Design Guild Season 8 Budget proposal

Authors; Editors: Reinis#8935 Chameleon#3683 IsraelRex#3613

Date created: 04.04.2023
Date posted: 07.04.2023
Wallet surplus: 189,270 BANK

Funds requested: 742,560 BANK
Multisig: eth:0x8a771e2874B1e8a38cb08eBCB6e1058d27Fa64c0

Multisig signers: Reinis#8935; ab_colours#3481; fiyin#4950; NFThinker#2814; e_Praiz#3031; zara#3499

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Guild Description

Design guild is a community of skilled designers who collaborate to produce high-quality visuals that communicate BanklessDAO’s message and values to the world. The guild members are passionate about graphic design and have a deep understanding of BDAO’s goals and target audience. They work closely with other BanklessDAO teams, such as marketing and social media, to create visually compelling content that resonates with BDAO’s’ audience.

Past activities

Last season was marked by several key activities within the guild. Design Guild launched a series of weekly learning sessions aimed at educating members on various aspects of graphic design. These sessions were well-received and helped to improve members’ skills and quality of work.

In addition, the guild successfully completed the development of a new codebase and launched a website - The website serves as a platform for members to share their work with the wider community and be a launching ground for new client projects.

Design guild also restructured its member activity checks to include a requirement for each member to make at least one contribution per month. This helped to ensure that members remain active and engaged in the guild’s activities such as multiple guild-sponsored competitions.

Finally, Design Guild updated its governance framework to a new version, which reflects the evolving needs of the guild and its members. Overall, last season was a productive and successful period for Design guild reviewing and implementing solutions for concerns expressed by grants committee last season, and the guild is poised to continue making progress towards its mission of communicating the DAOs mission through intelligent next-gen design.


By having a dedicated graphic design guild, BDAO can ensure that its branding and messaging are consistent and visually appealing across all channels. This helps to establish BanklessDAO as a professional and trustworthy organisation in the eyes of its audience. Additionally, the guild’s expertise allows Bankless to stand out from other DAOs, demonstrating the importance of design in communicating complex ideas to a wider audience.


Guild Funding Formula

(In Season 7, BanklessDAO made changes to the seasonal length. This impacts the formula we use to calculate guild funding requests. Therefore, we ask Guilds to calculate their Season 8 funding request using the following formula:)

Season 8 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770 * #active member)

…up to a maximum of 1,247,680 BANK

→ you can find the formula breakdown here.

Budget Breakdown

931,830 BANK

250,000 BANK - Coordinape

330,000 BANK - Guild Roles (per member funding formula)

49,000 BANK - Guild Roles (extra assigned hours to role-holders)

290,000 BANK - Internal projects, Educational efforts and guild sponsored bounties

Estimated surplus at the end of season - 6000 BANK

Current holdings


(Active members holding Artisan tag)

  • Cisco#7413
  • McEal#0001
  • ab_colours#3481
  • Sketchbreezy#1411
  • ETrinity007#7414
  • Jeromebuka
  • Cyoot#4852
  • Jasu#9801
  • hypolithe#7391
  • JasonThebestvibe#9577
  • Deanerous#8416
  • BOBOtoTHEmoon​:rocket::black_flag:#7705
  • CĂ«llevista#0335
  • junglerush.eth :black_flag::bat::loud_sound:#6223
  • SpiritedF#7303
  • Samuel BG #7569
  • Reinis#8935
  • Zara#3499
  • Vibrantty#4886
  • e_Praiz#3031
  • Paulito#8869
  • Chameleon#3683
  • Jaux#8781
  • Gahbby#6647
  • DEVALEX#6277
  • IsraelRex#3613
  • VallentinaC#4102
  • Dane#2837
  • Oluwatomiwa#4355
  • BOBOtoTHEmoon​:rocket::black_flag:#7705
  • Trewkat#1933
  • RedCrystalDragon#4188
  • fiyin#4950
  • 33 Active members

What’s your methodology of assessing active membership within the guild? -

  • There are three Design Guild membership tiers: Idles, Apprentices and Artisans.
    • Membership tiers will be denoted using Discord role tags.
    • Guild membership is independent of DAO membership. Guest pass holders can hold any membership tier within Design Guild.

