Legal Newsletter / Decentralized Law Season 3 Funding Request

Authors: Legal Guild
Date: 16 December 2021


Decentralized Law, the Legal Guild’s Newsletter presents a funding request for 180k. Please note that in Season 3 the newsletter will receive a funding of 8k usd by UMA, which will be transferred to the central treasury of the DAO. Moreover, the contributors will be paid according to a UMA KPI scheme.

Total request: 180 k BANKS


In Season 2 the newsletter was shaped from 0. It is a complex and engaging product, with many different types of contributions (interviews, articles on regulations, developments, news, dao tooling etc.).

The Legal Newsletter has been a very successful product. For the first time in the history of BanklessDAO, an issue of a BanklessDAO newsletter has almost reached 15’000 views (#1 How to Become a Crypto-Lawyer). Due to the work made during the last three months, the newsletter and the newsletter team are highly respected and considered in the Blockchain ecosystem. The interviews section has hosted important lawyers and lobbyists to the space (Crypto-lawyer Ross Campbell, GC Terra Labs).

Here are the first two issues:

The third one will be published on December 21st.

In sum, the legal guild team has produced 19 articles, 3 interviews and has covered a very wide news and curated articles section (of apx. 25 items).


The Newsletter Team intends now to additionally enhance the quality of the newsletter and the number of readers. The newsletter will become bi-weekly (2 issues per month) and will be presented in a new fashion from a graphic point of view.

With Decentralized Law, BanklessDAO demonstrates to be able to ship highly technical contents that cover the global legal landscape. The Legal Guild has become a point of reference in the space and this will grant more and more protection to our DAO.

Due to the very good results in terms of views, UMA has decided to sponsor the newsletter for Season 3 with 8k usd. The sponsorship will flow in the central treasury. UMA has additionally requested to apply a KPI options scheme for the payment of the contributors.


We hereby request a total amount of 180k BANKS x 6 issues (January - February - March):

  • 150k BANKS will be for contributors and guests (who will be interviewed);
  • 30k BANKS will be for designers.

Please note that contributors and designers will be paid through UMA KPI options. The release of the payments will be subject to the KPI mechanisms. Only the achievement of 15k views per issue on average per the entire Season will grant to the Contributors the full BANK value. A lower number of views (under 15’000 on average) will grant to the contributors a proportionally lower amount of BANKs at conversion. Contributors will also face gas costs when converting KPI options.

  • I consider the funding request proper
  • I don’t consider the funding request acceptable (please indicate why)

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I endorse this proposal.


This will greatly enhance outreach for the DAO’s mission!


Fannnntastic newsletter. Tons of value there and a great read. I enjoyed it. Congratulations on the view count and good luck on your future endeavors!


Concur, this is an excellent proposal!

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let’s goooooooo! legal guild ftw

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Full props to the legal guild on this proposal and for the work you’ve already done.

bDAO :building_construction: :muscle:

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