Marketing Department Season 10 funding request

Authors: Eren Targ, Oluwasijibomi, Ximpli Ana, Tundeey Turner, Boluwatife

Date: 14th November 2023

Wallet surplus: Detail any surplus available to you for the next season (further details below).

Funds requested: 1,484,232[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

Department Multisig: 0xE5a64FC0d3396D11EB63d728791577E254Ac18Ca

Multisig signers: Ximpli Ana , Mr.V, Ornella, Sandeep, Eren Targ, Etrinity, Oluwasijibomi

Department Purpose & Mission/Value Alignment

BanklessDAO’s Marketing Department serves as the central hub for all marketing initiatives within the organization. It strategically manages and oversees the DAO’s presence across various web2 and web3 social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Telegram. The department is dedicated to providing comprehensive marketing services, encompassing strategy development, planning, design, copywriting, and execution, catering to both internal BanklessDAO projects and external partners seeking promotion through our platforms. The coordination efforts are designed to ensure a seamless process for all BanklessDAO projects to leverage the extensive reach of the organization’s social media channels, with a particular emphasis on Twitter.

The Marketing Department is structured into three key workstreams: Coordination, Content Creation, and Campaign Coordination. It collaborates closely with other essential facets of the DAO, including the Newsletter Team, Global Events, DAOlationships, and International Media Nodes. This collaborative approach ensures a cohesive and effective marketing strategy that aligns with BanklessDAO’s overarching goals and objectives.

Department Coordination Updates

  • Two different weekly meetings are held with members of the department, Weekly Sync, and Content & Social Media Coordination, 28 meetings in total.
  • This season we had several new members take roles for the first time, this involved several rounds of feedback and onboarding calls or sessions so they could kick-start their own workstreams.
  • Upkeep on Department documentation.
  • Upkeep of tooling for the Marketing Department: Twitter Blue.
  • Helped in the smooth execution of the BanklessDAO Global campaign to spread the Optimistic Vision
  • Helped with the BanklessDAO Inspires campaign
  • Attended DAO-wide pitches call every Monday to understand how the MD can help with the DAO applying for grants

Talent Coordination

  • Offer guidance to newcomers, ensuring they adhere to our content creation standards, meet bounty requirements, and maintain quality by diligently following all necessary procedures and guidelines.
  • Collaborated with the social media coordinator to facilitate the engagement of recently onboarded members within the department.

A fully onboarded member is an individual who has successfully completed their onboarding call, fulfilled the Marketing Department First Quest, and successfully minted their POAP.

S9 Onboarded members

  • Samebuka#5639
  • CassieC10#2040
  • Pinkbeautyluxury#9583
  • Dking#4941
  • ParkYeoul#4190
  • C#955
  • Odunszn#5472
  • Kez

Social Media Coordination

  • In S9 so far we have a steady increase in followers and engagement especially on platforms like Tiktok that were stagnating before due to inconsistent posting on these platform
  • We had a partnership with the IMN to create reels for our platforms which made us saw increase in overall engagement.
  • We opened a multi custodial wallet on MPC vault to open an account on and other future web3 social media apps.
  • We had an increase in amount of organic contents pushed out over repurposed ones


  • The social media workstream experienced some developments during the season, which were indicated by key achievements such as the Optimism campaign tweet reaching the highest engagement of 20K during the season and also left areas for improvement.

  • On LinkedIn, the Smart contract vulnerabilities content had the highest impression, while the concluding part of the Web3 wallet series had the lowest. The most engaging post was that of the ‘banklessDAO Inspires’ campaign (highlighting Anaphant, a banklessDAO member’s story).

  • Also, the majority of our social media audience is concentrated in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, Canada, and Nigeria. Twitter showed consistent performance with total tweet impressions of 282K in September, 242K in October, and ongoing analytics for November, with a slight decline in follower count compared to last season.

  • Threads, on the other hand, saw increased follower rates and engagement, attributed to IMN X MD Campaign videos/reels and carousel posts on Smart Contract Vulnerabilities.

