Seed Club Media Node Proposal

Title: Seed Club Media Node Proposal
Authors: Ben Jacobs#5525 & Jess Sloss | Seed Club#6930
Squad: 0xLucas#3124
Date Created: 8/1/2021
Date Posted: 8/9/2021


Seed Club (“SC”) intends to join Bankless DAO (“Bankless”) as a media node. Seed Club is a DAO that builds and invests in tokenized communities. SC is responsible for content and production of the Podcast. Bankless is a media DAO with a growing network of crypto media properties and is responsible for selling sponsorship and marketing the new podcast using its existing distribution channels.


Seed Club plans to launch a podcast focused on Web3, DAOs, social tokens, and NFTs. Bankless’ podcasts primarily focus on DeFi, Layer One, and financial services. A DAO to DAO partnership to launch a new podcast leveraging the Bankless DAO’s media infrastructure and Seed Club’s knowledge of this section of crypto is synergistic.


Bankless DAO benefits from the partnership by immediately having a podcasting relationship with a leading DAO in Web3. The Bankless DAO will also earn revenue through a 25% share in sponsorship revenue.


Seed Club Responsibilities

  • Recording and production of podcast
  • Sourcing of guests
  • Recording of podcast
  • Distribution of podcast to aggregator (video, audio, newsletter)
  • Production of episode show notes and timestamps
  • Audio editing and mastery for each episode
  • Graphics with headshots for each episode

Bankless Responsibilities

  • Sponsorship management
  • Selling all sponsor ads on a quarterly basis
  • Onboarding sponsor messaging to produce ad slots
  • Analytics and account management for all sponsors
  • Assistance with the production of sponsor ads
  • Invoicing of sponsors and payment collection
  • Promotion
  • Marketing of new podcast and partnership via existing media network properties: podcast, newsletter, and social media.

Additional Important Details

  • Seed Club has the opportunity to select its sponsors from the existing list. Bankless receives 25% of sponsorship revenue.
  • Bankless can request improved production quality to ensure that the Bankless media brand is protected.
  • Seed Club has ownership rights over the content produced.
  • Podcast is co-branded as a [Podcast Name] is a Seed Club DAO x Bankless DAO production.
  • This proposal is effective for the first ten episodes of the podcast. After ten episodes, a new proposal is drafted to outline the scope of the partnership going forward.


Bankless DAO will need to assign a budget and a few DAO members to manage the sponsorship and promotion responsibilities.


If the proposal to pursue this partnership is accepted, Seed Club will push forward its agenda of podcast recording and production. In conjunction, Bankless will work with Sponsors to finalize the engagement for this particular podcast. DAO to DAO collaboration will require frequent communication to ensure that both parties execute on their tasks in a timely manner.


Jess Sloss and Ben Jacobs are Core Contributors at Seed Club. Jess and Ben are also members of the Bankless DAO.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes: Agree to the terms outlined above for the Media Node Proposal
  • No: Don’t Agree to the terms outlined above for the Media Node Proposal

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This is an EASY yes. This is exactly what I was hoping the media node protocol would look like. As this is our first external media node, we should have a couple of meetings to further flesh this out.

@benjacobs @jsloss - I’d like to join this squad, if you’re willing. I can set up a channel in Discord to keep this conversation going. I can also help with the financial scoping.


Nice to finally see this on the forum. Been a few weeks of work behind the scenes but glad we came to a solid outcome - stoked to see what comes next!


I’m would totally say yes.

But i have a feeling the heavy weights david hoffman + RSA should really have the biggest say on this, since we will probably be heavily using their brands.


I am totally in favor of this initiative, which will lead to ever greater openness in the DAOsphere and to new ideas on Governance and the daily organization of BanklessDAO. Furthermore, I believe that the media node model is a winner in this historical phase.


What can I say?? 10,000% yes!

Awesome to see social tokens highlighted. GREAT WORK.

This is an absolute no brainer.

Having worked closely with the contributors on each side of this proposal, I’d be stoked to see a Seed Club incubated podcast come into the Bankless umbrella.

This feels like an excellent partnership and one which sets a larger precedent for Bankless DAO to form deep relationships with other key players in the social token/DAO community.


This is an excellent way to generate revenue and brand awareness of BanklessDAO while cultivating relationships in the DAO community. :+1:


This sounds awesome and I’m 100% in favor.

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