reach 2500 Follower (+66%)
    • TikTok: Reach 1500 Follower (+100%)
  • Governance & Treasury Coordinator: The governance role should focus on conceptualizing, proposing, and implementing a reputation-based system that helps to deploy the best-suited marketing guild member to campaigns in need. On the treasury side we want to increase our holdings via smart and safe investment strategies (i.e. stake, pool, etc.) // KPI: Increase the overall treasury holdings (Non-BANK tokens).

  • Campaign Coordinator: For long-term sustainability, we want to make sure that we build up a treasury that contains Stablecoins or ETH. The goal is to sell at least 1 campaign that will increase Non-BANK Token holdings in our Openblox, treasury. // KPI: Earn 10k USD. Potential clients for S06 include Swapr, Vinici, Panvala, EthereansOS, and Huddle01. We plan to increase the BanklessDAO brand equity and grow our portfolio.

  • Talent & Guild Coordinator: In order to scale and increase the pool of talent that is available to the Marketing Guild, our goal is to increase our active contributor count by improving our onboarding process and first quest. This will differentiate the active contributors from the passive ones and open up more effective talent deployment. Additionally, we want to focus on improving our processes and setting higher quality standards for content creation //KPI: Create an overview of all active contributors of S06 and incentivize the completion of bounties.

One Team, One Love :heart: :pray:

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