  • Facebook and Instagram, however, experienced an overall decrease in impressions by 34.4%, accompanied by 11 new non-followers. This decline can be traced to a reduction in engagement levels. The most engaged posts are mainly the IMN X MD reels and Web3 Security which were uploaded in the earlier parts of the season.

  • For the key metrics of TikTok, there were a total of 171 profile views (about 87.9% increase), 27 likes in total (-10% decrease), and a total of 376 video views (a 52.8% decrease) during September and October.

Content Creation

  • A key highlight for the season was the collaboration with the International Media Nodes (IMN) to create web3-based tutorials, resulting in substantial engagement on social media channels.
  • There was also content diversification, adherence to an updated content calendar, and increased involvement in the content strategy workstream, of which there are plans for a continuous teamwork.
  • There’s also continued collaboration with the United Nations calendar for important date celebrations, consistently producing impactful content.

List of season9 (proposed and implemented) content topics

  • Smart contract Vulnerabilities.
  • Risks of Gasless Transactions.
  • Web3 and Data Security
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Blockchain Voting
  • Inside an Ethereum Transaction
  • How to apply for ENS
  • Bitcoin Halving
  • Human Creativity in the AI era
  • Privacy by Design
  • AI in Decentralized Finance

Governance Workstream

Past Activities and Achievements

  • Over the course of season 9, the Governance workstream has made significant progress in establishing effective frameworks, processes, and initiatives to enable decentralized, contributor-driven growth.
  • Early on in the Marketing Department, we developed a detailed Constitution outlining the governance mechanisms, values, and operational structures of the department. This guiding document has been updated iteratively based on lessons learned community feedback.
  • Utilizing the Constitution, contributors brought forward proposals through consensus-building processes. Examples include establishing the Content Manager role, coordinating co-marketing campaigns, and updating guidelines for micro-role holders.
  • These past achievements showcase our workstream’s ability to collaborate on framework improvements and evolve governance in a democratic, engaging manner.

Ongoing Initiatives

Currently, we are continuing to refine the Governance workstream through initiatives such as:

  • Establishing criteria and processes for active member status to incentivize regular participation.
  • Improving frameworks for submitting and evaluating proposals based on past learnings.
  • Updating micro-role holder election processes to boost transparency and engagement.
  • Conducting reviews of the Constitution to identify areas for improvement in light of changes to operations and strategy.
  • These ongoing efforts highlight our commitment to consistently optimizing and adapting our governance foundations over time as the DAO evolves.
  • Our recent KPIs demonstrate growing engagement, with over 20 contributors involved in recent proposals. Our proposal implementation rate exceeds 80%.

Evolution of Operations

Looking ahead, we plan to build on past wins and feedback to further enhance the efficiency, transparency, and inclusive nature of our operations.

We will focus on initiatives like:

  • Streamlining processes for proposal creation to reduce friction.

  • Expanding contributor onboarding and education on governance operations.

  • Increasing transparency through documented processes, public forums, and open discourse.

  • Continually engaging the community to identify areas for improvement.

Strengthening these foundational areas will prepare our workstream for efficient scaling and increased decentralization.

Funding Needs

To support expanding operations and community involvement, we would be requesting funds for bounties over the next season.

The funds will be allocated to:

  • Rewarding contributors for governance participation and execution.

  • Implementing educational initiatives to grow active membership.

  • Establishing regular community calls and spaces for open discourse.

  • Administrative needs for enhanced documentation and framework optimization.

With greater resources, our workstream can continue maturing governance and empowering contributors to guide the DAO’s evolution. We are committed to stewarding funds responsibly toward that mission.

Previous Season Activities

  • Participated in the BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision DAO wide campaign and helped creating a final campaign report
  • Had a call and Sent a Marketing Campaign Proposal to Fiat24 for a C type campaign.
  • Had a client onboarding call with Timeswap and is still currently in constant talks with them on closing the campaign deal.
  • Had a call with a web3 social media app “Griffy” for potential collaboration
  • Delivered the ZKX campaign and have approached for phase 2 of the campaign.
  • Opened a multi custodial wallet for all future web3 apps to represent bDAO.
  • Changed password for all social media accounts of bDAO and updated security.

