bDAO-Glossary Project GC Proposal


The project is about creating a Web3-focused glossary for bDAO, called bDAO-Glossary.

  • Project DC is here.
  • Final version (Rev02) of the glossary is here.

The outcomes of this project will be bilateral, internal and external.

Internally, bDAO translators will benefit from;

  1. Using the corresponding target language terms to increase wording consistency
  2. Consulting the explanations in the glossary as a quick reference tool (especially in the case of new translators)
  3. Integrating the Excel file with a CAT tool to be used as a termbase in the future


  1. Bankless readers will be able to reach a compact Web3 glossary when it is published on each IMN’s media channels. This feature will allow those readers who are new to Web3 a one-stop solution, instead of having to search for the meaning of each new term.
  2. By reducing the outgoing traffic, readers will spend more time in Bankless channels and will that reflect positively on website stats.


The need for a glossary emerged from;

  1. For translators and reviewers: Since different people are carrying out these tasks, a standard reference is essential to ensure consistency in wordage. Moreover, the need for a termbase integration will be inevitable in the case of introducing a common CAT-Tool.
  2. For readers and prospective bDAO members: It is proven by experience that people at the beginning of their Web3 journey need to search for the definition of crypto-specific terms on their first encounter.
  3. Bankless content: Regarding the current content published in all Bankless channels, we presume that viewers already have some basic level of crypto and web3 knowledge - but most of them might not.


The outcomes of this project will enable the public to reach Web3 core concepts in their native language and thus increase accessibility to the ecosystem. This approach is aligned with our mission “to help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralised financial technologies through education, media, and culture.”


During the design stage of the project, the scope of work included three sets of activities. Since Phase#1 was conducted with a pre-study, our ask from GC has now been limited to actions defined in Phase#2.

  1. Content Building & Revision
  • Finalizing the list of terms to be included in the glossary
  • Simplifying detailed explanations
  1. Translation & Publishing
  • Translating terms and definitions in target languages
  • Publishing on media channels
  1. Maintenance & Updates
  • Addition to content through bounties

Phase #1. Content Building & Revision

The draft content (Rev.00) was built by the Turkish IMN Team, which included terms collected from reliable resources (such as Eth(.)org, Binance and CoinMarketCap) as well as those gathered while making translations on various platforms. It included 1.032 terms and detailed descriptions of 27.700 words and was first published on TG’s DC channel in May 2022.

The second action item, “content revision” was completed in June 2022. A pre-study team of six TG members was formed to (1) review each term included in the draft and decide whether to be included or excluded and (2) review descriptions of the corresponding term and shorten them when applicable.

The focus of this pre-study was on both creating a “termbase” for translations and a “glossary” for Bankless readers. In order to increase the accessibility of the content, all terms were categorised into Finance, Economics, Technology, Persons and Web3-focused ones were prioritized rather than general terms.

Following the pre-study phase, Rev.02 of the glossary was released including 794 terms and an average of 9.7 words (15.980 in total) to describe each term. This phase allowed us to save 38% of the budget when compared with the initial ask calculated.

Phase #2. Translation & Publishing

The actions included in the phase are asked to the funded by GC.

  • Translations of both terms and definitions will be made by TG translators and also reviewed afterwards.
  • “bDAO-Glossary: Genesis” will be published in each IMN’s relevant media and promoted via social media channels.
  • In order to increase awareness and support in the bDAO; Marketing, Education and Writers guilds will be asked to join.

It was decided in TG to start with translating into 10 languages and the selected languages may be reached at the “Costs” tab of the spreadsheet. This list was compiled accordingly with the “Total IMN Payments w/o YT” metric, which is followed in the “Historic IMN Growth” database. Inactive nodes (coloured in red) have not been taken into consideration, and the remaining nodes (coloured in yellow) will be considered in the following season.

