Final draft of Daolationship guild Season 7 Budget Proposal

Daolationship guild Season 7 Budget Proposal

Author: Crown

Editors: Paulito, anointingthompson1.eth, SpiritedF, Mceal, Salmanneedsajob, Vickyone


The Purpose of the DAOLationships Guild is to teach Guild members how to build reciprocal relationships with DAOPlomats and to teach DAOPlomats how to build a reciprocal relationship with DAO members and Organizational Units.

Season 6 Summary

In Season 5 we doubled down on Talent development and Revenue! We continued in similar light, as our main purpose in season 6 was to attract, retain, and upskill Guild Members in the Art of Buidling DAOLationships. Historically we have spent most of our time teaching members how buidl simple DAOLationships and track those DAOLationships in the CRM, create work streams for DAOLationship Events, and learn basic dao tooling just to be an active member in the guild. We tried to achieve this through educational sessions from the education pod, and several DEMOs by our Event coordinator, we also introduced weekly governance calls, that assisted in getting more members involved in the guild’s decisions and overall governance processes.

Also, in season 6 we:

  • Educated members on DAOlationships Foundation & Expectations
  • Continued Governance Coordination Mentorship Programs
  • Continued Development on the CRM
  • Formalized and held several Demo Sessions.
  • Held weekly governance calls.

Looking to Season 7

Our main purpose in Season 7 is to improve the coordination of overall ‘in-guild’ activities, improve role and member holder accountability, better potential partnerships coordination, improve talent development pathway, increase existing member activity while we attract, retain, and upskill Guild Members in the Act of Buidling DAOLationships. In Season 7 we look forward to further member education and participation in a more flexible, efficient, and effective manner.

We plan to achieve that through the use of Dework to set up and track bounties which are centered around AV work for our Demo sessions and detailed note-taking during discovery calls to set up partnerships and relationships.

Also, Dework will be used to track membership activities and we aim to use it to determine the level of activeness of non-role holders per period, which will be considered for coordinape.

With the aim of ensuring accountability and participation of members, a major change in Season 7 will be the adoption of a new coordinape system where only role holders, members that have taken up tasks in dework, and members that have attended and actively participated in at least two of the calls and meetings that have been held during that period will be added to the EPOCH, this will be done with the hope that at the end of each period and the season as a whole, we’ll be able to have a fair way of determining who can be termed as an active member of the guild.

We do agree to adopt the Membership Based Guild Funding specifications for a Guild within BanklessDAO. And we’re determining this by providing a list of members that registered and qualified for at least two out of three coordinape rounds in season 6, these members attended and actively contributed in at least one of the various sessions, workstrems, DEMOs and the CRM in each period.

Using these metrics, as of 06_02_23 we Currently have 30 Active members. Below is a table showing the list of active members:
Screenshot (34)

Below is the link to the coordinape data for more details:

ALL DAOLationships Coordinape & Survey (Responses)

Membership Based Guild Funding Specifications

Budget Overview for Season 7

273,000 budget for Main Roles

30* 10,000 = 300,000 budget for talent development

We are asking for a Total budget of 573,000

Updated February 6th

We have a Multi-Sig on the ETH mainnet and on polygon.

  • Eth: eth:0xb40f4ce59dA4A0B6D10aE605E10FD4E6ca9Ed4Ae
  • Matic: 0x3628F8A41eE5112931fBA446610aEaD236Cd2AA3

How will we measure success?

  • Improved framework to help with role-holder accountability
  • Knowledge Sessions to teach members how to buidl and maintain daolationships
  • Improved potential partnerships coordination
  • Redeveloped and revamped Guild coordinator Role and overall guild coordination respectively
  • Produce a better talent pathway
  • Full Dework integration to administer bounties and improve member activeness.





Financial history

daolationship budgeting


Interesting Budget Proposal!

I was wondering, what are the steps you have taken in order to mitigate recurring issues that have been noticed across the DAO and other guilds in regards to using Coordinape as a remuneration tool? :slight_smile:

Well, I’d say the measures discussed are still experimental as they haven’t been implemented in daolationship guild yet, but, going forward, we plan to have only role holders, members that take up tasks and bounties, and members that were active during weekly syncs, governance calls and demos (these will be tracked through detailed meeting notes) in coordinape rounds of each periods.

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What would be the reasonable expectation of engagement in a meeting (according to the meeting notes) for a member to qualify for Coordinape?

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For example: if I would be to join DAOlationship and I would volunteer to help establishing who qualifies for that Coordinape round, given that I don’t know much about the guild and I was not involved in the conversation, what would be the parameters I would be asked to look for, in order to make sure that the process is transparent and available to everyone, while minimising effort on the side of the more experimented members?