Campaign Coordination

Campaigns are categorized as:

A - Internal BanklessDAO Campaigns

B - IntraDAO or Partner Campaigns (intraguild, intradepartmental, DAO2DAO).

C - External Campaigns

Season 9 campaigns include:

C - Degate

Awareness campaign for the Degate DEX protocol. Cost; 4,500 USDC. (Campaign still in progress due to some delays from client’s end)

B - BanklessDAO inspires
Bankless DAO Inspires campaign brings out how Bankless DAO serves as an inspiration for BDAO folks both serving the web3 community, and also forging a web3 career for themselves. (Still ongoing)

B - DAOplomats campaign

A retweet only campaign for the amplifying of DAOplomats contents, revenue

B - IMN Bankless

This campaign aims at helping IMN define what they are and how to promote themselves. (In preparation)

B - BanklessCard

Aims giving marketing/social Media promotions to the BanklessDAO Bankless Card, an affinity rewards card, that allows you earn BANK tokens for every USD dollar you spend. (still in progress)

This is a part of the GG19 where we get to participate, get onboarded and GROW the movement. (Still in progress)

A - BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision

A - Morocco Aid relief

A fundraising awareness campaign to raise funds for victims of the Morocco and Libya disaster, awaiting final matching rounds.

A - YouTube Subscriptions

Focused on getting the BanklessDAO YouTube channel’s subscriptions to 1,000 and also getting 4,000 hours of watch time to be eligible to join the YouTube partner program and get monetized. (Still ongoing)

A - BanklessDAO Arbitrum Grants Proposal

Arbitrum Grants Proposal submission for BanklessDAO (In preparation)

Co-Marketing collaboration - Regens unite

An event/Experience aimed to bridge regenerative communities for a sustainable future.

Goals for Season 10

  • Further Increase the total number of internal campaigns to promote more guilds/department new and existing projects by 20%.
  • Increase our client conversion/closing rate for external clients with an income goal of 10K USD
  • Prioritizing understanding our clients’ unique needs, objectives, and target audience. And tailor our campaigns accordingly to deliver measurable results and build lasting partnerships.
  • Showcasing success stories through clients testimonials and case studies. Demonstrating proven results that further builds our credibility and attracts us new clients.

Financial Implications

Season 9 Breakdown

Current Holding : 1,110,768 BANK

Coordinape (Nov & Dec) 100,000
Role Holder Compensation (Nov & Dec) 300,000
Micro role holder compensation (Nov & Dec) 56,000
Bounties (Nov & Dec) 170,000
DAOplomats campaign payout (in Dec) 30,000
Type A campaign payouts (upcoming) 80,000 (appx)
Expected leftover 374,768

-The expected leftover is quite high compared to past seasons as we still have some ongoing type A campaigns and there was a pause in content creation in the middle to revisit our approach and strategy, rest assured the current funds will be used for next season launch content creation and other holiday themed topics.

The Department received 6000 USDC revenue in this season as external campaign revenue.

-The Department participated in “ BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision “ DAO wide campaign and will receive roughly 9000 OP [The payout is expected during July 2024 after the time locked OP tokens are available.

Season 10 Budget Breakdown

Budget Breakdown

Role Holder Compensation 600,000
Micro-Role Holder Compensation 128,000
Coordinape 200,000
Bounties 270,000
Funding for Internal Projects (Campaign Type A) 120,000
Seasonal Budget 1,318,000
BanklessDAO inspires campaign 200,000
BanklessDAO website 341,000
Making BANK Podcast 0
Expected Leftover -374,768 (appx)

Compensation Breakdown

Cost Item
Guild Coordinator 112,000
Campaign Coordinator 112,000
Social Media Coordinator 112,000
Talent Coordinator 112,000
Governance Coordinator 56,000
Treasury Coordinator 56,000
Meta Micro-Role 32,000
Twitter Micro-Role 32,000
LinkedIn Micro-Role 32,000
TikTok Micro-Role 32,000
Content Manager 40,000
Coordinape 200,000

Department Members

List your key members and the roles they play

Eren Targ - Department Coordinator

Sketchbreezy- Talent Coordinator

TundeeyTurner- Campaign Coordinator

Boluwatife- Governance Coordinator

Oluwasijibomi- Social Media Coordinator

Quilia- Content Manager

Sandeepas- Contributor

Ornella- Contributor

Mr.V- Contributor

Vibranty- LinkedIN Micro role

Freedominant- Twitter Micro role

Zara- Meta micro role

Deewon- Tiktok micro role

We use the reach and reputation of bDAO as an opportunity for other web3/crypto projects that are aligned with the mission and values of BanklessDAO.

