Design Guild Season10 funding proposal

Authors: IsraelRex, Reinis BanklessLV
Date created: 08.11.2023
Date posted: 10.11.2023
Wallet surplus: 134,480 BANK
Funds requested: 557,760 BANK

Multisig: eth:0x8a771e2874B1e8a38cb08eBCB6e1058d27Fa64c0 2

Multisig signers: Reinis#8935; ab_colours#3481; fiyin#4950; NFThinker#2814; e_Praiz#3031; zara#3499

Table of Contents

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Guild Description

Design guild is a community of skilled designers who collaborate to produce high-quality visuals that communicate BanklessDAO’s message and values to the world. The guild members are passionate about graphic design and have a deep understanding of BDAO’s goals and target audience. They work closely with other BanklessDAO teams, such as marketing and social media, to create visually compelling content that resonates with BDAO’s’ audience.

Past activities

In Season 9, the Design Guild concentrated on various initiatives, including replacing the previous guild coordinape with an Activity Check Bounty to compensate active designers within the DAO. This involved identifying talented designers through an activity check form shared within the guild. Additionally, the guild organized Design Guild Socials and developed the Drawing Board website to attract both internal and external projects and clients. Despite encountering difficulties in deploying the website initially, the guild successfully resolved the issue and plans to launch the Drawing Board website in Season 10. Moreover, the guild initiated a design competition for the Drawing Board pitch deck and continued the weekly Community call POAPs - as it has been for the past many seasons design guild members make sure that there is a POAP ready every week for the community call.

Looking ahead to Season 10, the guild aims to establish an NFT page for the guild designers/illustrators to showcase their artwork for sale, generating profits for the artists, guild, and the DAO. The guild also plans to reach out to potential projects and clients in need of design services. Also plan to resume learning sessions which would involve the role holders participating in teaching a session.


By having a dedicated graphic design guild, BDAO can ensure that its branding and messaging are consistent and visually appealing across all channels. This helps to establish BanklessDAO as a professional and trustworthy organisation in the eyes of its audience. Additionally, the guild’s expertise allows Bankless to stand out from other DAOs, demonstrating the importance of design in communicating complex ideas to a wider audience.


Guild Funding Formula

Season 9 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770 * #26)

→ you can find the formula breakdown here 2.

Budget Breakdown

557,760 BANK + 134,480 BANK (surplus)

200,000 BANK - Activity Check Bonus & Bounty

416,000 BANK - Guild Roles (per member funding formula)

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue

None Yet


Gahbby		Designed Community call poap, designed carousels for marketing department

Great#2490		Social media Design and social media management.

redcrystaldragon		Two POAPs for Halloween and one emergency poap. POAP coordinator for Design Guild

bobo.bankless		more 3D cards for bcard

Zara#3449		Design a LinkedIn banner for marketing department

trewkat		POAP design for CC 130

Sakeenat#0073		Managed the Instagram page

Samuel BG #7569		I joined meetings and concrete decisions were made.

Merci.e		Still haven't gotten anything to be assigned on, just joining meetings.

.cyoot		22nd September POAP

vibrantty.		Marketing Department Campaign design for Bankless Loan and Time Locked BANK, partnership flier for Bankless Africa
Hypolithe		Designing courses for the Education Department and creating a visually appealing slide.

Fiyinx20	   Talent Coordinator	

israelrex	     Guild Coordinator	

chameleon3683	  Project Coordinator	

ab_colours         Accountant

kolaaade	       Notion admin	

rkalnins	      Governance Coordinator
  • We conduct an activity check every month, to guage which guild members have been active during that month, and ask them to submit a contribution.

  • At what intervals is this updated? = Every month on the last day

  • How is active membership status gained, tracked or lost? = Every season, if a member has not been active during the season, they lose their artisan tag.


(Provide where applicable)

  • Will Support
  • Abstain
  • Won’t Support
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Just FYI @israelrex the guild grant template has changed. You can find the new one here: Guild Grant Template (as of S9)


Thanks for submitting this proposal!

Some questions:

  • did the guild design the Drawing Board website? To be honest it kind of looks like a website template I have seen before
  • What is the purpose of the Drawing Board website? Is it to attract more members or as part of a funnel for paid jobs?
  • What do you think the Design Guild can do to attract more contributors to the DAO?

Hey @links
To address your questions

  • The Drawing Board website was designed by a member of design guild back in 2022, the design was then put in a test site via code, so mby the design idea was from an inspiration website, but couldnt have been a copy paste design.
  • the purpose is for both that you mentioned, we use social media accounts to attract talent and the website to showcase what we do, tho these activities will be discontinued in S10 due to the new funding model (we are looking into spinning the drawing board into a project and taking it towards a profit incentive direction, so that the designers and talent that arrive get paid jobs and dont leave (our drop in members is only because of nothing to do for high calibre designers, so those that stay are only ones ready to work for symbolic prices))
  • social media currently is the best and cheapest solution to rase awareness - but also a signal that designers can get paid for their work in the dao is something that most definitely will attract new members.

@Reinis @israelrex thanks for the clarifications

One change: based on [ANNOUNCEMENT] Changes to the S10 Seasonal Funding Process, guild funding is split into 2 parts:

  • flat rate (15,000/week) = 240,000 BANK for S10
  • signaling snapshot (coming soon)

So I have approved this proposal for the flat rate, and you will be included in the Snapshot signaling proposal coming out later this month. You can review the new Guild funding template here: Guild Grant Template (as of S9)