Design Guild Season 7 revisited funding proposal

Design Guild Season 7 funding proposal

This is the Season 7 funding proposal for Design guild. In this proposal you will see an overview of guild activities during season 6, most important governance decisions made and milestones we have reached within internal guild projects. As well as our plans to succeed in season 7.

Season 6 goals and achievements.

Drawing board

During season 6 our goal within the Drawing board was to re-launch the project following our roadmap

We successfully did this and continued with the first step on our roadmap - creating a website and pitch deck. Both are still in the process of creation and in its creation fully includes the design talent within the guild. Multiple guild sponsored bounties have been posted for designers to efficiently work on the website. You can see a first draft website here

More info on the Drawing board project can be found in this proposal - THE DRAWING BOARD WEBSITE PROPOSAL - Google Docs

Guild Operations

During season 6 there was a terrible incident within the DAO coordinape in which a Design Guild role-holder was involved. Since the incident the member has stepped down from the role within Design guild and left the DAO. This event took the role-holders by surprise and has let to the restructuring of Design guilds governance structure - Dissolving the secretary role and creating an accountant role, which you can see in these following proposals - Discord

Design guild will use guidelines provided by @raybankless.eth to standardise and improve the tracking of guild finances.

Tracking of active members

The Design guild follows the guild membership proposal active from season 5 - Guild Members - Google Docs

Addition to how we CHECK active members - at the end of each season all artisans receive a Tally form requesting information on how their contribution during the previous season has been. If the Artisan fills out this form - they are considered Active contributors. If not, their tag is removed and they can apply to receive the tag again, providing 2 fresh design related contributions to the DAO or Design guild activities. (One cannot become a Design guild role-holder if they do not hold the Artisan tag)

Goals for Season 7

In season 7 design guild wishes to keep pursuing its most important goal - providing guild members with design work, so they can train their skills and participate in fun web3 projects. Our biggest focus will be on the Drawing board project with its goals described in the links mentioned above. As well as to provide better onboarding for talent and retention with a site that will provide blogs and general info about our guild

  • A better overview of our design talent that will help market the talent that we have in the Dao in order to support its marketing campaigns.

Funding request for Season 7

In line with member-based guild funding, we ask for a budget of

260,000 BANK = (4 roles x 5 hours x 13 weeks) x 1,000 BANK

  • Guid Coordinator
  • Governance coordinator
  • Talent Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator

39,000 BANK = (1 role x 3 hours x 13 weeks) x 1000 BANK

  • Accounting

13,000 BANK - Notion Administrator

440,000 BANK = 44# Active Members x 10,000 BANK

  • 44 Active Members - Holding the Artisan tag

Season 7 Design Guild Request: 752,000 BANK

Use of extra funding described below:

Due to the size of Design guild, some guild roles require more than 5h per week workload so a portion of guild funds are allocated towards these efforts. Below you can see each role and their assigned hours.

  • Guid Coordinator 6h (5 + 1h per week - 6K BANK per week)
  • Governance coordinator 5h (no additional hours)
  • Talent Coordinator 8h (the guild has 2 talent coordinators each working 4+ hours per week, 5 + 3h per week - 8K BANK per week)
  • Project Coordinator 4 (the guild has 2 project coordinators each working 2+ hours per week, 5 - 1h per week - 4K BANK per week)

Total of funds dedicated to role holders in addition to member-based funding guidelines = 3K BANK per week - 39,000 BANK

Total amount allocated to monthly coordinape rounds = 200,000 BANK per season

Total amount allocated to guild sponsored bounties and internal projects (Drawing Board) = 201,000 BANK

Hi! Can you let me know what are the differences of the Guild, Project and Governance Coordinator roles? Has it always been like this in Design Guild? Also, how many active members in this list are actually contributing and designing? I’m increasingly getting more concerned about repeated names I see that reflect in Dev Guild that are in Design Guild as well. Most of them seem to be active in each Guild and I wonder if that’s actually a good thing or not, it seems more of like a way in increasing the budget of each Guild through the member-based Guild funding.


Hey @Steff , to address your questions. The differences concerning guild, project and governance coordinators can be found in our governance document, each role covers crutial parts of guild activities, and being a design guild role-holder from season 0, I can assure you these tasks cannot be fulfilled by one person - thats why there are 2 project coordinators, and we have also had 2 guild coordinators for some seasons. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Yes this has always been like this in design guild following the first ever guild governance proposal in bDAO posted on july 24th of 2021 - Design Guild Governance Framework Proposal - Google Docs
As well as Frogmonkees framework for guild coordination, where these roles are highlighted to be crucial Framework for Guild Coordination
I can provide more detail to why these 3 roles are needed if you wish, but in short - most guild having guild coordinators but none of the other mentioned above has lead to no clear governance solutions throughout seasons and ineffective project management, I can recall just a year ago during seasons 3/4 when most guilds didnt even have a worked out governance document, just a simple rewrite of the two frameworks mentioned above. Which is also a recall to the innovation in governance solutions that members of design guild have led within the Dao at the very start.
Most design guild roles were established in seasons 1 to 3.
Design guild has always been one of the larger guilds in the DAO, our meeting attendance averages 20-30 people every week (I know that isnt the only measure for activity, but just to display the level of interest we have) I have no clue which of these people are active in Dev guild, but we require guild artisans to show their design related contributions to be considered Active contributors, so there is probable cause for their activity.

There needs to be some form of proof of work beyond being on a Discord call. 3/4 of a million $BANK to possibly teach bDAO members how to design?

Really? 3/4 of a million $BANK for this?

A submission, being routinely active on the call, something showing that a member is progressing!

All these bDAO entities requesting $BANK without anything to show for it cannot go on, it is just not sustainable!


Here are changes we would like to make to the proposal:

Adjusted active member count - 31 Active Design guild members, following our recently (not yet concluded) activity check.
Adjusted final ask as a result of decreased active member count -

Season 7 Design Guild Request: 622,000 BANK

Previously expressed concerns on how the guild will provide educational material and training for our designers - the Tutorials Level up initiative was a joint activity between Design and AV guilds from seasons 4-6, where people could upskill them selves in group sessions with teachers. This initiative fell through during season 6, and due to other guild operations, the role-holders haven’t yet set up something in its place, tho with the launch of the DrawingBoard project website we will turn our focus back to training talent, so we are capable of offering design services outside of banklessDAO. The end goal for Design guild is to provide a welcoming house for designers of all skills and talent with opportunities to train and work - without a need of reoccurring funding that will drain BDAO treasury.

Thank you for the updated request.

Couple of questions:

a. Can you help us understand the purpose of the design guild and how the guild is fulfilling this purpose? What metrics do you suggest the DAO can use to track this?

b. Out of all the design activity that happens in the DAO, what % is being serviced by the design guild? Is there documentation on this?

c. Is it possible to see the work that 31 active designers have made in the past season either for the guild, or for other activities in the DAO?


Amazing questions, thank you Jenga!