Translators Guild Project Funding

Translators Guild has a budget of 75,000 BANK and a bounty budget of 34,000 BANK for season 3.

While discussing the funding for the proposed POG-project, questions were raised on

  1. How much of the overall project budget can be allocated to a single project to still leave sufficient funding for future projects and
  2. If the bounty budget could be utilized for early project tasks.

Proposed by Translators Guild Coordinator Grendel and discussed during the weekly guild call on January 27th, 2022 a consensus seemed to be reached that there should be a maximum of 15% to 33% of there overall budget for single projects.

The maximum of 33% (1/3) derived from the idea of splitting the seasonal budget into 3 parts (one for each month) which could be claimable by a project if it is the only project in a given month that asks for funding.

As a second part it should be decided if the bounty budget could be utilized by projects or not.

To open the discussion:

  1. Should there be a funding limit for a single project and if so how high should that be?
  2. Should the bounty budget be utilized to support project related roles/task in the early stages? If so what should be the maximum amount for a bounty?
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Imo, it is very similar to the traditional investment.

First of all, a project must have a very clear and ambitious goal to impress all investors. Actually, if a project is in a very early stage, all of us obviously can’t evaluate it accurately. The most common risk control method is to limit the amount of investment and increase the number of projects. This limit can be increased if a project can be sponsored by others, meaning there is a greater possibility.

Secondly, the investment value of a project is fixed for a specific stage, but the earlier the stage, the higher the risk.

To summarize, both of the issues are about our plans. If we have 3 projects and all of them are in the early stage, there is about 11,000 (34000/3) for a project. 11,000 is for all stages of this project atm. The project team can define some milestones as well. All the founding will be given by reaching a different milestone.

e.g. if we divide a project into 4 stages:
Stage 0: bootstrap project, 11,000/4
Stage 1: fulfill KPI 1, give 11,000/4
Stage 2: fulfill KPI 2, give 11,000/4
Stage 3: fulfill KPI 3, give 11,000/4

The Stages and KPIs should be designed by the project team.

Regarding the questions:

  1. Yes. Total/project number.
  2. Yes. Total/project number/stage number.
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Are you trying to answer this for the Translator Guild only or for the DAO? I think that each guild should figure out their own approach, so i hope its the former!

In terms of the approach mentioned, it seems very fair and quite generous to projects. Using this rationale, there’s no funding for Guild roles and coordination.

Yes, this is specifically targeted at the Translator‘s Guild.

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there is funding for guild roles and coordination. we have a separate budget for projects starting within the guild, this post is about how to use the project funding budget.

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We should not forget to spare some of it to the guild. So instead of 11000, let’s say we have X number of projects, than it is 34000 / (X+1) per project and 1 piece left to the guild bounty budget.