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  • Abstain
  • Reject
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Hello @Eren - thanks for posting this! Glad to see our DAO’s social channels in the hands of our capable Marketing Dept.

I wanted to start a discussion about external marketing campaigns that the Marketing Department does for revenue. From what I understand, MD does these campaigns for external groups, uses the bDAO channels, and gives 10% of revenue back to the DAO (correct me if I am wrong on any of these points).

It seems like a natural extension for the MD to do these types of campaigns, but I have some concerns on which I’d love your thoughts:

  • Marketing Department “has the keys” to many shared DAO resources (social channels), and is using those shared resources for revenue, but 90% of that revenue is not shared with the DAO. Do you think that this is appropriate?
    • note that the key difference between MD and a project like Bankless Publishing is that MD is using shared DAO resources to make that revenue, while BP uses its own marketing channels
  • As a consequence of the above, are MD contributors incentivized to run paid campaigns versus mission-based campaigns?
    • For example, I was privy to a disagreement this season between MD and Gitcoin Grant recipients, where MD expected to pocket 100% of matching funds from Gitcoin. Should MD be charging DAO members for access to shared DAO resources?

Of course in an ideal world contributors should be paid for their efforts, but Marketing Department also has a unique position in that the DAO social channels are most easily usable to drive revenue generation. No other department has this resource to drive revenue.

I bring this up not because I think that MD did anything wrong, but because I believe that we need to have this discussion as a DAO. Only by having this tough conversation can we really grow as a “network state”.

Thanks again for all your hard work, MD! You are seen and appreciated!


gm links, I would like to add context and correct some statements that you’ve made.

The Marketing Department created, maintained, and helps curate, facilitates and creates content for certain social media channels (X, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok).

Each channel is the result of pure DAO contributor work for the past 2 years.

90% of that revenue is not shared with the DAO

This is not correct.

Regarding revenue, 20% goes to the DAO multi-sig and then an extra 40% of each bountied asset stays in the Marketing Deparment’s multi-sig. That’s how it’s been able to grow too :seedling:

On the other hand, for me, the DAO is the people in the end. The rest of the %, which is maybe about 55% or 60%, is actually shared with the DAO. The DAO = The People. For this specific use case, the revenue is shared with the contributors who worked in the specific campaign just like any other contributor does in a Bankless ‘X’ project.

In summary, I’d say it’s about 40% goes to the multi-sigs and 60% goes to the DAO, meaning, its contributors.

The Bankless Publishing project is the sole owner and with true merit, of the Substack BanklessDAO newsletter and BanklessDAO Mirror accounts. The only difference with the Marketing Department is that maybe the Marketing Department could learn from that, follow their path and be its own project too. It’s only up to its contributors, including me.

I guess if we really think about it, the truth is that the Marketing Department fits all three definitions of the BanklessDAO Constitution:

  1. It’s a Guild because it develops talent
  2. It’s a Department because it’s essential to the DAO
  3. It’s a Project because it generates revenue

If I’m mistaken there is no other decentralized unit in the DAO that has a mix like this, it’s amazing and interesting to witness it.


Thanks for the reply @Ornella , I appreciate the nuance and corrections as I think it’s really important in this discussion.

One thing I think we may disagree upon: who “owns” the BanklessDAO social channels. My personal feeling is that the DAO owns these channels and the MD stewards them (similar to how the gov department stewards governance at bDAO).

It feels like you are saying the MD owns these channels similar to how Bankless Publishing owns their social channels. Is that what you are saying?


