Non-Ethereum chains - Inclusion as big as our vision

tl;dr The Bankless vision of billions experiencing financial independence is big, big enough to rally much of the broader Crypto community. Now is the time to ensure we continue to be inclusive of non-Ethereum ecosystem decentralized projects. The Bankless DAO can accomplish this through specific incentives, positions focusing on outreach, and encoding these goals into foundational documents.

Our community is removing long-standing obstacles in the path of financial independence. This theme has broad appeal and can positively impact the lives of billions of people. Maintaining a space that is inclusive for all who resonate with this theme regardless of preferred blockchain is important in achieving impact at this scale. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains can all be tools for people on this path and our community should continue to leave space for people to join us without having to choose sides.

This goal should be in our thoughts at the start of the Bankless DAO. The Bankless community has Bitcoin and Ethereum inclusion in its DNA. David Hoffman, a Bankless founder, also hosts the POV Crypto Podcast with Christian Keroles. This podcast is about breaking down the echo chambers and is an important connection point between the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. Ethereum itself was born out of the Bitcoin community.

Bankless is uniquely poised to create additional bridges across the Ethereum-Bitcoin cultural divide by creating more connections with people in the Bitcoin space who are likely to be natural allies. An example of one potential advocate on the Bitcoin defi side is Muneeb Ali (@muneeb). Muneeb is the CEO of Hiro and the founder of Stacks. He regularly publishes encouragement to consider Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems as symbiotes. Full disclosure: I have STX in my bags. I hesitate to bring up Muneeb because of this but he and Stacks have so much overlap with our vision. I believe the Stacks community is an outlier within the broader Bitcoin community because it is characterized by concavity, to use Vitalik’s convex vs. concave dispositions concept, and it has an Etherean feel. There is little room for maximalism in a community dedicated to building out an infrastructure that does not yet exist.

Bankless DAO will create the future Crypto narrative. In a space that can seem dominated by maxi posturing, we can meme new narratives into existence. Our goals are bigger than which blockchain wins, so let’s rise above this with our meme game and rally unlikely allies around our cause. DAO incentives matter in this regard.

To help get a conversation started around real action items we could take, here are some examples of basic starting points we could pursue:

  • Encode this goal in foundational documents (awesome to see Bitcoin mentioned in the proposed constitution).
  • Create positions within the DAO to focus on outreach and counter the natural tendency to be Ethereum heavy in our focus.
  • Feature non-Ethereum blockchain defi leaders like @muneeb and others on Bankless media.
  • Incentivize memes which push the big vision narrative described above.
  • Incentivize the discovery and pursuit of shared goals with communities and projects not well represented in the Bankless DAO.

In conclusion, the Bankless founders have done a fantastic job at creating a blockchain inclusive space for this community to form. The Bankless DAO should continue championing this inclusion by taking deliberate action early. The fast-paced development in Ethereum defi will obviously be a major part of Bankless DAO’s mission. Let’s also guard the space for other developing defi projects to come along with us.


I love all of this so much. If you think something like this should be in the constitution, say something. Maybe you have, I haven’t had time to keep pace.

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I’m so glad! I’m just jumping in here with thoughts. At your suggestion I just commented in the constitution thread. I do think there may be room for some of this to be included in a statement of values.

What do you think about the second suggestion: Create positions within the DAO to focus on outreach and counter the natural tendency to be Ethereum heavy in our focus? Is creating such a position beneficial?

Very well articulated. These are strong action items. I vote to move on all of these proposed action items.
Let’s make a discord channel for action items that will add value to BanklessDAO.
I am a Freeholder and have been creating content to drive adoption of
I have STX too and I have content showing how to Stack STX both using and Stacks hardware wallet.
All chains rise! Interoperability is how this all evolves.


I believe that in order to turn these items into a proposal for vote we will need to form more consensus around them. I’m motivated to champion these things and it sounds like you are as well. Let’s keep attracting additional people and form a group around this. Happy to keep discussing and fleshing this out more.


We could even include the argument for why “shitcoins” will have real value. For example, Kin which beat their litigation with the SEC. Kin is my underdog coin:) And what about all the coins you can now stake?
Let me know if you think a Google doc would be a good thing to start and how to continue the conversation. I do think that the Bankless DAO Constitution should be inclusive of all legitimate projects/tokens because this matches the Free Market narrative and that’s important. IMO we do not want the narrative to be ETH centric. Yes I agree that ETH is money but I also agree that Aave, BTC, 0x, ADA, GRT, STX, etc. are great assets too. Sorry if I babble.

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I also agree that Bankless should not only be based on Ethereum. The goal and mission is the same regardless of the network.


Thank you for posting this.

I think inclusion goes hand-in-hand with the permisionless quality of blockchains in general and particularly Ethereum. Strong advocates are needed for the growth of any chain, but harmful when taken to extremes. Ethereum would probably not exist without Bitcoin, and there are now so many things that wouldn’t exist without Ethereum.
I liked the recent ChainLinkGod interview; it was excellent.

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Excellent proposition, yes the bankless opinion should not be only limited to Ethereum but every blockchain included should be heavily tested, used and recommended

Honestly, I only see Bitcoin and Ethereum right now that can be called truly decentralized