Project Management guild Season 5 budget proposal

This is a compact proposal for the Season 5 budget of the Project Management guild. This item contains the essential reads to understand what we achieved in this Season and what we will need to continue to be successful in Season 5. Using our mid-season check in, kanban boards, and our Strategic Roadmap, creating this proposal took only one hour.

Season 4

Our goals for this Season were to:

  • Grow our member base by 75% (achieved)
  • Have a way to onboard new members and a tool to make transparent to the DAO, who our project managers are and what skills they have (work-in-progress)
  • Have a systematic way to continuously educate our Project Managers and did a first feasibility study on a potential web 3 Project Management certificate. (work-in-progress)

Our achievements for this season:

  • founded the PM Guild, having gained consensus in the guild, on the forum, and in Grants Committee

  • Have/will run 6 retrospectives for teams in the DAO: IMN, Newsletter, Grants Committee, EPA, Governator, and Bankless Academy

  • We grew membership from 7 to 16 members (+128%) by building a talent intake funnel, via #role-select, #pm-start-here, and our PM Guild Contributor List

  • we also reached out to existing PM Talent within the DAO using the Sobol map

  • Created methods for the DAO to engage PM Talent via our (WIP) Menu of Services and (WIP) Talent Board

  • Started onboarding documentation (Framework that Gcal started)

  • Started our educational efforts by…

    • Developing a ‘Skill Tree’which highlights the favorable skills that the PM guild seek for Web 3 project managers and is the first step towards a Web3 PM Certification
    • Drafting of project management learning journeys
  • Created external awareness of the BanklessDAO PM Guild by…

    • attending ‘The Modern Agilist’ podcast to promote the PM Guild to Web 2 listeners. This attracted at least 1 identified new member
    • attending guest spot on ‘making bank’ podcast to promote PM Guild
    • launching a Bankless DAO PM Guild Twitter property

Season 5

For Season 5 we plan to follow our strategic roadmap Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

  • PM Guild is a place of education, where PMs get skilled on relevant topics to optimize success of their projects.
    To make progress to this strategic goal we will create an education plan that is oriented at different levels of skills. Bonus points if education elements are documented at the end of the Season so they can be repeatedly used.

  • PM Guild is a place of thought leadership where we think and write about the future of DAO work structure from a PM perspective.
    To move further in this direction we will launch a round table to discuss agile topics of DAOs with project management competence centers in other DAOs as well as with the team of agile coaches of

  • PM guild is a hub for projects to access talents.
    We will do a structured assessment with each project to discover how we can match our project management talents with needs of the projects.

Financial Proposal

Tl;dr: we request 355k BANK from the Grants Committee.

Aligned with the widely agreed forum proposal of SamanthaJ on a new funding model for guilds, Guilds As Professional Associations: a new funding model 4, we are asking for 10k BANK per active guild member. We define an active guild member as:

  • if you have attended a meet in 3 of the last 6 weeks, you are currently a member
  • if you have completed 2 tasks on the kanban board in the last 12 weeks, you are currently a member

As per this definition the PM guild has 16 active members. This means we request 160k BANK for our members. Should the members count be below, the respective excess BANK will be returned to the treasury.

→ 160k BANK

In addition we request funding for three roles in the PM guild, the PM guild coordinator and the coordinators for the two work streams ‘talent’ and ‘education’. For the remuneration we follow the poll crated in the team taxonomy forum post An Idea For Team Taxonomy aka WTF is a Guild? and ask for budget for three roles

→ 195k BANK

  • In can work with this proposal
  • This proposal needs fundamental rework and I will explain below why

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Active members …

I’d like to expand the definition of attendance, so as to qualify as an active member if I can meet the other criteria.

If I can video record an attendance report, and then check the recorded meeting for questions on that report, and I follow up asynch, then I propose this can count as qualification for attendance, and I definitely propose it can count as contribution.

No, I can’t be a core team member, based on UK office hours only, but isn’t Web 3 about new, inclusive ways of working, and trying to bring in all the time zones, not just the Americas?

A further question, what consideration is there for contribution from “non active” members?

Is this a somewhat binary definition?

I can see your point. In the past the weekly meets were also the place, where people would learn. This may not be the case going forward. Rather we probably will have a separate series for education and we can think of solutions to make it accessible to everyone depending on time zones.

Also I am not passionate about the precise way we define active members. If you have another idea it would be best to drop it in the thread I just now tagged you. This way the whole guild can see your proposal and comment on it.