I’ve learned in web3 that having ‘ownership’ around an asset means being responsible for. So yes, the Marketing Department is and has always been responsible for the specific social media channels mentioned above.


I think we are using different definitions of ownership. You’re using “responsible for” and I am using “has ultimate authority over”.

To illustrate the difference: if someone offered the MD $1M for @banklessdao on X, I don’t think the MD could accept such an offer without the DAO’s approval. Do you think they could?

It’s a subtle difference, and it’s worth figuring out. I agree the MD should have some authority over the bDAO media channels because they have the responsibility to manage them. The line of where the DAO’s authority ends and the MD’s begins has never been drawn. Without that we will continue to run into misunderstandings.

IMO the DAO has granted a monopoly on “official” social channels to the MD, and the MD has used that monopoly to create valuable properties. Can you imagine if there were 20 “official” bDAO Twitter accounts early on? It would have been much more difficult to attain traction for any given channel that way.

I think we should define the MD’s authorities and responsibilities more clearly, and in doing so create a framework to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Not just for the MD, but for all departments.


I’m inclined to agree with @links here. From an Ops perspective, we have the mandate to “manage and be responsible for” tools that the DAO uses as part of its typical functions (Discord, Notion, etc.). While I’m not involved in MD efforts, in this respect I don’t see a meaningful difference between the tools (social channels) the MD manages, so using these tools as a means for revenue generation largely for the MD feels counterintuitive to me.

There are big differences between Ops and MD, though, in terms of the services rendered and the fact that MD is effectively the “face” of bDAO. So the comparison between Ops and MD isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface.

I see, and am excited, about the potential evolution of MD and the associated bDAO structure. @Ornella and @Eren have presented a compelling perspective and I think we should be open minded and supportive of the MD’s ideas and intentions. With that said, I think it warrants broader discussion and consensus, maybe even involving changes to the bDAO Constitution, and/or the structure of the MD.


This is an interesting perspective. If I look at how some of the other depts organize themselves:

  • OPS Dept + Info Sec Project
  • Gov Dept + DAOStewards Project

In the same way, I suggest that the dept should take it’s time to learn the governance structure of the DAO and how other departments have structured it and use this to split the department into revenue generation and core department activities.


Thanks for the comments @links @chunz and @Jengajojo :raised_hands:t2:

This is exploratory territory for sure. We’re here to do just that! Explore, learn, iterate, and implement. We grow, we get weird, we win, and if we fail, we just try again.

The Marketing unit, even when it was a Guild, was already operating as a Guild and a Project at the same time. This has been since Season 0.

The definition of Department was created much further down the road.

Trying to make natural things fit into a box is like trying to make a wild, grown tree fit into a tiny flowerpot. The tree has grown big and wild on its own, with its branches spreading out in all directions and with fruitful growth. If you try to stuff it into a small pot, it probably won’t work. It’s grown that way naturally, and trying to change it now would be like forcing it to be something it’s not. It’s better to let it be as it is, big and wild, because that’s how it grew in the first place. Instead, it’s better to find a spot in the garden that suits how the tree has already grown. That way, you’re working with its natural shape, not against it. It’s about aligning our plans with the way things have naturally developed, rather than trying to force them into a shape they were never meant to take.

What the tree needs is just lots of love, support, and good nutrients for it to keep bringing fruits back to the DAO :seedling:

Dear @Boluwatife maybe this is a call to action for you like to get deep into the DAO’s governance as the Department’s current Governance Lead? I’ll start to join the meetings as @Jengajojo suggests, but I’m already working on Onboarding and also on the Branding side so I’ll be focused on finishing that first. It would be awesome to see more women involved in Governance. @Sher I’d also feel you’d be amazing at going deep in Governance :raised_hands:t2:


Hello everyone, addressing @links , @chunz @Jengajojo

I appreciate the thoughtful discussion about delineating the boundaries between DAO authority and the Marketing Department’s (MD) responsibilities within the context of bDAO. It’s crucial to acknowledge the pivotal role the MD plays in fostering the growth, security, and social media presence of bDAO. This is essential to avoid any misconceptions about automated or bot-driven social media activities.

