Translators Guild Season 7 Funding Proposal

Translators Guild Season 7 Budget Proposal


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The Translators Guild formally requests the seasonal maximum of 338.000 BANK.

The major goals that the Translators Guild set for season 6 were:

#1 onboard more members to the guild
#2 increasing the number of opportunities to contribute for guild members
#3 further improve guild operations through micro roles and bounties
#4 strengthening relationships between guilds to make BanklessDAO content available in more languages
#5 initiate new projects that will also generate revenue for BanklessDAO
#6 create a workflow to receive translations from externals so that we can offer Translation Services as a guild for bDAO itself, other bDAO projects, and external clients

Even though our performance in regards to the target set was not bad, and still managed to onboard new talent, provide opportunities for contribution, strengthened our relationships, and improved the workflow between other BDAO Guilds and projects, we feel that this was not sufficient.
Over the last 2 seasons, we have seen a decline in active participation in the Guild, a lack of engagement, and limited willingness/proposals for new projects, workstreams, and collaboration. In confluence with the bad market conditions and centralization of talent around one single language pool and little to no talent flow from our guild to projects, we have seen declining participation of other language communities and individuals that have let the Guild go stagnant.
The micro-roles introduced in season 4 have broadly failed to create a new talent pool of contributors that will actively work on new opportunities within and outside of the DAO, and the vast majority of them have ended up being positions that people occupy to secure some sort of compensation by providing the apparent minimum in terms of work and creativity. In addition, the micro-roles scheme has failed to generate new talent that will be willing to take role-holder positions and support the Guild.

As a result, the translation Bounties, which heavily rely on the engagement and activity of micro role holders, have also seen a big decline during the last season. Not being able to provide sufficient opportunities for new contributors has also played a major role in the decline of active guild participation.

Last but not least of the reasons for declining guild participation is the misuse of Guild procedures that takes place systematically over the last 3 seasons. In Season 4 when we first encountered the issue of gamification of Guild elections we introduced the Translatoooor governance tag, which gave voting rights to members who attended an X number of meetings. In Season 5, we increased the threshold for the tag by including Coordinape participation, while increasing the minimum criteria for admission in the Coordinape Round. In Season 6, we abolished Coordinape since, despite our efforts, it was still heavily gamed. The gamification of Guild processes that had as an ultimate target the governance tag and the Coordinape participation created a situation where Guild meetings would attract tens of people, who would never speak, rarely introduce themselves, and would only interact with the Guild to claim their governance tag and participate/vote in elections/Coordinape.

All of the above in combination with the bear market and the decline of the BANK price has led to a situation where a lot of us (especially the older members and contributors of the Guild) debated whether the Guild should continue to exist going into Season 7.
After discussions, we have decided to use the following 3 months of Season 7, as a last chance period where the Guild is going to be restructured, processes are going to be ironed out, initiatives to bring real work and provide value to the DAO will be kickstarted. The Guild, as will be reflected in the budget ask, will use the absolute minimum funds in order to function, will not provide any bounties, and will only incentivize projects and participation which would bring real value to the Bankless DAO.

As such the KPIs for season 7 are:

  1. Create a clear definition of what contribution to the Guild means.
  2. Refine our structure, strategies, and relationships with other Guilds.
  3. Create workflows that will bring actual value to the DAO.
  4. Attract and retain talent that can translate and is willing to contribute to the Guild as translators.


  • Coordinator
    Guild Coordinator 5K/week

  • Governance and Treasury
    Guild Governance Coordinator 5k/week

  • Onboarding
    Talent Scout 5K/week

  • Projects
    Project Manager 5K/week

  • Secretary
    Notion Administrator + note taking 13K/season

Translators Guild Ask for roles: 338.000 BANK

Active members (members with the governance tag):

S/N Active Members
1 zarna#4867
2 Yura_Teslya#9736
3 vickyone🏴#0165
4 Vibrantty#4886
5 VallentinaC#4102
6 Romko.eth#3300
7 raybankless.eth :black_flag:#7390
8 p8ul.eth#1559
9 Oge#1640
10 MinaHasNoIdea#6706
11 LiviuC#7835
12 Lany#4262
13 KingIBK#0108
14 ilk.eth#9768
15 ijeblowrider
16 Great#2490
17 Godwithus#5508
18 gioser🏴#6032
19 fabiancripto🏴#1110
20 DiscoDancin#0752
21 DEVALEX#6277
22 Deewon#1185
23 Crown​:crown::black_flag:#6220
24 Ariiellus#2849
25 anaphant#0024

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