Treasury Guild Budget for Season 3

Please see below the Season 3 budget request that the Treasury Guild has voted in favor with 100% of votes.

BanklessDAO Treasury Guild Budget Request for Season 3

The Treasury Guild has worked towards giving a financial overview of BanklessDAO and its Guilds, making this information readily available to all and auditing current practices. Furthermore, the Treasury Guild monitors the payments coming in and out of the main Bankless DAO treasury. This will remain our main focus for Season 3. Additionally, in Season 3 this guild will handle the operational costs of the DAO as well as the gas reimbursements.

The aim of this budget is therefore to set aside and amount in ETH to pay for the operational costs of the DAO and gas reimbursements as well as to keep the talent in the Guild with the following positions:

  1. Treasury Guild Organiser
  2. Accounts and Payments Analyst
  3. Budgets Analysts
  4. Financial Reporting Analyst
  5. Devs Guild Treasurer

The total budget request for the Treasury Guild for Season 3 is 199,999.61538462 BANK and 5 ETH as per the summary below.

Budget Summary