The Marketing Department actively safeguards the reputation of bDAO by preventing misuse of its name in potential shill/scam situations. Given the prevalent issue of social media hacks, the MD diligently monitors access to social media accounts and investigates any unauthorized content, ensuring the maintenance of high-quality and secure content.

Moreover, the MD contributes to the broader Bankless ecosystem by supporting other channels and projects through regular retweets and assistance. The revenue generated from social media activities is allocated responsibly, with a significant portion (20%) returned to the DAO. Additionally, funds are retained within the MD multisig to fuel marketing initiatives, purchase tools, or invest in resources that contribute to the growth of the MD.

A notable aspect is the fair distribution of revenue, with a percentage going to contributors, particularly the campaign lead. The selection of the campaign lead is merit-based, contingent on successful completion of internal bDAO projects (Type A and B) and external client engagements (Type C). This strategic approach ensures that the individual representing the MD in client interactions is well-versed in bDAO projects and demonstrates the capability to manage external relationships effectively.

Looking forward, there is a plan to collect feedback from previous clients through a Google form, providing valuable insights into client satisfaction and helping to enhance service quality.

Responding to @Jengajojo 's inquiry about other departments with a project arm for revenue generation, there is a recognition of the feasibility of such an initiative. However, there’s an acknowledgment of the need for direction and governance for implementation, and @Jengajojo has been actively involved in providing assistance in various capacities within the department. Plans are in place to explore potential avenues for project arms, with a tentative start date around December.

In addition to the ongoing initiatives, it’s worth highlighting that the MD is not only focused on current responsibilities but is actively involved in the integration of the website project and the podcast project. This strategic integration aims to elevate the external campaign deliverables to new heights.

By incorporating the website and podcast projects into the MD’s purview, there is a concerted effort to enhance the overall external presence of bDAO. The website project ensures a user-friendly interface that effectively communicates the mission and offerings of bDAO. Simultaneously, the podcast project serves as a dynamic platform to engage with the community, share insights, and amplify the reach of bDAO in the decentralized finance landscape.

This expansion aligns with the MD’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, providing a comprehensive and cohesive approach to external campaigns. The integration of these projects further underscores the MD’s role in driving holistic growth for bDAO, both in terms of community engagement and outreach to external clients.

The upcoming months promise exciting developments as these projects take shape, contributing significantly to the overall objectives and success of the Marketing Department’s initiatives within Bankless DAO. Feel free to explore more details or ask any specific questions you may have! :blush:


Thank you @Ornella and @Eren for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your perspective as people who are intimately familiar with the MD and its functions.

I’m familiar with the concept of trying to jam a square peg into a round role, and would like to avoid doing so wherever possible. With that said, and following the tree analogy, healthy and responsible growth sometimes involves pruning or other corrective measures to ensure the long-term safety and viability of the organism (in this case, both the MD and bDAO).

I appreciate the commitment expressed to find solutions that work for everyone, both in/ex-ternal to the MD and I think this conversation needs to continue outside of this thread in some formal and continued capacity. It sounds like @Jengajojo is already on board and providing governance perspective, and I wonder if it might be worthwhile establishing this as a coordinated effort between the Governance Dept and the MD, as it’s not just bDAO governance or MD structure that need to change, exclusively.

In my opinion, no Department should be operating in any for-profit capacity, where its members are compensated more or with significant difference compared to any other Department. Moreover, no bDAO resource (Twitter, Discord, Notion, etc.) should be used to benefit (financially or otherwise) one DAO unit over another. In this respect, I can see a need for consensus and clarification in terms of resource ownership via relevant updates to the Constitution.

I’m interested and happy to be a part of any efforts between the MD and GD in this respect!

I have a couple of follow-up questions about the MD proposal for S10:

Maybe I missed them, but I didn’t see any KPIs for the MD at a high level, or for the work streams presented as part of the proposal. I’m curious how the MD remains accountable to itself and the rest of bDAO with respect to goals and performance.

Specifically with respect to Social Media Coordination, does the MD have a documented Social Media Strategy to guide its efforts from season to season?