For the meetings, we have:
Weekly syncs.
Governance calls
And we plan to hold educative sessions from time to time (as needed). So participation in these calls are what what we’ll be looking at.
Also, other members working on partnerships, collaborations etc would have their activities documented, so at the end of each period, we’d have enough data to analyze level of participation.
Taking up tasks and bounties is also part of what will be used to measure participation

Touched all these in the proposal, thought not as detailed as this. I hope it’s clearer now?

This might be outside the scope of this post, but what are we attempting to do w/ DAOlationships? I help run a number of projects who are in need of assistance with sponsorships, promotions, marketing, and general ecosystem outreach, but I have no sense of what DAOlationships is doing other than running product demos and what is otherwise listed in the proposal, which is fine, but not really moving the DAO forward IMO. I see a lot of words about inter/intra-guild work, but DAOlationships is outward facing by nature, so this is a confusing metric. How can DAOlationships help projects, or is that not what the Guild (why guild?) is for?
This post sounds like I’m annoyed, and def not, but for sure confused. Thanks in advance for providing clarity.


Hi, Hiro, Yh, that’s the bizdev aspect of daolationship, and we have members that are involved in that aspect of fostering relationships for partnerships and collaboration, and if you see the first version of the proposal, these bisdev works were mentioned, but this proposal is in respect to the member based guild funding framework, where members that do in-guild stuff in terms of learning and education are the priority and main focus

Roger ser. So this might be better for a DM, but I’m trying to get work out of DMs and into public view. I don’t understand who in the DAO is tasked with biz dev, or otherwise fostering relationships, sponsorships, and the like. Marketing does some of that work, but how does DAOlationships fit into that? Why is it not just an extension of the Marketing Dept? How are KPIs for bizdev measured? I’m sure (I hope) it’s in the other proposal (which is weird to have two proposals for the same guild). Also, why guild?

There’s been a conflation of the duties of marketing and daolationships to the point where nobody will own who is responsible for the DAO’s outreach. We gotta go pro, and it needs to start with clarity of focus and responsibility. Please help me understand.


Can you bring this to the general channel on discord, so more folks can chip in?

The daolationship general channel

I honestly think it’s a much better convo to have here - it will get buried in Discord. Many more people can participate here - not just those with a firehose or DAOlationships tag. Will look forward to your responses :pray:


The Daolationships guild work with both marketing depaertment, and other workstreams that have a role to play in terms of products and services that we use in building relationships with other organizatrions as found in the product and service section of our CRM page.

In season 6, our focus was more on educating learners in the guild with regards to how activities are done in the guild as well as building relationships, but, we were still doing a lot of partnerships and relationships building. Going forward in S7, one of our objective is to sort of integrate the Bizdev into our operations instead of coming out for funding seperately.

we will be doing this with @jarisjames , to not only build relationships and secure revenue, but to teach buidlers high level bizdev skills, so that they can go out there and bring in some awesome partnerships. i hope this helps a bit ser.

Also, Jaris worked with Ornella to secure some partnerships in season 6, although i do not have all the info. We will be working together going forward with both Bankless Consulting, Newsletter project, and other revenue generating projects in season 7 as it was done in the past.

To point out, the two workgroups do different jobs, Daolationships is the point of contact in the Dao that will go ahead to pass the partnership or relationship to were it will not only be developed and closed, but bring the right team to work. I may not be able to point out the role of the MD, but i may tag @Ornella if more questions around that arise, and thank you for asking these questions ser.

Hey @Crown & @_iamthompson! :slight_smile:

First and foremost, thanks for the second funding proposal draft which addresses my concerns from the previous post in more detail!

The number of active members is around 30% lower compared to the initial draft, which to me begs the question how high the number was if you scrapped of meeting- & demo-attendance? I‘m in general for supporting the building of infrastructure (in this case demos as a service) than paying people to attend them. The latter should be a consequence of the value proposition of the prior. However, with the new set of criterias you’re better of than before and I‘m curious to see how you can improve them in the next season to capture more value for the DAO!

Furthermore, I’ll remain curious to see how the talent development efforts in S6 will benefit the DAO in S7. We can’g get enough help on the sales front and 30 active DAOlationships members have the opportunity to shine! While I support talent development, I‘ll say that we can’t afford to lose opportunities to build good strategic partnerships. A bunch of opportunities are lurking outside. Go and get them!



@_iamthompson posting here also - could you please look at the Coordinape sign up form ALL DAOLationships Coordinape & Survey (Responses) - Google Sheets

specifically double check the wallet addresses, the font, the change in the font on different lines, like it was pasted in and the emojis in discord names.

Also, why is there no poll here?

Sorry am getting back late, I will check it for clarity… am not sure if we needed a poll for this, if not we would have added it.

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Hi Sprinkles! The spreadsheet gets filled automatically, with details filled in by members, no one tampers with the details in there, the line colors are done during vetting of members who qualify for the coordinape round.
Also, wasn’t aware of the need of a poll, I’d have added it, is it something we still need to do?


Proposals have polls attached