Project Management Guild S7 Proposal

PM Guild Season 7 budget proposal

This is the proposal for the Season 7 budget of the Project Management guild. This item contains the essential reads to understand what we achieved in this Season and what we will need to continue to be successful in Season 7.

Season 6 goals and achievements

From our Season 6 budget proposal these were the goals that we set ourselves:

  • Set up a Bankless Academy course for web3 specific Project Management content.
  • Continue PM brain accelerator sessions bi-weekly on specific web3 Project Management topics, where possible, with guests.
  • Gap assessment with projects on their project management skill needs.


We made progress on all three goals of the above. On goal 1, we could not fully complete the goal that we tried to achieve.

On goal 1 - Set up and launch a Bankless Academy course for web3 specific Project Management content.

  • Intro To Web3 PM Course uploaded and in draft/review state
    • Initial feedback is to break this into multiple courses, so goal is to break this up and launch 2 courses
      • Intro to PM and Web3 PM
      • Web3 PM Skills and Competencies
  • 9 topics researched for a course to be built from

On goal 2 - launch a roundtable for thought leadership.

  • Samantha Marin invited to PM Weekly for knowledge sharing
  • GCal led workshops on Web3 PM Competencies and Web2 vs. Web3 PM
  • 0xJustice invited to discuss Operator School
  • SwolChasse - strategy on a page workshop

On goal 3 - perform a matching between talents and projects in bDAO

  • Sprinklesforwinners took on Govenator PM
  • Oakfloors engaged with Podcast Hatchery
  • Oakfloors completed three PM interviews across projects and guilds
  • Thrivecoin retrospective

Other achievements of PM guild in Season 6 were:

  • Created a MirrorXYZ account.
  • Created Web3 PM Competency model
  • Created PM Guild logo
  • Merch (hoodie) design
  • Published 2 blog articles that are able to be minted on MirrorXYZ
  • Created ENS address.
  • Firmed up our Governance by defining active guild membership eligibility by completing 2 kanban tasks per month.
  • Performed an extensive guild vibes check and learned from the results
  • Created roles or Bounties for recurring tasks in the guild.
  • Twitter growth

Goals for Season 7

Our strategic goals remain:

  • PM Guild is a place of education where PMs get skilled in relevant topics to optimize the success of their projects.
  • PM Guild is a place of thought leadership where we think and write about the future of DAO work structure from a PM perspective.
  • PM guild is a hub for projects to access talents.

To work towards these strategic goals, we set ourselves the following goals for Season 7

Goals for Season 7

  • Post thought leadership articles on Mirror
  • Continue to support the guild with our operations
    • Record weekly syncs
    • Create weekly roll-up
    • Post weekly roll-up, memes, and mirror articles to Twitter
  • Build out a relationship with Bankless Academy and release formal courses
  • Create Mint Kudos credentials for skills and courses
  • Continue to run the Vibes survey
  • Create onboarding First Quest for PM Guild
  • Engage with and analyze projects across the DAO
  • Support and match skills/contributors to project needs across the DAO

KPIs of PM guild for Season 7

Besides our goals that we refresh every Season, Season 5 saw the introduction of KPIs, which we will measure on an ongoing basis. These KPIs help us to measure whether the guild is doing the right thing objectively. These KPIs are:

  • of active members of the guild Season-on-Season

    • 22 members in S5, 21 in S6 ( we lost 1 active member)
    • Given that we tightened up our active member definition to exclude meeting attendance as an activity criterion, we’re quite happy with this activity
  • of projects analyzed

    • 3 projects analyzed
  • of education pieces created

    • 2 blog posts, 1 Academy course

Budget request for Season 7

In line with member-based guild funding, we ask for a budget of

195,000 BANK = (3 role x 5 hours x 13 weeks) x 1,000 BANK

  • Guid Coordinator
  • Talent Coordinator
  • Education Coordinator

52,000 BANK = (1 role x 4 hours x 13 weeks) x 1000 BANK

  • Accounting

13,000 BANK - Notion Administrator

210,000 BANK = 21# Active Members x 10,000 BANK

  • 21 Active Members

Season 7 PM Guild Request: 470,000 BANK

  • Approve
  • Deny

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LFG. PM guild strong :muscle:t6:

I just wished PM guild focused on upskilling guild members, but the guild has been engaging and is starting to grow that community.

I will just add that the guild was actually very responsive and successful at meeting the needs of guild members, lots of discussion always getting member feed back before making decisions, all the active guild members were good role models. The guild does document things very well and is a great place to start learning.


Noted and appreciate that - we have our Season 6 retro and we plan on hearing feedback and then setting our Season 7 strategy accordingly with creating education materials to upskill our guild members.

We are planning to focus 40% of our budget (and potentially more) towards education so we need feedback and input from others and the guild on the WHAT to build and demand for specific materials.