Translators' guild season 10 funding request


Author: Crown

Editors: Hypolithe, Ilk, Vibrantty

Date: 11/10/2023

Wallet surplus: nil - we do not expect to have any leftover funds at the end of the season.

Funds requested: 240,000 BANK

Multisig: ETH: 0x045a805c83c1D4C9E5a0bdcC5a27EFa73D2a3c0b Multisig link

Multisig signers; crown, gioser, minahasnoidea, oge, romko

Guild Description & Mission/Value Alignment

Guild Description

The purpose of the guild is to spread the BANKLESS message to every corner of the world, tearing down the language barriers that separate us. We want to achieve this by creating educational material (for translators) and elaborate guidelines for translation best practices. We leverage AI translation tools and provide the most needed human touch.

Translators Guild aspires to grow into a training and discovery hub for professional linguists as well as language enthusiasts who are looking to add value to the future that is being built on blockchains. Many non-native English speaking communities are emerging where contributors can connect and network with crypto-curious enthusiasts from their own countries and cultures, and we want to find ways to support their growth and create a revenue stream for the guild and the DAO.

Mission Value And Alignment

We are seeking to act as a facilitator of Bankless’ mission to help the world gain financial independence and self-sovereignty by creating user-friendly onramps for non-native English speakers across the globe & creating collaboration with other multilingual projects and communities, to offer a safe and warm learning and discovering ground. We believe that if we are to onboard the next billion people into web 3, we better speak their language.

Seasonal Summary

In Season 9, our primary focus was on delivering translation outputs and building upon the successful Crowdin sessions from the previous season. We initiated a project to translate Bankless Academy lessons in collaboration with IMNs and BANKLESS ACADEMY. While the administrative process is taking longer due to the collaborative nature, we have achieved success. Lessons are already uploaded to Crowdin, and Turkish translations have commenced for presentation at the dev-con in Turkey. We have enthusiastic members ready to translate lessons in other languages.

Creating an inclusive environment, we’ve clarified the distinction between the Translators Guild and the IMN. We successfully onboarded talents from diverse backgrounds and countries, demonstrating their commitment to ongoing guild initiatives.

Introducing the artistic translation initiative, we incorporate graphic design elements to visually enhance translations. This effort is in progress, with creative translations completed for the devconnect event. These translations will be converted to NFTs, serving as free souvenirs for event attendees with a nominal gas fee. Noteworthy contributors to this project include [list of contributors].

Previous Season DAO Updates

Next Season Plan

For the upcoming season (Season 10), the Translator’s guild is poised for continued growth and impact. We aim at achieving the following:

  • Continued Collaboration on Bankless Academy: Build on the success of the previous season by continuing the translation project with Bankless Academy. Streamline the administrative processes for smoother collaboration and faster delivery while maintaining the collaborative spirit.

  • Global Lesson Translation Expansion: Expand the language coverage for Bankless Academy lessons beyond current languages. Leverage the enthusiasm of members to translate lessons into additional languages, ensuring a broader reach and accessibility.

  • Enhanced Member Engagement: Develop initiatives to further engage guild members, providing more diverse opportunities for contribution. This could include specialized projects, workshops, or collaborative sessions to nurture a vibrant and active community.

  • Advanced Collaboration Framework: Strengthen collaborative ties not only within the guild but also with other guilds, projects, and departments. Aim to create a more interconnected BanklessDAO, facilitating the availability of content in multiple languages across various initiatives.

  • Innovative Revenue Streams: Introduce new projects that not only align with the translation goals but also have the potential to generate revenue for BanklessDAO. Explore creative avenues, such as partnerships, sponsorships, or unique fundraising initiatives.

  • Expansion of Artistic Translation: Build upon the success of the artistic translation initiative. Explore new ways to incorporate visual elements into translations and potentially extend this approach to other content within BanklessDAO.

  • Documentation and Recognition: Document the contributions of guild members and contributors, acknowledging their efforts. This documentation can be shared internally and externally, fostering a sense of achievement and recognition within the community.

