BanklessDAO x HackOnChain Media Partnership

1. HackOnChain - Europe’s Biggest Crypto Conference’s Hackathon

HackOnChain is an official hackathon for the Next Block Expo, which is aiming to become the biggest blockchain festival in Europe (5k+ attendees).

It is an initiative organized by the biggest community of web3 developers in CEE - Web 3 Devs Poland which itself consists of more than 700 members.

Throughout the hackathon, it is expected to see more than 200 web3 developers from all around the world working on their projects’ ideas during two days of hard work on the 23rd and 24th of November.

2. Next Block Expo - The Conference Behind The Hackathon

The First edition of Next Block Expo will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 23-24 November 2022 with more than 5000 attendees. 4 months from now, the Berlin Station will be the most important place on the European blockchain map, linking together the most important names from the blockchain.

The organizers expect more than 5000 participants at the conference plus another 10 000 attending online. The venue can host more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors. Everyone will be able to listen to more than 50 top blockchain speakers.

3. Opportunity

It is in BanklessDAO’s best interest to highlight the top events happening in the crypto space. This proposal proposes an opportunity for bDAO to do exactly that by partnering with HackOnChain as an official partner and/or sponsor.

We believe that as one of the leading media DAOs in the crypto space, it is in Bankless DAO’s best interest to showcase the best gatherings of the top minds and energetic contributors who are tirelessly building this new paradigm all around the world. Bankless is a famous brand in the English-speaking world, but that’s not the case in the rest of the world.

By being present at conferences worldwide, Bankless DAO can showcase the strength of the Bankless movement on a global stage, recruit members to work in various international media nodes, spark connections for consulting services in new markets, and generally make the Bankless movement be synonymous with the true web3 ethos.

4. Value Proposition

We want this cooperation to be a win-win opportunity for both Bankless DAO and Hack on Chain. That is why we are proposing:

  1. 3 VIP passes for the entire event,
  2. Have BanklessDAO listed as an official media partner for the event,
  3. Provide permission and a space to sell merch,
  4. To reserve at least 5 seats for L1 (and above) members throughout the event.

You will be able to connect with:

  • More than 200 hackathon participants,
  • Representatives from our other 20+ sponsors which include, but are not limited to Developer DAO, Nethermind, Metapro, Aleph Zero,, and more,
  • More than 5000 attendees of the conference itself.

In exchange for the value outlined above we gladly ask the Bankless DAO’s community to provide us with some or all of the things listed below to make this event an even bigger success that is already shaping out to be and make it a success for bDAO members and the hackathon itself:

  • A 100 word written up in the Weekly rollup about the event 1 month prior to the event,
  • A 250 word written up in the Weekly rollup summarizing the event, posted latest 1 week after the event,
  • Four posts on BanklessDAO social pages as well as a translated version of the same on the social pages of the IMN node/nodes relevant to the location of the event. The posts will be made 1 each week for 4 weeks in a row leading up to the event,
  • Retweet up to 5 posts from our socials, with max 1 retweet per week for 5 consecutive weeks leading up to the event,
  • A shout out for the HackOnChain on Next Block Expo in BanklessDAO CC as well as the relevant IMN CC
  • At least 1 person from bDAO who films key highlights and interviews relevant participants,
  • A (max.) 5min YT video that summarizes the event as well as a long-form upload/uploads which covers some key interviews and outputs. This is shared on BanklessDAO and relevant IMN social media

We also believe that there is a much bigger opportunity for Bankless DAO to get more publicity and more value out of the Hack On Chain by becoming one of our official sponsors.

Please check our [official pitch] deck for more information on that front. A simple marketing outreach campaign is already great cooperation to have, but we have even more opportunities to explore.

5. Underlying Magic

We think that such initiatives as ours are there to help people from web3 to establish stronger relations with experts in the space and as such we are grateful for the fact that we are able to present you our proposition.

It seems only natural for BanklessDAO to cooperate on events such as HackOnChain. We strongly believe that you see the potential in this cooperation as we see it - a win-win scenario for both of us and as such, we can’t wait for possible future cooperation.

6. Team

Mail for contact:

The lead of the project:

@upperm#8053; Founder @ Web3 Devs Poland - the biggest community for web3 developers in CEE region, organized 3 IRL meetups, CryptoMondays Warsaw, Crypto Coffee House & Hacker Hub with over 1k+ attendees in total

7. Useful links

:sparkles: Check out HackOnChain website: :sparkles:

:sparkles: Check out Next Block Expo website: :sparkles:

:sparkles: Check out Web3 Devs Poland website: :sparkles:

We publish what we do on:





Great proposal!

You should reach out to the BDAO at global events team. Your offer is in line with what that team is doing.


Love it! Seems like a fantastic fit!

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