@Ornella and @Eren i appreciate your thorough responses. As you have said, the DAO must experiment to thrive, and having honest discussions with each other is vital so we can reflect and shape our ideas.

While I appreciate the poetry of your tree analogy @Ornella , I disagree that we should leave MD as a wild tree. An org that has many goals is difficult to hold accountable - to themself as well as to others. When you have 2 goals such as stewarding the DAOs social assets as well as creating external revenue, I believe that neither goal will be served properly. Splitting the MD into a « steward » org and a « revenue » org will help both contributors and the DAO at large understand whether or not these orgs are achieving their purposes.

I have no issue at all with the funds breakdown of MD revenue generation activities, BUT I think holding all of this within the MD obfuscates what is being paid for. I would like to see a group that runs campaigns for external groups (let’s say Bankless Marketing or BM for short), which pays the DAO for access to its social media campaigns. MD would then be in charge of stewarding our social channels not to maximize revenue, but to maximize pursuit of the bankless mission. In this way we could see how much our social channels are worth while still paying contributors who run campaigns and hopefully have a balance between revenue and long-term asset creation.

I know the MD is doing great work, but if I’m being honest, I can’t really prove it the way the Dept is set up now. I think creating some focus will help us set the MD and it’s contributors up for success.


Interesting conversation and some insightful thoughts from everyone in this feed. I don’t think @Ornella ever meant (directly or indirectly) that the MD controls the social media channels of the DAO. In short, we don’t. We manage them, and we do ensure that they stay safe from hacks or over exposure due too much access. I guess this was one of the starting points of the discussion. When we manage them, we also have a huge responsibility of ensuring that the quality channeling out meets standards. Are these standards defined? No they are not, but they are around high quality content, thoughtfully written, good English grammar etc.

If we do indeed go down the route of creating something like Bankless Marketing, then we are simply fragmenting the MD’s role. A Bankless Marketing, if they are able to create social media campaigns for the DAO (overall) or for any project in the DAO, should be able to run it via our socials. I don’t see a point of MD stewarding these campaigns. That’s too many cooks spoiling the broth. Also there is no clear demarcation between creating and running a campaign and stewarding it.

The transition of the MD to a Department was triggered by the DAO itself, when all erstwhile Guilds where asked to choose between Guild and Department status based on their core objective. The MD’s core objective (one of it) has always been to generate revenue for the DAO, so after a voting process we chose to be a Department. If this is now causing doubts whether the MD can steward and generate revenue at the same time, then we need to revisit the fundamentals of why Guilds, Departments and Projects were created in the first place.

Clarifying roles and responsibilities in a sharper manner might be the solution rather than splitting in the middle in two halves.


I agree that clarity would go a long way.

Given the dynamic flow of funds through the MD with its revenue structure, is there an accounting document that captures these details? I had a look at Notion but couldn’t find it - apologies if I missed it!

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I generally agree with this sentiment. Gov dept helps steer the whole DAO in a unified direction and reps from other depts already participate regularly in gov dept meetings. I highly recommend MD ( @Eren @Ornella @sandeepdas9179 ) to find one representative who can regularly attend gov dept calls and keep the MD updated on what is happening there.

+1 :point_up_2:

+1 :point_up_2:

I get your point here @sandeepdas9179 The challange i have seen is that there are many external groups which approach the MD to shill their projects and because the MD currently runs a dual mandate, it’s members are incentivised to take on emerging projects as paid clients, many of whom don’t even have a product or product market fit. This distracts them from maximizing the pursuit of the bankless mission.

If the MD were to instead focus on defining and enforcing the brand then the incentives of it’s members would be aligned to serving the DAO. A ‘marketing campaigns’ project for external campaigns, can then, effectively focus on getting the highest quality partners and maximising revenue , without having to worry about educating newbies or defining the brand.


I am not really sure where this conversation is headed. From being an honest discussion it has now started taking an accusatory tone.

Are you directly or indirectly accusing us of 2 things?

