Translators Guild Budget for Season 4

Author: @paulDE @gioser
Posted on the forum: 18 April 2022

The major goal that the Translators guild set for season 3 were #1 to increase the number of new projects as the International Media Nodes was the only project in Season 2, #2 improve onboarding into the Translators Guild and #3 improve coordination of the guild.

All season 3 goals were achieved:

#1 Increase the number of new projects

With 4 projects (in contrast to 1 project in Season 2) this goal was achieved as Translators Guild members initiated and worked hard on the following projects:

  1. Languages Round Table
  2. BED-Indexcoop-Content
  3. DAOlators
  4. PoG-Project

The project budget was utilized to ensure a fast and yet democratic way to fund projects in their initial ramp up phase. The new role “Guild Project Manager” facilitated new projects and helped coordinate between project and guild interests.

#2 Improve onboarding

The new onboarding and member roles (Talent Scout and Members Point of Contact) were working continuously to onboard new members and make sure that they have an easy and welcoming start in the Translators Guild.

#3 Improve Coordination of the Guild

With season 3 roles were split up (Coordinator into Coordinator and Content Manager + Governance Coordinator into Governance Coordinator and Treasurer + Onboarding into Talent Scout and Members Point of Contact) and also newly introduced with the Guild Project Manager. With this greater diversity in guild roles there was instantly a greater level of communication between the role holders. Weekly reporting of role holders and the possibility for the guild members to ask role holders directly in each meeting further increased accountability and transparency.

The unexpected resignation of Grendel and Tommy Olofsson was a challenging part for the role holders which introduced an additional weekly coordination meeting (that was held publicly to ensure transparency and provide guild members with the opportunity to listen and comment).

Season 4 Budget Proposal

The adjusted Season 3 budget proposed by @Grendel and @tommyolofsson improved the Translators guild in terms of #1 projects initiated, #2 onboarding and #3 coordination which is why it is proposed to build on this foundation with the following budget proposal:

Coordinator Office
Guild Coordinator 5K/week
Guild contents manager 4k/week

Governance and Treasury
Guild governance coordinator 4k/week
Guild accountant 4k/week

Talent Scout 4K/week
Members point of contact 4K/week

Projects and bounties

Guild projects manager 4k/week

Projects fund 100K/season (could fund the onboarding extra procedures)

Bounties fund 35k/season (could fund the onboarding extra procedures)

Microroles fund 65k/season (5 microroles, 1K/week)

Coordinape (150k/season)

Total: 698,000 BANK

Season 4 Plans and Goals

Building on our achievements in Season 3 our main priorities will be:

  1. onboarding new guild members
  2. increasing the number of opportunities to contribute for guild members
  3. further improve guild operations through micro roles and bounties
  4. Strengthening relationships between guilds to make BanklessDAO content available to more languages
  5. Initiate new projects that will generate also generate revenue for BanklessDAO
  6. Create a workflow to receive translations from externals so that we can offer Translation Services as a guild for bDAO itself, other bDAO projects and external clients.

Success Metrics and KPIs

Success metrics such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Measures of Success (Mos) were mentioned as a potential improvement at the end of Season 3. For Season 4 all members of the Translators Guild are encouraged to make suggestions on how to implement success metrics effectively and coordinate their ideas with the Governance Coordinator.

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