Marketing Guild Budget for Season 4

Title: Marketing Guild Season 4 Budget Proposal

Date Created: 2022-04-12

Date Posted: 2022-04-18


The Marketing guild asks for 792’000 BANK for season 4. This slight increase comes from a larger bounty pool that will help us to use more of the existing marketing talent within the guild.

Cost Item Season 3 Season 4 Delta
Roles 455,000 420,000 -35,000
Micro-Roles 91,000 72,000 -13,000
Coordinape 75,000 150,000 +75,000
Bounties 150,000 150,000 0
TOTAL 771,000 792,000 +21,000


With the launch of season 3 we started to get more organized as a guild in order to continue with our two main tasks: Firstly, onboard people to web3 and educate those users with trusted content. Secondly, run internal or external campaigns for up-and-coming projects and start to become more self-sustainable in terms of revenue over time.

During Season 3 we grew from 19 active contributors to 31 active contributors. This 63% growth in active talent helped us to work on multiple channels and projects in parallel. As a result of this growth, we were able to increase the number of Marketing Talent that holds L2 status

New Marketing Packages were formed (Reach, Engagement, Growth) to attract and sell more campaigns. A Notion Campaign Database was introduced to improve the campaign planning and documentation. We were able to grow our own social media reach by distributing educational content (i.e. Polygon Explainer).

We grew our Twitter Profile by +29.7% and we now reach 47,000 users on Twitter. We gained 581 Instagram Followers in 2022 and currently sit at almost 1,400 Followers. On TikTok we reached 2,500 Views in February. The marketing guild also started a LinkedIn profile in season 3 to connect with professionals and educate them about the possibilities in web3. We now reach 352 Followers on LinkedIn. In collaboration with the OPS Guild, we also started to support the community on with the rework of the text blocks, channel architecture and the aim to increase the daily usage on that platform.

We also ran campaigns for the IdolsNFT, DegenBlues NFT, CitaDAO, UltrasoundMerch, and supported bDAO teams like Fight Club along their journey. Through those various campaigns, we were able to earn 10k USDC for the guild treasury.


With season 3 we started introducing the talent coordinator role as well as micro-holder holders for each social media channel. This allowed us to grow our guild in headcount and to dedicate more resources to leverage the characteristics of each social media channel. We plan to continue with this role and payment structure.


In Season 4 the Marketing Guild will continue to grow our organic social media reach on various channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, LinkedIn, GM, etc.) via the micro-role holders that will be appointed for each channel. We are currently in the build-up of a content factory line ( that enables writer & designer talent joining forces and produce stunning educational content that can be shared by the micro-role holders in a coordinated effort through multiple social media channels. The result will be a stronger brand and increased reach and engagement on our channels. As an additional benefit, we will be able to coordinate bounty work more efficiently. After the successful connection between discord and “dework”, we will also test the integration of gnosis safe for smooth bounty hunting.

This continuously growing reach will be used within our marketing packages to sell promotional space for bDAO internal & external campaign requests. A key challenge this season will be to acquire new customers. Our Campaign Coordinator will focus on onboarding external projects that are willing to pay us in ETH, Stablecoin or BANK.

We believe that with the combination of guild internal coordinape rounds, micro-role holder payment and an improved bounty model (pairing of copywriter & Multimedia Marketeers) we will be able to retain the talent in the guild and increase our current output and reach.

Cost Item Type Per Week Per Month Per Season
Guild Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Campaign Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Social Media Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Gov & Treasury Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Talent Coordinator Role 7000 28000 84000
Instagram Role Holder Micro-Role 1000 4000 12000
Meta Role Holder Micro-Role 1000 4000 12000
Twitter Role Holder Micro-Role 1000 4000 12000
LinkedIn Role Holder Micro-Role 1000 4000 12000
Telegram Role Holder Micro-Role 1000 4000 12000
TikTok Role Holder Micro-Role 1000 4000 12000
Guild Remuneration Coordinape 12500 50000 150000
Bounties Campaigns & Bounties 12500 50000 150000
TOTAL 66000 264000 792000


  • Social Media Growth: Every Channel should reach a certain amount of growth in order to increase the value of the bDAO Social Reach Overall. This will be mainly achieved with sharing educational content that follows the overall Bankless DAO Mission to onramp users to web3. Here are the KPI for each social media channel:

    • Twitter: Gain 10,000 Followers (+20%)
    • Telegram: Reach 250 Follower (+103%)
    • Instagram: Reach 2000 Follower (+43%)
    • Facebook: Reach 100 Follower (+185%)
    • LinkedIn: Reach 500 Follower (+41%)
  • Governance & Treasury Coordinator: Increase the throughput of the marketing guild by implementing an improved web3-native bounty model via a project management tool (i.e. DeWork). The goal is to plug in more talent to the marketing guild in order to share the workload on more shoulders and gain productivity // KPI: Successful launch of Content Factory Line incl. Bounty Payment

  • Campaign Coordinator: For the long-term sustainability we want to make sure that we build up a treasury that contains Stablecoins or ETH. The goal is too sell at least 1 campaign that will increase Non-BANK Token holdings in our treasury. // KPI: Earn 15k USD

  • Talent- & Guild Coordinator: In order to scale and increase the pool of talent that is available to the Marketing Guild, our goal is to increase our active contributor count (weekly active guest passes or L1 and higher) // KPI: Reach 40 active contributors (+29%)


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Can you share about what sorts of bounties were issued in S3?

In season 3 we started to introduce a duo formation with a writer and a designer working hand in hand to produce the visuals needed for a coordinated distribution on various social media channels. You can find the bounty compensation here.

As you can see this started small but we are working on scaling this up to produce more educational and visually stunning content.