Design Guild Season 4 Budget Proposal

Title: Design Guild Season 3 Funding Proposal
Authors: NFThinker, Reinis, Chrisfcrypto
Date Created: 28.03.2021
Date Posted: 8 April, 2022
Original Doc: LINK


The Design Guild is requesting 678,450 BANK for seasonal funding from the BanklessDAO Grants Committee for Season 4.


Design Guild aims to bring clear communication of the BanklessDAO mission through intelligent next-gen design. This is achieved in part by maintaining a growing list of design talent, engaging designers with challenging and time sensitive jobs and providing them with the tools they need to help spread the Bankless message.

Seasons 1-3 saw Design Guild organize and ratify a governance structure which included five compensated roles. Some of our roles are now divided to spread the workload and more evenly distribute $BANK to our contributors. As of Season 4, we are proposing some new roles and dedicated workstreams to our budget, as seen below.

Existing Roles

  • Design Coordinator
  • Governance Coordinator
  • Talent Coordinator x 2
  • Project Coordinator
  • Secretary

New Roles

  • Project Coordinator (splitting single role into 2, keeping total compensation the same)
  • Notion Administrator

New Dedicated Workstreams

  • CC POAP artist spotlight
  • Newsletter and External Content Team
  • Education Initiatives

In addition to compensating elected role holders, guest pass and other non-role members will be compensated in a Coordinape round. All funds spent by the Design Guild during Season 3 have been for remuneration purposes. We have experienced steady growth and we expect to continue our momentum heading into Season 4.


BanklessDAO Design Guild fosters global Web3 design projects and is integrated in various guilds and projects. Current contributor’s list stands at over 100, with design skills ranging from UI/UX, to 3D Animation, to Logo and Graphic Design, and everywhere in-between.

Design Guild maintains a style guide, and is working on a public media kit. Design Guild is continually offering creative guidance and needed direction to design projects.

The aim is to provide talent of all skill levels to new and existing projects across Bankless DAO and externally.


Roles: Seasonal Comparison

Season 3 hrs/wk Season 4 hrs/wk Delta
Guild Coordinator (TC Guidance) 6 Guild Coordinator (TC Guidance) 6 0
Governance Coordinator 5 Governance Coordinator 5 0
Secretary 4 Secretary 4 0
TC Apprentice x 2 8 Talent Coordinator x 2 8 0
Project Coordinator 4 Project Coordinator x 2 4 0
Notion Admin 1 1
Total 27 28 1

Season 4 Workstreams

Task Hours (weekly) BANK (season)
CC POAP Coordination 1 13,000
Newsletter Prep 2 26,000
Social Media Management 2 26,000
Total 65,000

Season 4 Bounties

Task Compensation Estimated Total (season)
½ hour educational webinar x 6 1500 per 9000
1 hour educational webinar x 3 3000 per 9000
Instagram Carousel x 13 1500 per 19,500
Seasonal POAP x 1 5000 season 5000
New Joiner Bounty Design Guild POAP weekly x 13 150 wk 1950
Media Kit 5000 5000
Total 49,450


Design Guild proposes a tiered Coordinape compensation structure similar to AV Guild.
Participation tiers increase from 1-25, 26-35, and 36+ participants, with respective allocation of 25/35/50K per month i.e. $150K is the maximum.

Coordinape 150,000

Retro + Misc Expense

  • 10,000 BANK for BanklessDAO Investment Report Design Work (retroactive)
  • 25,000 BANK - Miscellaneous
bDAO Investment Report 10,000 BANK
Miscellaneous 25,000 BANK
Total 35,000 BANK

Tooling UBI

Designers need the tooling to deliver a quality product, which is why we offer active contributors a monthly UBI (universal basic income) for tooling. This is an opt-in claim for all active Design Guild members. The claim takes place during each Coordinape round, where members can tick a box in the Coordinape sign-up sheet. Claimants are allocated an equal portion of the available bank for that month (total Seasonal Tooling budget divided by three). Although claims are on an honour system, L2s may be asked to vouch for people.

Tooling 15,000


Cost S3 S4 Delta
Roles 351,000 364,000 13,000
Coordinape 150,000 150,000 0
Workstreams 65,000 65,000
Project Bounties 49,450 49,450
Misc 90,000 35,000 (55,000)
Tooling 15,000 15,000 0
Total 606,000 678,450 BANK 72,450 BANK


BANK token price is currently sitting around all time lows. Design Guild requests allowing for further token allocation to contributors if the price continues to drop.

Season 3 has seen Design Guild members plugging in to the right places within bDAO. Beyond providing a home for designers to meet and get creative, we are generating useful content for dissemination internally and externally. Design Guild has been involved in multiple projects, providing talent for illustration, POAP design, banner design, web design and much more. Here is a list of some of the projects we’ve been involved in:

  • DAO Heat
  • Weekly CC POAP spotlight
  • Continued Education Efforts
  • Delivering “The Drawing Board” website with portfolios
  • Designing Headers for Newsletter
  • New BanklessDAO Website
  • Regular Instagram Posts in collaboration with Marketing Guild
  • Fight Club NFT creation
  • Seasonal Kickoff - Twitter Spaces Invitation
  • POAPathon (promoting BanklessDAO and onboarding new designers)
  • Fulfilling design requests that appear on #job-postings
  • Quartery Financial Report
  • Bankless DAO Investment Report
  • Expanded into more regular spots in NFT showcase
  • Ultrasound Merch
  • Learning Tutorials
  • Developing Drawing Board - External Jobs and Portfolio Portal


  • Reinis#8935
    • Leads up BanklessLV
    • Gov Coordinator
  • NFThinker
    • Guild Co-coordinator
  • JENetics
    • Guild Co-coordinator
  • Chrisfcrypto.eth
    • Design and AV Project Coordinator
  • TohlHouseCookie#8680
    • Secretary
  • IsraelRex#3613
    • Talent Coordinator
  • AnaTech
    • Talent Coordinator
Fund Design Guild
  • Agree 678,450 BANK for S4 Design Guild Budget
  • Needs revision (comment below)

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How many designers are active in the guild?

Regular turn out of 20-30 at weekly meetings. Season 3 Coordinape rounds were 30, 32, and 35 each consecutive month. This isn’t fully representative of “active” members as some don’t attend the meetings, but still contribute.


Moved to S4 Guild proposals.

Sorry for that. Much appreciated

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