Please find below the list of selected IMNs/languages:

  • Bankeless Adria
  • Bankless Ukraine
  • Bankless Bulgaria
  • Bankless Greece
  • Bankless Germany
  • Bankless China
  • Bankless India
  • Bankless Italy
  • Bankless Spain
  • Bankless Turkiye

Phase #3. Maintenance & Updates

In order to ensure the project’s longevity, feedback from bDAO Translators, Writers and Education Guild members as well as the public will be held actively, to enrich the bDAO-Glossary with new terms and definitions.

The third phase of the project, “Maintenance & Updates”, is designed to operate through the bounty system. Throughout each month, those terms (including their short descriptions), which will be suggested by TG members to be added to the glossary, will be compiled in a new tab of the document. The eligible TG members will then vote on these in DC. Following the voting, the proponents of approved terms/descriptions will receive bounties, and another set of bounties will be created for the translation of these terms/definitions.


#1 - Pre-study Phase (COMPLETED)

Content Building (Rev.00)

Decrease the number of terms (Rev.01)

Decrease the number of words in descriptions (Rev.02)

#2 - Translation Phase

Translation of 17.624 words (terms and definitions) into 10 languages, in 4 weeks (*)

(*) We foresee that all translations may be completed in 4 weeks. However, the exact timeline will be determined once the GC approval process is finalized, since the project timeline may coincide with the break between seasons.

#3 - Publishing Phase

Publishing of the glossaries in the respective language media channels.

#4 - Maintenance Phase

Additions to the termbase and definitions


Budget Ask for Translation and Publishing Phases

Translator: 0.70 BANK per word
Reviewer: 0.30 BANK per word
Total: 1.00 BANK per word (*)

(*) At the time of this revision, 1 BANK equals roughly 0.015 USD, which is %90 less than the price per word (0.15 USD) designated by DAOlators for external clients.

  • Total Word Count (Terms+Descriptions): 17,624
  • Languages: 10
  • Cost per word (BANK): 1.00
  • Translation and Publishing Ask (BANK): 176,240


Rev.00 Builders - Turkish IMN Team
ilk.eth#9768, taylans.eth🏴#2408
Rev.01 and Rev.02 Pre-Study Team
Ariiellus#2849, Crown🏴#6220, ilk.eth#9768, jaux#8781, taylans.eth🏴#2408
Translators and Reviewers from the selected IMNs will join from this phase on.

  • Yes, let’s do this!
  • No, who needs a glossary?

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I certainly promote this behavior! If i can help please let me know.


Financial implications seem limited to Publishing and Translation services. Are there costs or remuneration associated with managing the project and/or contributions beyond publishing and translation?

Aside from tutoring/education if decided to offer such a servic. Not much i can think other than keeping the glossery terms relevant in an ever changing industry. Can the bDAO Academy help? Seems like this could live at the academy when completed… thinking out loud…

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wow. this is gonna be one of those proud moments to remember right? @taylans ?

we built the glossary to teach people how to be bankless son! probably nothing. :smile:


the project is a translators guild project, it will be managed and maintained by the guild. What we are asking here is just the compensation for the translators and reviewers. We are following a framework which we only ask for a smaller budget to prepare projects like this than we go to the GC with a project and ask for the translation costs that we can’t afford. ( i was trying to reply @chunz :slight_smile: )


Thank you for the feedback.
We updated the proposal with the following explanation:

Phase#1 of the project was funded by the Translators Guild.
Budget Ask for Translation and Publishing Phases (#2 and #3)


Bravo! Create and provide.


Great initiative! Have you spoken with @AboveAverageJoe about Defipedia?


just learning about that now, will check it out, thank you

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Great initiative! Would be certainly useful


Awesome project for the international crypto world!


We can’t complete our mission if we just focus on English education! Fully support this work.


Definitely in support of this….Let’s gooo!!!


Certainly a thoughful initiative :clap:

Why this has to be so less? How it gets decided?


Thank you for your kind interest. In this case, the client is internal, the bDAO itself. Therefore the pricing differs from external clients. Here we talk about per-word pricing, but we also needed to keep an eye on the total budget ask to make the funding feasible.