  • External Translation Services Framework: Develop a robust workflow to receive translations from external contributors. This initiative positions the guild to offer professional translation services not only for BanklessDAO but also for other bDAO projects and external clients, creating a sustainable and impactful role for the guild.

Financial Implications

Previous Season Accounting & Current Holdings

Funds Requested

Using the new guild funding formula:

Seasonal Guild Funding = 15,000 * 16 weeks = 240,000

How do you plan to distribute your funding within the guild?

The above breakdown is done with the view that projects within the guild will be funded through the snapshot process suggested in the guild funding template.

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue


Guild Members

The names in the above image are deemed active either through role holder contributions and/or commitments or contributions to the guild’s projects and initiatives such as: the artistic translation initiative and the BANKLESS ACADEMY translations. Below are our active contributors so far (they are 12 active members so far).



• ilk

• Hypolithe

• Vibrantly

• SamuelBg

• RubenSilva

• SpicyNpc



• kolaade

•Fuji Ar

Update interval

Update interval is usually every four weeks. Active membership status can be lost after the first period of the next season, absence or zero useful activity to the guild would make a member be deemed as inactive.

Additional Information






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Hello @Crown - thanks for posting this proposal! I am definitely in agreement that if we want to onboard people to a bankless life, we better speak their language :wink:

Can you tell me more about what the distinction between TG and IMN is? I have difficulty understanding the difference sometimes.

Some more questions:

  • Do you feel like BanklessDAO’s infrastructure (i.e. Notion, forum, constitution) are preventing non-english speakers from participating? Is there anything the guild can do to help on this front?
  • Has the guild experimented with things like AI to help give the guild members “super powers”?
  • How do you think we can attract more translators to the DAO?

Thanks again!


In Season 8, the Translators Guild did indeed experiment with the use of AI to elevate the translation process. AI was used to enhance the efficiency of translations, providing members with a valuable tool to expedite their work. While AI can function as a powerful personal assistant, streamlining and accelerating translations, the Guild recognizes the irreplaceable importance of the human touch. Human intuition, cultural nuances, and context comprehension remain indispensable elements in achieving accurate and nuanced translations.

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To attract more translators to the guild, it’s crucial to prioritize creating a welcoming environment within the guild and DAO. The current seasonal structural changes may have impacted the current atmosphere, so we would try focusing on rebuilding a positive culture which is key. Ensure that all members, new and existing, feel included and valued.

And Secondly
Our social Media Presence: we would also leverage our social media platforms (Twitter X) to showcase the guild’s activities, success stories, and the positive impact of translations made. Engage with the broader community and create a buzz around the guild’s dynamic and inclusive environment.

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Hey Links, the difference between the IMNs and the guild is that IMNs are publishing groups that publish translations in their various languages on social media.
While the guild is more wide in its scope, and is more focused on onboarding from various demography, a landing point for non English natives within the DAO, membership education, community engagement etc.
We’re exploring formulation of projects along these line that will be shared further at a more advanced stage.

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Assessing the inclusivity of BanklessDAO’s infrastructure for non-English speakers is essential. While platforms like Notion, forums, and the constitution may primarily be in English, the guild can take proactive steps to enhance participation

it’s crucial to acknowledge any potential language barriers and recognize the importance of linguistic diversity within the DAO. To address this, the guild could consider introducing translations of key documents as you highlighted.

This is a potential project idea i had in mind for the guild in the forthcoming season.


Academy translations were coordinated in the IMN.

Latest OP Campaign Translations were done in the IMN too, Gitcoin work is also coordinated in the IMN and whenever i have something that i think we should translate, i send it to IMN. We have 10 Languages in IMN and they have the social accounts to share after the translations.

I have expressed my opinion around this in the guild 3 seasons ago before i stopped contributing to the guild, and then in the grants committee.

@links IMN just covered the scope of translators guild and extended it with social media. We onboard in our own language, we translate and create content, then we share it. We also join or host local events.

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