Season 7 Design Guild Funding proposal

Date posted: January 20, 2023

Organising as: Guild

Funding mechanism: Member-based Funding

713,000 BANK (44 Active members + 4 roles)

Definition/Calculation of ”Active” member:

Design Guild Active members can be identified in discord carrying the “Artisan (Design Guild)” Tag

Recap of season 6:

Design Guild is actively working on the Drawing Board project, which is to be a Design service brand, with the goal of providing talent with work in order to retain it, and pursuing marketing activities to attract more talent, you can view an overall road map below.

During Season 6 we made immense progress in the design of the Drawing Board website, which will be filled with all kinds of various contributions from every artisan within Design guild, here you can see our progress

Plans for Season 7:

During Season 6 a terrible incident happened within the Dao concerning the theft of funds, unfortunately, the person responsible was holding the guild secretary role. For season 7 Design guild plans to keep working on the Drawing board project as well as revisiting and refining our finance tracking with the dissolving of the secretary role and introduction of an accountant role.

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there is no description of what member activity is or how it is measured, I can’t support this funding proposal and if it had a poll i would object to it


The link under “Definition/Calculation of “Active” member” in the proposal outlines processes Design Guild takes to track and define Active members - Guild Members - Google Docs

@Reinis Thanks for adding the explanation of active members to your proposal. I also see that 2 months of inactivity in the guild disqualifies the member as an artisan. Do you have a sheet that tracks this activity? I am having a difficult time finding some of these members. Additionally, adding the accounting role should help with this overhead! Great call!