ETH Mexico: Onoboarding for Bankless DAO in Spanish

Title: ETH Mexico: Onoboarding for Bankless DAO in Spanish

Authors: CryptoReuMD, AnaTech

Squad: CryptoReuMD#2093, AnaTech#7412, Lalocripto.eth🏴#8138, Ariiellus#2849

Date Created: 25/jul/2022

Date Posted: 28/jul/2022


Ethereum Mexico has become a fast growing community, with more than 300 members in the Telegram channel, 1038 followers on Twitter, since its creation in June 2022 we have focused on teaching complex and high value topics, with excellent speakers. On this occasion several of our members are currently collaborators of BanklessDAO and will be hackers in ETH Mexico. The event we have planned is a kickoff session for people who want to collaborate in BanklessDAO as we have noticed a leak of talenos, so it is essential to have people interested in the project at this time when it is time to build, in addition to the session we plan to deliver merchandise, twitter spaces and a breakfast for networking and consolidate relationships with other members of BanklessDAO.

Budget: 70500 BANK


For us, Bankless DAO, is a reference in the crypto ecosystem, we have been growing, cooperating and learning every week that we put our effort to give the best for our community. The ETH Mexico event is about a hackathon in which, for the first time, all those interested in understanding, studying, using and undertaking in Ethereum, are being educated, as we have started from the beginning of the definitions. So far we have held five sessions with an average of 100 Spanish-speaking attendees, counting meetings via Zoom and Youtube views, two twitter spaces with 746 interactions in the first one and about 250 in the second one, a face-to-face meeting talking about Multising and we will talk soon with developers about The Graph.

We have noticed that all the channels within the DAO have considerably decreased their activity and we have talent drain and it is very important that at this time it is essential to build and consolidate the values that constitute BanklessDAO.

The intention of this proposal is to create an academic session on how to get started in BanklessDAO, since the Spanish speaking communities are growing at a very high speed, we need to provide simple tools and a workshop style session, for individual support, since commitment and coordination is essential for proper communication.

The event will consist of a session, with BanklessDAO merchandise, including pins, t-shirts, backpacks, stickers and it would be great to get all the people interested involved.


Among all the DAOs, the one we liked the most and with which we would like to undertake the journey of our population is Bankless, since its objective is: “to help the world become bankless by creating user-friendly on-ramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media and culture.”

Based on the above we consider ourselves fully aligned as we seek to provide technology knowledge to people who have little time in the ethereum ecosystem, we are fascinated to provide objective answers and simple security methods, to inform themselves before making inappropriate decisions or decisions that put their economic well-being at risk. We have talked about the evolution to Web 3, NFT with its different use cases, DeFi and the importance of learning to use it in a country with too many economic problems and 85% of its population natively unbanked by social isolation.

Ethereum Mexico will be in charge of conducting a session that will allow our audience to know the importance of Bankless, as the most relevant, objective and high quality ecosystem of coordination relationships.

Currently in the translators section and the IMN in Spanish, there has been a constant growth, with content that has challenged the minds of our readers and listeners. Therefore, we consider that we are a platform that offers high quality and relevant content.


BanklessDAO in Spanish is our home and our playground, the place where we have learned, created and now teach more people to work in a world 100% focused on Blockchain. Before we made our first events we were scattered, forgotten and with Web2 manners. Belonging to the bankless has not only made us grow in knowledge, but also in understanding what it means to be a person who loves human coordination and mutual growth. For the above we have decided to help, support and undertake this situation in more Spanish-speaking hearts

At the time of this writing we have done the following:

1.- Since the creation of Ethereum Mexico, we have managed to obtain 1200+ followers on Twitter, 65 subscribers on Youtube, 300+ Telegram users and 100 consumers of the content of our sessions.

2.- Currently we have five sessions, 2 twitter spaces, 1 session in real life and many doubts resolved, practically active throughout the day on Telegram.

3.- In our IMN channel we have 32 members, 10 of whom have joined in the last 4 months, with high quality content, meeting the standards of translation, podcast and original content.

4.- We have had constant growth as IMN on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify, now with guests and with the start of DeFi applications with monthly reviews.

What are our goals?

1.- We plan to hold a session with a minimum of 50 people in Ethereum Mexico before the Hackaton, in order to obtain 15% of the attendees as active participants of the DAO.

2.- The growth of the DAO would allow us to obtain better KPI performance, to now launch our YouTube platform and a Podcast with more frequent content and the creation of Grants and Bounties within the IMN.

3.- By working alongside ETH Mexico, ETH Global and our IMN-BanklessDAO en Español, we believe that our hackers, builders and DAOists will play an extraordinary role in representing Bankless.


Each one of us has started in BanklessDAO en Español, since its creation by LaloCripto and AnaTech, it has grown considerably and we have translators, content creators, marketers, editors and even doctors and psychologists who are currently working on the node. Based on this, we decided to ally ourselves in the development of Etheruem Mexico and also participate in the Hackaton so that our members will now have much more experience and emotions to create high-quality content.

