Proposal: Agreement between BanklessDAO and (V2)

Title: Agreement between BanklessDAO and
Authors: Grendel#3875
Team: Grendel#3875. The following members have given their availability: Kouros#2107, Taylor Zhang#8497, RedVan#0611, Reinis#8935, montgomery#8177
Date created: June 21
Publication date: June 29th


I propose to enter into a partnership agreement between BanklessDAO and


This proposal has the following purposes:
• Allow DAO members to learn about and use its features
• Increase the visibility and awareness of BanklessDAO and by publicizing the agreement
• Increase the level of adoption of tools by DAO members

This agreement could lead, at a later time when the costs will be determined, to the implementation of a BanklessDAO dashboard that includes some of the following features of
• Instant voting
• Red pack / botny on Twitter
• Rare integration
• Gitcoin grants can be integrated with Twitter for the following use cases:
• POAPs are displayed on Twitter profiles
• Message encryption
• In addition, the functionality of Web3 can be integrated into the DAO website.


This agreement would help raise the level of knowledge and adoption of cryptographic tools.


The success of this initiative will depend on the number of installations of the Mask app and the frequency of its use by BanklessDAO members.

In order to increase the visibility of the initiative and push its adoption, has been proposed to organize an airdrop to the BanklessDAO members of the token, following the selection criteria that will be defined, maintaining the desire to make it the most as wide as possible. representative Taylor Zhang agreed with the airdrop proposal (decision pending review of community). also asks the DAO to be promoted on the BanklessDAO social channels for:
• Promote the agreement through a dedicated marketing campaign
• Interview with the founders of


In order to avoid financial implications that cannot be estimated to date, we could proceed step by step, limiting this effort to:
• Adapt existing documentation to BanklessDao’s needs
• Edit a document to present the partnership
• Carry out an awareness campaign

These efforts could likely be paid for using Season 1 Guild budgets. Comments are welcome.

The configuration of the tools could be postponed once all the features are known and a new proposal could be presented with the correct development costs.


The BanklessDAO brand would be used to raise awareness of the DAO within the community.


The success of this initiative depends on the degree of adoption of the tool by community members. Since there is no non-intrusive, privacy-damaging way to measure adoption, the only success can come from the DAO’s satisfaction in agreeing with the counterparty and using the tools.


• Create a team
• Decide on the exact strategy to pursue
• Talk to to sign the agreement


I am a member of Bankless DAO.

  • IT NEEDS MORE WORK (please comment)

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Would this require dev resources from our end?

The agreement can be entered into using’s standard tools. In order to exclude financial commitments that cannot be calculated correctly, the configuration of the instruments could be postponed once all the characteristics have been presented and studied.
Hence, a new proposal could be presented with the correct development costs.
The costs will depend on what the DAO decides to develop on top of the tools.

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For those who think this is useless, I believe they are wrong because brings functionality to DeFi, it fusions web2 with web3. Also, we will get an airdrop from if we do this.

In addition to this, it doesn’t cost anything to get the plugin in your web browser.

Being able to place bids for NFTs directly from twitter or send crypto directly from twitter are two features that are game changers in my opinion.


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