The "How to DAO" Book

Title: The “How to DAO” Book

Authors: puncar🏴#6764, 0xJustice.eth#6213

Budget Request: 198k BANK

Publish Date: Feb 3, 2022


We have the vision to publish the first DAO-sponsored book on how to DAO. We want to do this over two volumes. The first volume will be written from the vantage point of the contributor. The second will be written from the vantage point of the DAO creator or summoner.

Noton project page: here

Discord channel: here


DAOs are growing in the public consciousness and there are practically no long-form books written on the subject. We can be the first and definitive starting point for introducing the subject to the masses at scale. For outsiders, DAOs can be an esoteric and chaotic ecosystem full of unfamiliar terms, tools, and processes. A “How to DAO” book has the potential to do to DAO’s what Coingecko’s book did for Defi.

Similar to their pattern, we will create two books that work together to address both audiences. In the first book, we want to focus solely on contributors’ side helping them understand the culture, conventions, common tooling, and paths to contributor competency. In the second book, we focus on the creator side addressing community management, governance models, tokenomics, and scaling.

This entire effort will be a cross-DAO collaboration with top DAO experts contributing to each chapter as “chapter champions”. Part of our marketing strategy will be to promote BanklessDAO and Bankless Consulting services to a wider audience and to show that we are the leaders in the industry.


We are the onramp in the Bankless mission: We will help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.


Project Champions

Puncar is bringing the experience and help from the Bankless Consulting group to the table. He’s also working closely with Gitcoin to streamline our funding plan. 0xJustice is coming from the Bankless Website project and the PLM working group to support the vision of this project. He’s also published several books using the methods listed in this proposal.

Project Plan

Upon receiving funding we will progress through the following stages:

Phase 1

  1. Draft a tentative outline of the book.
  2. Write the introduction from our first champion.
  3. Write chapter champion submission guidelines.
  4. Commission a book cover design.
  5. Solidify the business model around the book and its NFTs
  6. Onboard the chapter champions
  7. Craft our Gitcoin proposal.

Phase 2

  1. Begin compiling chapter champion submissions.
  2. The marketing team prepares the strategy for a book launch.
  3. NFT design and distribution plan.

Phase 3

  1. Private user testing is conducted.
  2. Publish the book and execute the marketing plan.
  3. Proceeds from the book go into the book treasury and are distributed based on pre-agreed agreement (see financial plan in financial implication chapter).

Physical, Digital, and NFT Book Distribution

Rather than targeting a single distribution channel, this project will use a platform that enables simultaneous distribution to many channels. In addition to traditional sales channels, this project would release a special NFT version of the book for the web3 ecosystem.



  • Champions bounties - every chapter will have a bounty (it’s important to pay our contributors up-front not to exclude anyone who cannot afford it)
  • Writers guild - hourly rate for their writing services
  • Coordinators and sponsor - hourly rate for their work
  • Marketing - initial bounty to create the plan and then the price of the campaign
  • Cover design

Projected Sales

If we consider that 2% of all people holding crypto would like to work in DAO and 1% of those will buy a book, then we have estimated that we can earn almost half a million dollars.

We truly believe that 2022 will be the year of DAOs and many people will be interested in working there. On top of that our business plan enables regular updates and versions of the book, which will increase its potential. This is not a one-book project, this is a business model for book publishing.

The Network effect of the DAO ecosystem: One feature that will be unique to this project is the size and visibility of the community backing and involvement. By having entire communities fund, create, and promote the book, the immediate sales could look different from other traditional book launches. Having renowned authors across many DAOs function as chapter champions also bring cross-DAO communities into scope contribution to the overall network effect of the book.

You can find our high-level calculations and assumptions in the deck here.

Revenue Split

All book proceeds will be distributed perpetually as follows:

  • 10% Bankless DAO as the initial sponsor
  • 30% to the Gitcoin contributors
  • 30% stay in the treasury for future updates
  • 30% gets distributed to the book contributors, based on their contribution level.

This initial book project will enable the creation of an organization under BanklessDAO, that will focus on issuing Web3 log form published content and create a perpetual revenue stream and work opportunity, as increasing numbers of people and organizations get exposed to the ecosystem.


BanklessDAO is the publisher. Other DAOs and contributors will be mentioned with their Web3 names.


Onboarding + Consulting

The first and most immediate metric of success we should look at is web3 onboarding as this is in keeping with our primary mission and values. The second way this can be quantified is by profits generated by Bankless Consulting. Both of these can be quantified by tracking click analytics in the ebook version of the book as well as onboarding surveys conducted with new joiners as follows:

  1. Inbound links to the Bankless DAO website and Discord server.
  2. DAO onboarding and Bankless consultancy referral survey questions.
  • Yes. Let’s do it!
  • No. I hate books.