Idle (No tag, only design guild tag)

  1. Members who have the Design Guild tag, but are not actively participating within the Design Guild, meaning they have not taken part in any qualifying activities/events (Not an apprentice or artisan)
  2. Cannot participate in governance polls or volunteer for paid activities such as elected roles, Client Services, or Coordinape.
  3. All members are automatically considered Idle once they select the @design guild tag
  4. Any Design Guild Role Holder working within the Design Guild may change an Idle to an Apprentice once the Idle member requests to receive this tag.
  5. Any Design Guild member that hasn’t announced their absence and is not active for 3 months (1 season) is reverted back to Idle status

NOTE: If proposal passed in Season 4, this will take effect only starting Season 5


  1. Has the Design Guild tag and wishes to start contributing to Guild activities and conversations.

  2. Cannot participate in elected roles, governance polls, Client Services

  3. To move to an Artisan, an Apprentice must complete any of these tasks:

  4. Participate in any Design guild competition/project.

  5. Create a weekly or community call POAP

  6. Has created design assets for other guilds within BanklessDAO

  7. Any Design Guild Role Holder working within the Guild may change an Apprentice to an Artisan once the above tasks are completed. Promotees must provide evidence for their contributions. (multi-sig payments, witness, or otherwise)


  1. Has the Design Guild tag and has demonstrated proficiency and reliability.

  2. Can participate in all Guild activities, such as:

  3. Acting as a signatory on the Guild multi-sig wallet.

  4. Nomination for elected Roles.

  5. Working for Client Services.

  6. Voting on governance polls.

  7. Participate in guild Coordinape rounds.

  8. Can act as a witness for Apprentice looking to gain Artisan tag.

  9. Inactivity for more than 1 season results in moving to Idle.

  10. Have 1 design contribution per month to maintain Artisan status.

  • At what intervals is this updated? - Every Season, An artisan earns their activity status for one season.


(Provide where applicable)

Should Design Guild recieve funding for Season 8?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are all the mentioned members active contributors? According to the mentioned definitions here i suggest that only Artisan tag holders can be considered active.

How often does the guild recheck if members have met the Artisan eligibility conditions? When was the last time this happened?

Activity check process happens during the last month of the season in order for artisans to have completed all of their contributions, this list is of the artisans that completed the activity check at the end of last season, we are yet to complete this seasons avctivity check. Due to a need to submit budget requests early, we are not able to give the most recent data

My only suggestion is to separate your active membership group between the sections you have stated above.

Over all I am voting yes.

is there a database that we can see the total seasonal output of these 33 contributors?

Could you elaborate specifically how the design guild is ensuring that bDAO’s branding and messaging are consistently and visually appealing across all channels?

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You have listed “BOBOtoTHEmoon​:rocket:#7705” twice.

We are working together with the Marketing department and allocating 50K BANK towards this initiative next season, the goal is to finally create a unified brand for BDao

“Activity check process happens during the last month of the season in order for artisans to have completed all of their contributions, this list is of the artisans that completed the activity check at the end of last season, we are yet to complete this seasons avctivity check. Due to a need to submit budget requests early, we are not able to give the most recent data”

As I mentioned before, this data is from the last activity check that happened at the end last season, a change to activity requirements was voted in on the 24th of March. During last season we weren’t collecting this type of data. Tho, by the end of this season we will have this data.

hi @Reinis I don’t see any open projects on the notion page. What would this budget go towards/did it go to in season 7? The amount for coordinape is very large. Can I see the coordinate breakdown from season 6 and 7?

Yes, our coordinape breakdown has not been changed since season 2 and it is as follows - for every month of the season 50k BANK is allocated to the coordinape, and for the last month of every season the amount is 100K BANK, previously this amount was 200K BANK per season, as next season adds an extra month the amount also increases.