Design Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal

Edited 3 Jan with reduced Coordinape and updated KPIs

Title: Design Guild Season 3 Funding Proposal
Authors: NFThinker, Reinis, Chrisfcrypto
Date Created: 14.12.2021
Date Posted: 20.12.2021


The Design Guild is requesting 351,000 BANK for seasonal funding from the BanklessDAO Grants Committee for Season 3. This proposal will detail the specifications of the funding request.

  • Roles 351,000 BANK
  • Recognition 75,000 BANK
  • Bounties 90,000 BANK
  • Tooling 15,000 BANK
  • Total Spending 531,000 BANK


Design Guild aims to bring clear communication of the BanklessDAO mission through intelligent next-gen design. This is achieved in part by maintaining an ever growing list of design talent, engaging designers with challenging and time sensitive jobs and providing them with the tools they need to help spread the Bankless message.

Starting in Season 1, Design Guild organized and ratified a governance structure which included five compensated roles. For Season 3 the five roles will stay, and one of them (Talent Coordinator) will expand into two positions. These five roles are responsible for maintaining administrative duties which spur the guild’s development. Responsibilities and duties which are distributed and shared between the five roles are:

  • Design Coordinator
  • Governance Coordinator
  • Talent Coordinator x 2
  • Project Coordinator
  • Secretary

In addition to compensating elected role holders, guest pass and other non-role members will be compensated in a Coordinape round. All funds spent by the Design Guild during Season 2 have been for remuneration purposes. We have experienced steady growth and we expect to continue our momentum heading into Season 3.


Many guests and full members of the Design Guild are heavily involved in BanklessDAO projects across various guilds, and they continuously monitor the Bounty Board and Job Postings discord channels to assure requests are being filled.

In an effort to syncronise design styles throughout the guild and across the DAO, Design Guild has produced a Style Guide and further exploration into offering creative guidance has been worked out to give needed direction to design projects.

The aim is to provide talent of all skill levels to new and existing projects across Bankless DAO and externally.


Governance Roles

The Design Guild agrees that each of these roles will require 4-6 hours of weekly commitment to fulfill duties. Baseline compensation of 1000 BANK per hour for elected role members has been agreed.

Roles: Seasonal Comparison


To reward guild members for actively participating and contributing to the guild’s ongoing success, and in alignment with recent Grant’s committe requests, the budget accounts for 75,000 BANK to be allocated via Coordinape. Three rounds will happen on a monthly basis, with a total pool of 25,000 BANK per month. Anyone with a guest pass can sign up, and L2s will be asked to vouch for them.

Coordinape 75,000

New Initiatives and Misc Expense

Design Guild would like to be able to fund new initiatives within the guild, and has come up with a bounty structure for certain tasks. Tasks, which in season 2 fell under Project Coordinator role, include assisting with the formation and smooth running of new projects, tracking project milestones, and reporting successes and failures to the guild Project Coordinator.

Miscellaneous funding is requested for the purpose of:

  • 5,000 BANK- for “BanklessDAO Season 3” POAP
    • previously championed by Kouros
    • For voting in the Season 4 spec snapshot
  • 1,500 BANK - for creating a season 4 Design Guild POAP
  • 25,000 BANK - Miscellaneous

For these purposes, 90,000 BANK is being requested.

Project Bounties 58,500
End of Season POAPs 6,500
Miscellaneous 25,000
Total 90,000

Tooling UBI

As designers we need the proper tools to help us achieve our goals. Understanding the exact needs of every designer, and tracking those needs, is a massive coordination effort that would cost more in overhead than it’s worth. To compromise, we propose a monthly UBI (universal basic income) for tooling. This will be an opt-in claim for all active Design Guild members. The claim will take place during each Coordinape round, where members can tick a box in the Coordinape sign-up sheet. Claimants will be allocated an equal portion of the available bank for that month (total Seasonal Tooling budget divided by three). Although claims will be on an honour system, L2s may be asked to vouch for people.

Tooling 15,000


We anticipate the following expenditures during Season 3, as compared to Season 2:

S2 S3 Delta
Roles 315,000 351,000 36,000
Coordinape 100,000 75,000 (25,000)
Misc Expenses / Bounties 65,000 90,000 25,000
Tooling 15,000 15,000
Total 480,000 531,000 51,000


Season 2 has seen Design Guild members plugging in to the right places within bDAO. Beyond providing designers a home for designers to meet and get creative, we are generating useful content for dissemination internally and externally. Design Guild has been involved in multiple projects, providing talent for illustration, POAP design, banner design, web design and much more. Here is a short list of some of the projects we’ve been involved in:

  • Bankless Academy
  • Weekly CC POAP spotlight
  • Designing Headers for Newsletter
  • New First Quest Website
  • Fight Club NFT creation
  • DAO Heat - Design and Writing Contest
  • Season 3 Kickoff - Twitter Spaces Invitation
  • POAPathon (promoting BanklessDAO and onboarding new designers)
  • Fulfilling design requests that appear on #job-postings

For Season 3, Design Guild will base its success on the continued advancement of:

  • DAO Heat
  • Revised design competitions with increased participation
  • More learning sessions and skill shares
  • Continued art jams
  • Further development of Instagram and Social Media workstream (promoting the DAO)
  • Weekly Community Call POAP creation
  • Streamlined process for onboarding designers to the guild
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I would really enjoy a link to a Gallery of Work from the Guild. I bet it i stunning!! I like the season to season comparison

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Thanks Ernest! We’re working on getting portfolios integrated into the website. We will have some updated designs to view in the upcoming Season 3 Kickoff invitation, so keep your eyes peeled.