Education guild seasonal 4 funding proposal

Title: Education Guild Season 4 Funding Proposal

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Date created and posted: 19-04-2022

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The Education Guild is requesting 398,981 BANK for seasonal funding from BanklessDAO for Season 4. below are the detailed specifications of the funding request.


In Season 4, the guild will continue to decentralize the remuneration process by keeping the paid roles up for everyone to contribute via workgroups. The focus for this season will be inner-DAO education on contributing within the BanklessDAO as well as towards operating in web3.

At the end of Season 4, the Education Guild will open a Coordinape round to remunerate contributors for efforts throughout Season 4.

The Guilds treasury inherits an additional 396,019 BANK from previous seasons, which will help us keep our funding proposal as light as possible by using this buffer to fund or add funding to projects which had their genesis -4in Education Guild.


The Education Guild plays a pivotal role in the Bankless mission. Our main focus is to focalize the organization of the guild, the nourishment of talent, and the coordination of necessary labor required for DAO operations and governance.

Many members of the Education Guild are heavily involved in major DAO projects such as First Quest, New Joiners Session and Bankless Academy and help onboard new DAO members into these projects by educating them.


S4 - Governance & Operations

Cross-guild Coordinator + Promoter
Priority alignment: Offer support to DAO-wide educational projects

An example of the responsibility this workgroup would have is to help the Solidity Learning team scale their cohort style course.

  • Identify educational projects that would benefit from help from education guild talent.
  • Lead the support effort for the identified projects
  • Provide feedback on educational requirements for DAO-wide projects
  • Work together with the education guild talent coordinators to find and staff talent for DAO-wide projects.
  • Be the main point of contact for other guilds who are currently using education guild resources and talent, and for those who want to use education guild resources and talent.

Priority alignment: Promoting our work

Champion Role Qualifications - a passion for developing products, a desire to marketing educational products, and the ability to work well in teams.

  • Work together with other role holders to gain awareness of all educational projects and resources in BanklessDAO
  • Explore options for publicizing all scheduled workshops, available resources, and projects
  • Lead the development of a solution to make all educational resources accessible and discoverable
  • Share wins on weekly education calls and community calls

Season 3 successes from CrossGuild Workgroup:

We began building the process of aligning incentives for a network of Crossguild “Spiders” to seek out other guilds and projects and report back to edu on what their upcoming educational needs there might be.

With eight Spiders in our network reporting back, we have a base to build on for Season 4; by leveraging the information they bring back, we will help the Education Workgroup develop educational workshops to address those needs. We plan to leverage the Spider network again in Season 4 for promoting said workshops in guild and project meetings across bDAO.

Retrospective analysis in the final weeks of season three revealed inefficiencies in Spider network reporting mechanisms which were addressed by streamlining the reporting and remuneration process for spiders using structures developed by Research Guild.

Lead Talent Coordinator
Priority alignment: Encourage and develop members

  • Develop a training doc outlining the key skills of a strong talent coordinator
  • Build and train a team of talent coordinators
  • Take personal ownership of new members by getting to know them, discovering their passions, and getting them started in projects that fit their interests.
  • Offer support to the rest of the guid roles by scouting and providing talent where needed.
  • Maintain contact with members to provide support if and when necessary

Education Champion
Priority alignment: web3 and operational education

An example of the responsibility this person would have is identifying opportunities for the mentorship program to build out while keeping that ship moving in the right direction.

Role Qualifications - a passion for members, a sense of care for members, and experience in education.

  • Possess awareness of all educational projects and resources at BanklessDAO
  • Actively drive development of educational products
  • Identify opportunities to educate BanklessDAO members
  • Work together with talent coordinators to staff projects
  • Work together with the cross-guild project coordinator to support existing education projects and teams

Season 3 successes from Education Workgroup

Breaking up the guild into workgroups allowed for a smaller more focused team to deliver on what we were most interested in. This approach paid off as we produced the most educational content compared to any other season. Our meetings were also more productive and intentional. We will keep this structure for season 4, but aim for more educational deliverables. Season 3 was an experiment in many ways for the Education Guild. We’ve learned a lot and will apply those learnings to season 4.

Guild Administrator

Priority alignment - The glue

  • Possess awareness of DAO and guild governance procedures
  • Assist others to navigate governance processes
  • Be responsible for upholding governance processes
  • Represent the guild in any governance-related activities
  • Raise awareness for changes in governance
  • Update Notion and Discord channels with new information
  • Organize and facilitate weekly meetings
  • Act as a reliable point of contact for general guild matters
  • Provide guild updates on Weekly DAO CC
  • Possess awareness of all guild-related activities and assist in removing any blockers
  • Track incoming and outgoing transactions from guild’s multi-sig
  • Track reimbursements due to guild members for remuneration
  • Report guild spending to Treasury Guild


The Education Guild voted and approved to allocate 200,000 BANK to a Coordinape round at the end of Season 3. The Coordinape round will be open to all members, including Guest Pass holders.In Season 4, we will repeat this process of rewarding guild members for actively participating and contributing to the guild’s ongoing success. We hope to allocate the same amount of 200,000 BANK for this purpose.

Misc Expense

Education guild will not request any funding for miscellaneous expenses.


We anticipate the following expenditures during Season 4:

  • Governance & Operations 555,000 BANK
  • Recognition 200,000 BANK
  • Total Spending 755,000 BANK

This is 356,019 BANK less than what was requested and approved for in Season 3. Even though we grew in size and engagement unproportionally, we are able to ask less funding thanks to improved efficiency in the Guild’s procedures based upon the actions and best practices we managed to implement following the Season 3 funding.

Recognition expenditures are anticipated to occur within Coordinape rounds.

Governance and operations expenditures are anticipated to be broken into workgroups as follows:

Governance (workgroups) estimated BANK/month
Talent Coordination 55,000
Education Championship 50,000
Promoter/Cross Guild Coordinator (merged in funding) 40000
Guild administration 40000
monthly total 185,000
Workgroups Season total (3 months) 555,000


The overall guild success metrics and KPIs is seen in the respective success metrics and KPIs of each of the workgroups that operate the Guild.

Each workgroup in season 3 had their own KPIs specific to their goals.

Education Workgroup

All our KPIs are measured over time with season 3 setting the baseline. All KPIs can be found HERE, and will be measured across the next several seasons to track improvements.

CrossGuild Coordination and Promotion Workgroup:

KPIs are primarily based on leveraging the :spider: network and can be found

Admin workgroup success metrics and KPIs