  1. That the MD runs foul of the overall governance spirit and principles of bDAO?
  2. We have run campaigns for shillers in the past just for revenues and kept it in the multisig? Examples of unethical or shilling clients that we have run campaigns for?

What does this actually mean and what do you have to say about “how to implement it”?

“If the MD were to instead focus on defining and enforcing the brand then the incentives of it’s members would be aligned to serving the DAO.”

And you seem to forget things very quickly even when you have been involved in their creation.

This has been voted in and is followed, even though it is for co-marketing campaigns.

We don’t entertain any shilling outreach in the bDAO Twitter. 9 out of 10 messages are completely ignored. I can vouch for it because I do it myself along with a few others.

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There is a very simple solution to this. The MD can revert back to being a Guild and we can pass on the revenue generating responsibilities to whosoever is interested. Just raise hands.

gm frens, thanks for all the comments, I don’t believe we’ll resolve them here on this thread but since it’s a public forum there are somethings that need to clarified.

@Jengajojo I’m really shocked at your response here since you’ve been actively participating in the Marketing Department for a while now :astonished:

You’re also part of the marketing agency we’ve been trying to build (totally separate from BanklessDAO) for the past 6 months so your answers here don’t make sense at all for me.

@Eren @sandeepdas9179 and I would love more transparency and clear intentions from your side because it’s plainly confusing. Please let us know when we can sync in the Marketing voice channel for a discussion.

To other points:

@chunz you can find the accounting directly on Parcel or sync with @Osewe our Treasury Lead this season for more details.

Social media documentation can be found [here.]
(Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.)

I’m pretty open and agree with many points in this discussion, but I don’t believe this forum post will solve them.

There are big asks here in terms of:

  • Restructure of the unit
  • Creation of a project (with all that it involves)
  • Attending Governance meetings
  • Attending all marketing requests (60% brought in mostly by @Jengajojo)

We’re barely 3-4 people left with proper marketing skills in the DAO, and I just believe the ask is too much.

Why doesn’t a Governance member come over to the MD and teach the Department about it? Why does it have to be the other way around? It doesn’t.

I’d love to train more folks and have more people being part of the Department so that we can cover all fronts, but it’s just too much. We’ve been holding the fort now for 2 years and as the BANK prices goes lower and lower it’s gonna be harder to hold it because the skillset of talent attracted is very beginner level.

No experienced marketer wants to work for 3 USD worth of governance tokens an hour.

Maybe an easier way is to just stop taking any new revenue generating campaigns, and just focus on two things.

  1. Safekeeping the credentialing system
  2. Making sure the decentralized content creation flow continues (From Aaa to ZZzzz, Global Events, Crypto Sapiens, How to DAO, Making BANK, DAOlationships AMA).

If members decide to create a project too, that’d be great, but it won’t be resolved here and that takes time and thought.

It might be important to highlight that 0 BANK is used to generate Type C campaigns (revenue generating). The whole campaign work is paid from the campaign income.
So technically, the DAO spends 0 BANK for the revenue generation part.

@links this part also confuses me a lot:

Are we being PAID for in the DAO? To my understanding this is voluntary work and the reward is governance tokens to participate and vote in how the DAO develops.

Saying that the MD or any other unit in the DAO ‘is being paid for’, seems like a top-down approach or as if we had a ‘boss’. I thought we earned governance tokens, not payment.

Thanks for the discussion.


Thanks @Ornella I can sense how painful it was for you to write that and I share the sentiment.

What is the MD defending against and what’s the scrutiny for? More than 80% of seasonal funding in bDAO is just to keep things running / operational.

Each and every thing we create in the MD is auditable and tangible. Each LinkedIn post is posted. Each X thread is shared. Each Insta post is posted. All our likes, comments, reshares, repost can be counted and audited. Each content created can be traced back to a Dework entry that has the compensation clearly specified. For every external client campaign, a breakdown of the compensation is aligned with all parties involved, which includes other Guilds and Projects if they are participating. A finders fee is deducted and paid to the person who brings in a client.

What is this intense scrutiny for? Just because the MD runs external client campaigns and earns some money in $, of which an agreed % is sent back to the bDAO multisig in a disciplined fashion.

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