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Hi Puncar and Justice,

thanks for the proposal. I like the thinking of monetizing our knowledge in the DAO a lot! Would it also be an option to make this a subscription based model? Maybe an arm of Bankless HQ like overpriced JPEGS. My concern is that with this space moving so fast a book like compendium would not be able to keep track. In contrast making this a newsletter/knowledge base, maybe expanding to videos and podcasts. All with the theme of “how to DAO”, this resonates a lot with me.

Any thoughts on this?

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Great initiative, are you thinking of translation of the book? This is a part content creators of the DAO is missing out most of the time. We have a translators guild that can cover 15 languages


Hi Rene,

We wanted to have comprehensive material for any new-joiner to be able to understand what is going on in the DAO space. This means if you read the book you should have a decent understanding of what DAOs are and how to get involved.

But we are also well aware that the space is moving fast, that’s why we are using 30% of the book revenue to publish updates or additions to the original book to stay up to date.

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The first book will be in English, but yes, if there will be demand we can consider issuing the book in another language, thank you for bringing this up.

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Hey @0xJustice, did you connect with anyone from the Writers Guild on this project? I see the Writers Guild is listed here, but to my knowledge, no one from the Writers Guild has been approached regarding this initiative, nor do we have any idea what you have in mind regarding the Writers Guild’s part.

Hi, yes we have been working with @jakeandstake.

@nonsensetwice from what I understand, the project team would ask the Writers Guild if anyone would be interesting in participating. Not that the Writers Guild has been commissioned to write chapters or is obligated to do so.

cc: @Puncar

Yes that is correct, the book will be a cross-DAO collaboration effort to get really holistic view of the DAO ecosystem, but Bankless DAO will coordinate it and provide all necessary support. Including writing support, marketing, and other activities. @jakeandstake already helped us to create the high-level outline and it will be great to get your (@nonsensetwice ) support as well if you are interested.

Fantastic ideas! The cool part about this book idea is that it acts to bring people into the fold so those ongoing newsletters and consulting inroads and leads are produced. It’s only a matter of time before this all takes off. We (bDAO) just want to be the first and time is probably running short.

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I could definitely see translations of the work going out in rapid succession. That’s not built into this specific budget but maybe we could work out a kind of partnership to make that feasible. How amazing would that be! I am a big fan of this idea. The chapter champions would get lot of coverage in this way too.

To be clear, my understanding is that the Writers Guild is not obligated to write book chapters @nonsensetwice .

This is true. Our thought was to employ the help of bDAO writers for editorial purposes through bounties and/or mentions if there was any interest or capacity to do so but certainly, no obligation or presumption intended.

I’m voting yes because this project has the opportunity to be revenue generating and a great ROI for our DAO. I like that the proposal includes estimates for the total addressable market and revenue.

This is a very complicated topic to write a book about but because I know @Puncar I know that this project will be successful.


I think this is a very important project for bDAO and for the DAO movement in general. If I hadn’t found a specific group of people, I probably would have abandoned my exploration of this world, because, let’s face it - it can be inscrutable at first. Giving people the basic tools they need to take their first steps successfully would avoid so much lost potential talent, and giving DAOs the frameworks they need to avoid false starts and pitfalls means less time wasted and more success stories.

Very bullish on this.

Is there a way to propose/edit parameters rather than just voting Y/N? The thing is good but there are details not make sense to me. I don’t want to vote Nay to all but I have no other way to do.

The budget of 198k BNAK seems high for a book. More importantly, 10% revenue sharing to BanklessDAO is too less if BanklessDAO is the only early sponsor as there’s no clue for how much fund will be receiving from Gitcoin donations.

Hey Chris, we have calculated the budget based on work that needs to be done to kick-off the book, we have tried to be rather conservative, there is a link to budget calculation in the proposal. For the Gitcoin proposal, we are expecting the grant to cover all the publishing, marketing, editorial, and chapter champions costs. That means that the Gitcoin grant will need to be at least 3x larger than this one to cover it.
Also, we are planning to stand this up as a business, therefore this 10% will be a perpetual revenue stream for BanklessDAO and an opportunity for BanklessDAO members to get involved!

Terrific idea! I’ve written a couple books and both are published . Lmk if u need me!

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Amazing, yes please join our Discord group

Great Idea. Looking forward to translating this! General question: is there any deadline for the first book? Do BANK holders(/L1 and above?) get a NFT drop for sponsoring this project with yes votes :stuck_out_tongue: ?