S7 GC Election Application Submission

Governance Election: Season 7 - Grants Committee Election Application Submission

Date: 1/9/23
Submission Period: 1/9/23 - 1/19/23
Election Period: 1/20/23 - 1/27/23 (Snapshot)


According to the Seasonal spec, there will be 4 seats open for Season 7 Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee consists of 5-7 members along with a multisig with all committee members as signers.

  • The Committee is responsible and accountable for managing the grants system, reviewing grant applications, and managing the grants treasury, with the help of other guilds as needed (e.g., treasury).
  • The Committee has a quorum with five members and is otherwise responsible for their own operations.
  • The Committee cannot change the application process to be a Committee member without a snapshot vote and is encouraged to accept the DAO’s proposal template.
  • The Grants Committee is required to be transparent and communicative with the DAO, such as access to Committee meetings and an opportunity to voice opinions and feedback.


The voting period will last one week and will take place on Snapshot:

  • Grants Committee Applications will be submitted and decided on by a weighted snapshot vote, and the highest 4 voted applications will be elected into the Grants Committee.
  • Any unelected candidate can gather feedback, improve their resume, and resubmit for future vacancies.
  • Committee members can be recalled by Snapshot with a simple majority. Committee members may leave the Committee at any time by submitting a written resignation note to the Committee.
  1. Submitter must be Level 1 or higher
  2. Elected GC members serve for a term (2 seasons) for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.
  3. For a deep-dive, check out the following notion page: Grants Committee

To submit your application you must reply to this post by including:

  1. Discord handle
  2. Reason for applying
  3. Qualifications
  4. Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination - the more the merrier!)

Discord handle

Reason for applying
After holding the role as Grants Committee lead in Season 5 and 6 I would love to serve BanklessDAO for another term in the Grants Committee. As the GC lead I’ve tried my best to not “lead” the Grants Committee but to coordinate and assist in a way that each GC member is able to contribute to its full potential and that the committee serves its purpose within the DAO - even if that meant to make tough decisions several times.

The Grants Committee serves as a critical entity within the DAO to not only ensure funding is in line with bDAO values but also as an important component in terms of accountability and neutrality towards projects, guilds, departments and projects. As a BanklessDAO member from day 1, I‘ve seen the beginning and the evolution that the DAO has made in the past 21 months and would like to help bDAO grind through this rough bear market as I‘m sure that bDAO will continue to grow and prosper and remain as one of the most successful DAOs.


  • bDAO member since Day 1 - strong believer in the DAO
  • Deeply engaged in bDAO - role holder in various roles since Fall 2021
  • IRL international project manager / consultant

links#7868, Sprinklesforwinners#1125, LiviuC#7835, gioser🏴#6032


I would like to apply for GC;

Discord Handle :
raybankless.eth :black_flag:#7390

Reason for applying
Being in the DAO over a year and having roles in several guilds and projects, i have knowledge about the general mechanisms of the DAO. I would like to use my knowledge to see that the proposals are realistic, provide returns and reflecting the mission and values of the DAO.

I also observe that the grants committee has quite a bit of operational work and i think i could be helpful to structurize and lessen the weight of this work.


  • Active over a year in bDAO
  • Accountant in 4 bDAO guilds/projects
  • Operational capabilities

Above Average Joe#5427, Bpetes#9961, senad.eth :black_flag:#8782, links#7868, Sprinklesforwinners#1125, Bananachain​:black_flag: (Nanner)#6171, jengajojo.eth🏴#5896, p8ul.eth#1559


All the way Ray, rooting for you :rocket:

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  1. Discord handle
    Bananachain🏴 (Nanner)#6171
  2. Reason for applying
    As I have been filling the role for one season following the withdrawal of my predecessor I am seeking re-election to the GC.
    In the upcoming season I would like to carry on exploring with the community the role that projects can play in the development of bDAO, such as generating income for the individual contributors through involving third party revenue streams thus attracting more talent back into bDAO, as well as what funding opportunities can be identified for bDAO as a whole.
  3. Qualifications
  • active bDAO member for a year involved in department and project work
  • sitting member of GC for S6
  • interested in financial and organisational aspects
  1. Sponsor(s)
    p8ul.eth#1559, EthHunter#4200, jengajojo.eth​:black_flag:#5896, thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181, senad.eth :black_flag:#8782, cryptodad​:black_flag:#5814, Jasu#9801

1. Discord handle: 0xBaer#6344

2. Reason for applying

BanklessDAO is transitioning to a social incubator DAO with the GC as a stewarding committee. I aim to put my critical analysis skills to help the DAO incubate new projects and derive new sources of income.

3. Qualifications

An active contributor to the BanklessDAO and the treasury department since S2
Governance contributor to Bankless DAOstewards and recognised delegate across multiple DAOs

4. Sponsor(s) @icedcool,

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