Design Guild Season 5 Funding Proposal

Title: Design Guild Season 5 Funding Proposal
Authors: NF Thinker, Reinis
Date Created: 1 July, 2022
Date Posted: 6 July, 2022


The Design Guild is requesting 603,000 for seasonal funding from the BanklessDAO Grants Committee for Season 5.

Compensation Season 4
Roles 364,000
Coordinape 150,000
Workstreams 26,000
Project Bounties 23,000
Misc 25,000
Tooling 15,000
Total 603,000 BANK


Design Guild aims to bring clear communication of the BanklessDAO mission through intelligent next-gen design. This is achieved in part by maintaining a growing list of design talent, engaging designers with challenging and time sensitive jobs and providing them with the tools they need to help spread the Bankless message.

After 1 year in operation, Design Guild has worked to resolve a number of issues surrounding participation and project management, and has created a robust governance framework.


  • Design Coordinator
  • Governance Coordinator
  • Talent Coordinator x 2
  • Project Coordinator x 2
  • Secretary
  • Notion Administrator

Dedicated Workstreams

  • CC POAP artist spotlight
  • Newsletter
  • Education Initiatives


BanklessDAO Design Guild fosters global Web3 design projects and is integrated in various guilds and projects. Current contributor’s list stands at over 100, with design skills ranging from UI/UX, to 3D Animation, to Logo and Graphic Design, and everywhere in-between.

Design Guild maintains a style guide, updates the BanklessDAO digital media kit, and injects culture into the designs of the DAO.

Beyond setting standards for ourselves and our peers, the aim of Design Guild is to provide talent of all skill levels to new and existing projects across BanklessDAO and externally.


Roles: (No Change from Season 4)

Season 5 hrs/wk
Guild Coordinator (TC Guidance) 6
Governance Coordinator 5
Secretary 4
Talent Coordinator 4
Talent Coordinator 4
Project Coordinator 2
Project Coordinator 2
Notion Admin 1
(28 hours * 13 Weeks) * 1k BANK 364,000 BANK

Season 5 Workstreams

Task Hours Frequency BANK (season)
CC POAP Coordination 1 weekly 13,000
Newsletter Prep 2 bi-weekly 13,000
Total 26,000

Season 5 Bounties

Task Compensation Estimated Total (season)
½ hour educational webinar x 6 1500 per 9000
1 hour educational webinar x 3 3000 per 9000
Seasonal POAP x 1 5000 season 5000
Total 23,000


Design Guild proposes a tiered Coordinape compensation structure similar to AV Guild.
Participation tiers increase from 1-25, 26-35, and 36+ participants, with respective allocation of 25/35/50K per month i.e. $150K is the maximum.

Coordinape 150,000

Misc Expense

  • 25,000 BANK - Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous 25,000 BANK
Total 25,000 BANK

Tooling UBI

Designers need the tooling to deliver a quality product, which is why we offer active contributors a monthly UBI (universal basic income) for tooling. This is an opt-in claim for all active Design Guild members. The claim takes place during each Coordinape round, where members can tick a box in the Coordinape sign-up sheet. Claimants are allocated an equal portion of the available bank for that month (total Seasonal Tooling budget divided by three). Although claims are on an honour system, L2s may be asked to vouch for people.

Tooling 15,000


Cost S4 S5 Delta
Roles 364,000 364,000 0
Coordinape 150,000 150,000 0
Workstreams 65,000 26,000 (39,000)
Project Bounties 49,450 23,000 (26,450)
Misc 35,000 25,000 (10,000)
Tooling 15,000 15,000 0
Total 678,450 BANK 603,000 BANK (75,450) BANK


BANK token price is currently sitting around all time lows. Design Guild requests allowance to adjust compensation to align with DAO wide standards, if other guilds also propose an hourly compensation increase.

Design Guild continues to provide valuable services both internally and externally to the DAO. Our current aim is to create standards around guild onboarding, and to offer different Discord tags for contributors based on their achievements.

Beginning in Season 5, participation in Guild voting and Coordinape rounds will require the Artisan Role.

Initial implementation will begin with:

  • No Role (“Design Guild” role - self assigned through #role-select)
  • Apprentice (granted upon request to achieve Artisan status)
  • Artisan (achieved by completing Design Guild quests - to be implemented with

Jobs competed in Season 4 include, but are not limited to:

  • Bankless Nouns channel
  • Cryptonexus presentation slide templates
  • Weekly CC POAP spotlight
  • Continued Education Efforts
  • Delivering “The Drawing Board” newsletter 1 - 2 times per month
  • Designing Headers for Newsletters
  • Continued work on New BanklessDAO Website
  • Regular Instagram Posts in collaboration with Marketing Guild
  • Seasonal Kickoff - Twitter Spaces Invitation
  • POAPathon (promoting BanklessDAO and onboarding new designers)
  • Fulfilling design requests that appear on #job-postings
  • Ultrasound Merch contributions
  • Various BanklessDAO guild and project jobs
  • Learning Tutorials
  • Developing Drawing Board - External Jobs and Portfolio Portal


  • Reinis#8935
    • Leads up BanklessLV
    • Gov Coordinator
  • NF Thinker
    • Guild Co-coordinator
  • JENetics
    • Guild Co-coordinator
  • Chrisfcrypto.eth
    • Design and AV Project Coordinator
  • TohlHouseCookie#8680
    • Secretary
  • IsraelRex#3613
    • Talent Coordinator
  • Fiyin
    • Project co-coordinator
  • AB Colours
    • Notion Administrator
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