In addition to this, we all have a Bankless heart, so carrying the banner of our community will be something fantastic, since many of us have dreamed of being part of this DAO since its inception, since it has inspired us with confidence and has filled us with knowledge.

The growth of the node is essential for us, since we are sure that participation in this hackathon will lay the foundations for the future of events in Mexico.


During the ETH Mexico event there will be no specialized talks on crypto technology, however our global ETH committee and the union with Espacio Cripto allows us to be part of the organization of the side events to the publication since many people are interested in go to learn, given that an event with such relevance in the Mexican ecosystem had never been presented, although DevCon has been experienced a few years ago, we did not have so many people interested and eager to learn without hesitation.

Due to the above and unfortunately the flight of people who work in Bankless, we are extremely concerned that we do not have the growth obtained so far, so a start session and how to learn to use Discord and belong to BanklessDAO, connect your wallet and use tools like Colab, DeWork and Coordinape.

The division of resources would be as follows:

1-Breakfast: 8500 BANK

2- Swag:

a.- Tote Bags/50 T-Shirts/Bags: 16,500 BANK

b.- Pin: 3500 BANK 150x

3- Logistics and Organization

a.- Preparation of application and organization 2 hours: 7000 BANK

b.- Preparation of the Workshop 2 hours: 7000 BANK

c.-Workshop lasting 3 hours: 10,500 BANK (x2)

4.-YouTube Membership and Creation:

a.- 1 year Membership and administration: 7000 BANK


The use of the brand is the most exciting part of the project. The community in Mexico is definitely very unprepared in the English language, so the creation of high quality Bankless content is essential, not only the translation part, but also originality and speed in sharing them.

By starting this session a few days before the hackathon, we will make a brand presence, having more visibility and originality in the design and alignment of incentives with our attitude, honesty and desire to help and educate.


The success of the project will depend on the number of attendees who attend the breakfast for networking and onborading, in addition to the number of attendees who attend the session and of these the final percentage that join the DAO and continue to contribute.

We will evaluate the rate of new admission according to the numbers prior to the event, the length of stay in the DAO and the reasons of the union and in case of not continuing the reason for its abandonment.


  • Increase the number of people working and helping at INM en Español
  • Increase the audience in our Podcasts in Spanish
  • Increase our followers on Twitter, Instagram
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Increase the income of our node through YouTube and Spotify, to remunerate our taxpayers, to avoid the attack on the price of BANK
  • Improve the quality and organization of our current work
  • Create ongoing partnership with Ethereum Mexico for future calls and spaces


AnaTech: Ana is currently the IMN Marketing leader, an active contributor with a long history of creating high-quality content, she loves teaching and decentralized protocols, she also belongs to HERDAO, founder of HERDAO Latam, ETH Mexico, Token Engineering Commons and Espacio Cripto Podcast. She is a leader in the organization of Ethereum Mexico and is in contact with ETH Global.

Arriellus: Fervent believer in scalability and the different governance models, currently in charge of the IMN translation section, organized, respectful and always learning, he also works as an ambassador at Arch Finance, he is an Advocate for The Graph, Cryptodiversidad and Espacio Crypto Podcast. He will be a participant in the ETH Mexico hackathon, creator of CryptoPuebla in Puebla.

CryptoReuMD: Current champion of the IMN in Spanish, doctor by profession and enthusiast of the web3 ecosystem, with diverse knowledge of many topics, currently working on the edition of the IMN Notion, Podcast team and contributor of Translations and editions. She is Advocate from The Graph, HumanDAO, Atani and Committee from The Infinite Machine Movie. Community Builder of Espacio Cripto Podcast and creator of TolokDAO in Mérida.

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I’m a big fan of IRL events, but I think this needs some clarity on:

• Is this in collaboration with the existing ETH Global Events initiatives, or would it be a separate budget request?
• Please show a TOTAL for the amount of BANK requested
• Format BANK totals as xx,xxx $BANK - with the dollar sign in front of BANK, not the numbers

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Thanks for the proposal. While I agree that onboarding via side events is a good strategy, there is a more optimal way (which costs less BANK and delivers more outreach) of doing side-events that ETHLATAM folks are already working on. Check it out here

Additionally there is already a partnership framework that we have established for IRL events

I would like to invite you and the rest of the team to engage with the Global Events team and find a common ground on how to proceed with side events as well as partnership with the main ETH Mexico event.


This is a nice proposal but it is not in line with the goal of the Global events team. I think there should be another way to go about this that will be more effective and less fund demanding. Expect there is another agenda behind this event that was not stated in this proposal I suggest that proposal should be revisited along side with the Global events team if that was not done initially so as to get a more straight forward approach towards the goals of this event and how it benefits the DAO at large. Kudos to all the contributors of ETH Mexico.


Sorry i’m used to set a $ before any asset as a tag in twitter, iv’e already removed.

Okidoki. I’ll talk to the team. Thank you for the response.

Thanks Paulito. Yes, there is a coordination for the side events in Mexico in wich we are working I’ll talk to the team and i’m vary sorry for the confusion in the average cost. I think this proposal is less than 100k worth in bank.

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